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Robb & Elissa in Asia - 2016!

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Also random question, has anyone on your trips ever been brave enough to try the pufferfish? I always see it when I visit the main part of Osaka but I always end up backing out and using the money for a express pass or planning a side trip to a Yokohama park or Tobu instead.

I'm sure someone probably has, but you see, for myself, I actually don't really like fish (other than some sushi that I can drown in Wasabi) so it's not going to be something I'll ever try.

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I just had to comment on this DisneySea Report. My jaw literally drops on every photo, from what seems like ANY angle in the park. I mean, an erupting volcano? Are you kidding me?


I hear comparisons with Epcot in that it can still be a great time just walking round the park, (which is why I love Epcot). Sounds like such a nice place to be.


99% sure I'll be visiting Asia next year and this is at the top of my list to visit.

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I've read through this TR few different times and am eagerly awaiting the update on the much talked about Countdown Party! TRs take a big chunk of time to write about and I can't even imagine how many pictures you have to sort through. Looking forward to reading about your final adventure... whenever that may be!

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And now we are back at Tokyo Disney for their "Countdown Party" aka New Years Eve!



Tonight we will be celebrating New Year's Eve at Tokyo Disneyland's Countdown Party! The park will be open overnight 8pm-7am!





Heading in soon to Tokyo Disneyland for New Years! I would never do this in Orlando, but in Japan it will be a hassle free amazing evening!




It's seriously impressive how fast they're able to process guests into the park & hand out a free item! Why can't we do this in America???




Cast members greeting guests as they come into Tokyo Disneyland for Countdown Party! Awesome!



They gave us 2017 New Years glow sticks when we entered the park!




Taking a ride on Snow White reminds me how much this attraction is NOT missed at Walt Disney World! lol



Soon we will be watching fireworks over the Tokyo Disneyland castle to celebrate New Year's Eve 2017!



Yes that is 5:25am!




Tens of thousands of Japanese quietly patiently sitting down in the hub & waiting for the New Years Fireworks! JUST LIKE IN AMERICA!!!



Waiting for the fireworks! 10 minutes until midnight here in Japan!




Happy New Year from Tokyo Disneyland!




Countdown to 2017 from Tokyo Disneyland!






The fireworks for Countdown Party are probably the best that Tokyo Disney puts on all year!



Our first ride of the year? It's a Small World of course!!!



Fun Fact! Tens of thousands of Japanese cleared the hub after fireworks & there was not a single bit of trash on the ground! JUST LIKE IN AMERICA!!!





We have hopped over to Tokyo DisneySEA to continue the countdown party!






It's 2:57am. On January 1st. It's freezing. We are in Japan. Riding Aquatopa! Seems legit!




We have found a way to keep warm at 3:28 in the morning! Thank you Raging Spirits!



We paid Sindbad a visit at 3:50am. He gave us bananas!






First roller coaster of #2017!



What you ride when Journey is 150 minutes!






At the moment, Triton's Kingdom and Motel 6 have something in common...



Getting in line for Journey at 5:10am seems like the natural thing to do!



It's time for the thing that does something. It's late. I mean early. 6am!




Happy New Year Lava Monster!



The sun is rising behind Tower of Terror at 6:35am and we have successfully spent the night at Tokyo Disney!



Good morning Mount Prometheus! Thank you for letting us spend the night with you!




Had an amazing night at the Tokyo Disney Countdown Party! Happy New Year everyone!

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^ I would rather win the lottery and have a permanent "apartment" at the

Mira Costa Hotel..... facing the Mediterranean Harbour in TDS. And have a

great view of "Fantasmic!" every night it plays. With cocktails, of course.


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Tokyo DisneySea is literally the only reason I would ever consider heading to Japan.

That's so sad because Japan is filled with so many other wonderful things to do, see, and experience even besides Tokyo Disney.

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Always wanted to experience the new years eve party there, but friend's who live in Japan and have tried said so many people apply for the lottery to get those tickets it's extremely hard. Disney Hotels are normally out of my price range anyway, but I also heard they are extremely highly priced during this event since it guarantees you tickets.

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I also heard they are extremely highly priced during this event since it guarantees you tickets.

Our room was $1,000 for the night and that was one of the cheapest rooms on property that evening. BUT, I look at it this way, we would have normally had to have paid about $250 - $400 for the Countdown Party tickets each anyway if we bought them from a ticket broker websites AND needed a hotel room that night. So I think the cost of everything sort of balanced out. (We had to pay $250 for the tickets in 2005 so I can't imagine they would have gone DOWN in price!)

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Good god how many people were at Universal?? It looked packed as hell. I noticed Universal has that coaster going over the entrance of the park. So I assume they did it before Cedar Point got the Gatekeeper idea?

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