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southern california trips n' more!!

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Hey everyone,

My name's kenny and I'm your average christian, surfer dude who loves theme parks!!! I mainly upload Southern California reports, but I occansionally have another post !!! My favorite wood coaster is Gold Striker at California's Great America, and my favorite steel coaster is full throttle in the back row, or twisted colossus!!



Universal Studios Hollywood Rides Breakdown:

Harry Potter <1x>: Really good Motion Simulator, and I truly believe the park didn't have so many other Motion Simulators, it'd stand out a lot more. Fun effects and No 3D!!!


Flight of the Hippogriff <1x>: The airtime in the back left seat is supa good. Nice theming and thank God Universal decided to invest in a high capacity ride. I was the only person on one of the trains, and the other one had 3 people, yet they still ran two trains!!!


Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem <1x>: A really well executed, light hearted ride that really shows what Universal Creative can do. This almost doesn't feel like a simulator, due to the fact that it's pretty gentle, and just a ton of fun


The Simpsons Ride <1x>: A violently fun ride. The theming in the queue is pretty well done, and the whole backstory is super creative, yet simple and effective. As a watcher of the show, it did a very well job of bringing others who hadn't seen the show, as well as providing some hilarious easter eggs that made the ride just that more enjoyable


Transformers: The Ride <1x>: While I absolutely hate Transformers: The Last Knight, this ride is pretty good. It has a high tech feel, and is much more realistic than any other simulator in the park. They did a supa good job with the animations, and overall I was impressed, it just took a couple rides to grow on me


Studio Tour <1x>: I actually really enjoy the Studio Tour and think it's a great way to kick back for 45 minutes. The driver was funny, they got to the point on every part, Jimmy Fallon was well integrated, and overall, it was really well thought out, for adding an entergetic TV Talk show host into a world famous backlot tour


Kong: Reign of Skull Island <1x>: This seperate part of the tour deserves it's own review. It doesn't have much 360* immersion, doesn't really have a preshow, but, the 3D was extremely well done and when you're looking directly at the screen, it does feel like you're in Skull Island. Fun little ride, however, making it its own attraction would give it more marketability and make sure that older folks can ride, as people who don't like motion simulators, like my mom, are starting to dislike the tour becuase of these


Fast and Furious: Supercharged <1x>: I try to see the good in every ride, but I have no idea what the hell Universal was thinking when they built this. Completely innapropriate pre show for younger kids, as I could see the look of horror on their face seeing strippers in bikinis. They did a horrible job explaining the backstory to anyone who hadn't seen the movies (I had only seen 1 and was completely lost), and the entrance was very poor, however, I did hold out hope for the ride. We entered the car chase scene and it was so horrible I could hardly describe it. The jerky motions snapped my neck and I ended up freezing my neck and getting whiplash, I still don't understand Universal's obsessive love for water effects, and the animation was completely unrealistic and cartoonish. If I wanted to go sit in a giant video game, I would just save myself some money and go ride Voyage to the Iron Reef at Knotts Berry Farm. I was thankful it was over, and am extremely dissapointed in such a distasteful, low quality, and poorly placed simulator, on such a world class attraction in a world class park.



Overall: The park was very good, the rides were even better, and the employees topped that. Fast operations, clean park, friendly employees, and fun rides. Too bad Fast and Furious: Supercharged is such a horrible attraction, but excluding that, it is really a great park. Honestly, it is a half day park as of now, and while Harry Potter has helped, it hasn't quite made it a full day park. I'd love for Universal to add a couple non simulator dark rides, and overall just give the park some time consuming attractions, as then I could honestly say it's a top 20 park in the world for overall experience.



(IMPORTANT EDIT: The original Trip Report was uploaded on December 28, 2016, and was very poor quality as it was my first ever trip report. This TR has recived a heavy overhaul and is much higher quality and fresher now after it's reupload on June 24, 2017.)





An artsy shot of a tree, what a way to start out a thread!!


New York Street was all decked out for Christmas, which was pretty rad


Just take some Allegra and the magical bottle will shoot out an extra escalator and moved l-o-c-k-e-r shop, and poof!! You now don't have any congestion


Transformers: The Ride (Becuase obviously we wouldn't know it's a ride if you didn't tell us it was #StupidAmericans #ResultsOfCommonCore)


Hasta Luego Universal!!!

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Guess who's back?! I completely forgot about this thread, so I will be uploading multiple trips over the next couple days!!!


I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain yesterday, and it was overall a fantastic day!!! I was invited to join a VIP group, which is the only reason I could ever go on one (#WayTooExpensive), and it was AMAZING!!! I will do a quick breakdown of everything we did in the park, please enjoy!!!


Here are just a couple people I wanna thank, in case anyone from the park sees this on TPR, so they know they did a great job:

-Emily. She was a fantastic tour guide. Friendly, helpful, super nice, funny, and was able to hold a conversation with me about how Cedar Point should get a flyer to show Six Flags how not to do a 5 minute dispatch.

-Tatsu Crew. I have had nothing but bad ops on Tatsu so far, so yesterday was an insanely pleasent surprise. They were running about 2:15 dispatches, and were running both sides of the station. They actually checked the restraints, which is rare, and when my dad's restraint was half way in the 3rd click, you guys ran right over and kicked it in.

-Food Etc employees. Friendly, fast, and really good food.



Ride Reviews:

Full Throttle (4x): AWESOME ride!!!! In the back row, it's the best in the park, in my opinion. The drop's airtime is fantastic, and the hangtime is amazing


Goliath (2x): Solid Coaster. Train was on the lifthill by the time we hit the breaks, they were hustling to get the trains out. Drop gave from great airtime, the "floater" airtime hill actually ejected me out of my seat and kept me there for 4 or so seconds. Top 5 in the park


Revolution, Galatic Attack (1x): VR is a good concept, but just like what we expect from Six Flags, the execution was terrible. The VR was really glitchy, and stopped at several points in the ride for the train to catch up becuase it got ahead. The video quality was really bad to say at best, it had no clear storyline, you couldn't tell what you were shooting, and overall, and the glitchyness ruined the fun. The ride ran 6 minute dispatches with insanely rude employees, and overall, it's a poor man's Space mountain


Revolution, Classic (1x): Since you get to ride as many times as you like with the VIP tour, we all decided to do Revolution again, the normal version. This gave a couple pops of floater air, was intense, and overall just a fun coaster. A great "first thrill" coaster for kids.


Tatsu (2x): Really, really good. The pretzel loop is fantastic, drop is awesome, and the snap up into the brakes gave airtime, on a flying coaster *mind blown*. The ride was extremely smooth, with only a slight rattle on the 2nd inversion, and was extremely intense. Front Row for the win!!!


Superman (3x): This is the only ride we did a triple ride on, and we switched sides each times, to not be disrespectful and hold up one car's line for 3 cycles in a row. The weightless is cool, the ops were good, and the wind smashing into your face was fun, overall a good ride. It would fall into my "amazing" category, but sadly, it's just too short.


Apocalypse (2x): God Bless retracks. I hated that ride before, it was just really rough, and it really detracted from the experience. The retrack made it a normal rough, and I managed to do 2 rides in a row. It had some great airtime, and a bug hit me on the forehead right before the station fly by. (RIP Mr. Bug, ? - May 28, 2017)


Roaring Rapids (2x): Got off scott free both times!! First ride I stayed completely dry, and 2nd ride I only got a mild drizzle. Funny Story: One of mis amigos was sitting next to me on ride #2, and was completely dry both times. On the conveyor belt, he yelled, "Whoo! I didn't even get my feet wet!!" We then hit a bump, and I knocked his feet into the pool of water resting near him, due to the tilt of the raft. He was quite triggered. Fun ride! But 1, half filled raft every 2-3 minutes?! That's just pitiful


Jet Stream (1x): We were offered a free reride, but we passed, becuase the ride was kinda lame. The tunnel drop was fun (even though the tunnel was disgusting), but we had 5 guys, including me, on the boat, so we barely moved at points we were scraping along the bottom so much lol. The main drop was fun.


Batman (2x): I HATE THIS RIDE!!!!! Everyone talks about how great Batman clones are, and I used to find them good, but not mind blowers or anything spectacular, just good. Wow this ride sucked. I got headbanging on every single element except for the 1st loop, the ride was unbearably rough. I gave it a second go around, thinking I had just had one bad ride, and tried again, and I got an even worse experience. The famous turn around leading to the 2nd corkscrew gave me a small bruise on my forehead it smashed so hard, and my dad's jaw popped. The 0g roll didn't even give you a feeling of wieghtlessness, as the train visibly (from the exit pathway, I watched) violently shook. Everyone in our group hated the ride, and 3 of 4 people that rode had to take aspirin becuase we all had headaches.


Twisted Colossus (2x): Insanely violently fun. The airtime was absoluetly out of control, to the point that it hurt, it was that good. I did smack my shoulder onto the ride of the car the high five it was so intense. The airtime was phenomenal, and the blue side leading into the high five is hands down the best airtime moment on the West Coast, no question. It did have a rattle, but I can confirm it only added to the experience. Probably my #4 coaster, behind Full Throttle, Gold Striker, and another ride I haven't decided yet.


Scream (1x): Ok. The smoothness was good (I insisted we rode in the yellow car, and my group didn't understand why until they rode Orange car without me), and the ride was good. It was a bit shaky, and I did have a moment of headbanging or two, and a pop of floater into the MCBR. You seriously would think the grouper would fix the confusion problems, but it didn't help, and I saw at least 1:30 added to a dispatch becuase nobody could figure out where to sit. The final turn, dip, and mini over bank into the brakes is my favorite part of the ride shockingly.


Dare Devil Dive (2x): The Skycoaster was a lot of fun. There's a huge adrenaline rush when you freefall for a second before you finally reach the cable length and start to glide out. I also got to see that the building for JL: BFM was finished, and it appeared that they were starting to build sets and track for the last bit I could see. They were also constructing some pathways around the back of the building, possibly for the queue. Riddler's repaint was coming along nicely, and they had to do the airtime hill, final couple twists + corkscrew, and the dive loop/inclined loop, and part of the first drop.


Cyclone 500 (1x): I loved every ride in the park except Batman, and I thought Scream was ok, as well as Apocalypse, and it seemed like this ride contained the worst part of each of those rides. The "concrete airtime hill" had the extreme roughness of Batman, the turns had the "Wow, so fun becuase we're going like 5 mph" of Scream, and when I got smashed by another car, it had the "OUCH" of the last turn before the final helix of Apocalpyse. I think we got 4 minutes of unstopped racing, as before you'd do 1 lap, and then they'd stop you for some reason.


X2 (1x): What? That was my response when my friend said he didn't like it. I rode it in the magic seat, front row, inside seat, with your head back, and it was a blast. I didn't find the ride rough at all, although my legs were being flopped around and smashing into the seat. It was insane, and intense, and overall just a crazy ride. I look for airtime, smoothness, and fun in my rides, so for that reason, I'm not sure if it even breaks into my top 10. It's crazy, but that's it.


Overall: It was a fantastic day, even though we rode Bat-man that was horrible twice (hoping we'd get a better ride). Ops were really good, food was great, rides were awesome, and overall, I couldn't have had a better day if I tried. Here are some photos that you can take a peek at.


Onto the Photos!!!


This is the line to get into the park, ouch


Roaring Rapids!!! Home of the half full raft every 2.5-3 minutes!!!


When you hire a colorblind person to paint your rides...


Hands down, the best shot I've ever taken. Now onto the medicore pics!!!


Really Roughpocalypse is now just Roughpocalypse


Here is a good photo, so that way you will keep reading my report and not dose off in the midst of below average photos


I hate Batman almost as much as Coasterbill hates La Ronde


Sorry, all the available rooms have since been deleted


Getting all the latest scoop on things, he says Mount Olympus won't kill anymore people


I love Full Throttle!!!




Mmmmmm, Popcorn


This ride makes you wanna Scream in agony (in the Blue/Orange train)


Ditto with the operations


The New Revolution: Glitchtastic Attack!!! Thank you for reading my TR and have a Six Flags day!!! (Oh wait, you don't want your day to suck, so don't have a Six Flags day)


Here's some more Full Throttle to express my love for it

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I just had my first visit to SFMM in March after more than 15 years. I'm surprised you liked Full Throttle so much! It's a nice little ride but maybe my expectations for it were too high. I thought it was fun but short and the launches didn't seem as forceful as I was expecting. Twisted Colossus kicked all sorts of ass, however, and easily was my favorite ride of the day. I also enjoyed X2 and LOVED Tatsu.

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I too am shocked that you didn't like Batman. It was smooth and forceful when I rode it last year. I've never gotten a bad ride on any of those clones.


Good report on the park. Glad the park tried to smoothen up Apocalypse a bit. That ride was outstanding in 2014 so it was very painful to see what the ride had become in my visit last year.

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Castle Park Trip Report, June 18!!!!

I had always passed by Castle Park when heading out to the desert with my family, and I finally convinced my dad to take me!!! He said we could go for an hour, and that's it, while my mom and sister went to Starbucks and hung out for a bit with our dog. It was absolutely dead, and I managed to hit a ride about every 6 minutes, and with single restraint checker operations on every ride, that's quite a feat!!


SPECIAL NOTE: I wrote the entire Trip Report's captions in poetry form just to see if people like it. If you don't, please let me know, and I'll be sure to stick to the standard captions in future reports.


Cons of the Park:

-The pathways were very uneven and some very falling apart

-It was quite obvious that certain areas hadn't seen a coat of paint in years

-Almost everything in the park needs a new coaster of paint, some basic maintenance, and landscaping touch ups.

-Some rides like Sea Dragon were absolutely in dire need of a major overhaul

-No Maps, which isn't the biggest problem becuase the park is small, however there are lots of dead ends which would make them helpful

-The crew on UFO was completely disorganized, they goofed around for about 5-6 minutes (I only had 60 minutes at the park, so I was in a bit of a hurry and left), talking and joking instead of starting the ride. I later saw the ride finally start 12 minutes later.


Pros of the Park:

-The employees were SOOO nice and helpful, I can see why everyone raves about the staff. Extremely friendly, fast, helpful, and most went the extra mile to make my day even better, and I really appreciate

-Ride ops were very attentive and I never saw a phone in the hands of any of them at any point

-Rerides were allowed

-Employees were working their butts off, I single handedly saw a single op securely check 10 seats on Dragon's Tower (Only 6 were occupied however) in under a minute


Overall Thoughts:

The park felt outdated and needs some basic freshening up around the park. However, the employees really did turn a below average experience into a pretty good one, and obviously loved the park. They were also very educated in their park and could easily hold a conversation about the rides with me.



Quick Breakdown of Rides:


---Dragon Flyers <1x>: They were nice, relaxing, and gave a long ride cycle, but were unsnapable. Props to the op for saying, "Hope you had a great ride, have fun here during the rest of you day," to every person getting off while not slowing the unloading process.


---Merlin's Revenge <1x>: The ride gave 2 cycles which was nice, but was extremely shaky and the water effects weren't working. Also, the temporary queue set up because of construction was extremely confusing. However, the 1 restraint checker and 1 ride op got the train out quickly, and were extremely helpful when my lapbar got stuck


---Spider <1x>: Nice long ride cycle and some good spinning considering I was the only person in my car, or pretty much on the ride. The ride op was extremely fun and gave a really long ride cycle. The ride had the feeling of floater air, and was a bit herky jerky, but that just added to the experience!!


---Dragon's Tower <2x>: WOW!!!! I LOVE DRAGON'S TOWER!!!! The launch is super fun, and the airtime is beyond words it's so amazing. The ride op was super chill and let me ride twice becuase nobody was in line.


---UFO <0x>: I got into the spaceship with almost no wait, but then after waiting several minutes for the employees to goof off, I decided I had to leave, as I was on a 1 hour time limit and still had several rides to get through.


---Sea Dragon <1x>: No airtime, no forces, bad looking, queue was in disrepair. I guess we can now call it Caste Park becuase this ride took the L


---Ghost Blasters <2x>: Really fun, unique and rerideable. They dispatch a car every 45sec, that can only hold 2 people, so the ride's capacity wasn't the greatest, but otherwise there are no downsides. There were about 12 people ahead of us, and it still took only 5 minutes, that's not bad at all, however, on a 1 hour time limit, it technically took about 1/6 of our time for both those rides. (We walked right on the 2nd ride)


---Little Dipper <1x>: Pretty rough for a kiddie coaster, but the lightning fast operator, and 2 moments of floater air made it worth it. I would only classify Batman: The Ride (don't get me started, feel free to check prior trip report to see why I feel this way) and this little ride as the only, truly, really rough rides I've done.




I hope you enjoy this trip report, as I've put in a lot of effort into it, and I can't wait to see what you guys think!!!!


When I walked towards the exit

I had a faint smile

I’m surprised PETA wasn’t protesting

Because there was a statue of an elephant (near the Circus Restaurant)

That wasn’t in the wild


We arrive at the gate

A Log Flume named Log Flume? How clever

“I’m excited to go to Castle Park!”

Said no person ever


We hit the snapless Larsons first

As that’s what we had planned

If this photo had been taken at Kentucky Kingdom

I would be permanently banned


Dragon’s Tower was a blast (no pun intended)

The Ejector air is so cool

The ride op let me ride twice

He’s one pretty awesome dude


I asked an employee for directions

And she walked away smugly

Even Helen Keller would have known

That paint color was ugly


Ghost Blasters was a highlight

From the tipping boxes to the Poltergeist

And seeing 2 ride ops

Was a miracle from Jesus Christ


The floater air was weird

And the ride was really rough (for a kiddie coaster)

Not as bad as Batman: The Ride

But one lap was definitely enough


I hadn’t rode the best attraction there

But my family was pushing me to leave

I had to skip the Log Flume

Knowing Coaster Bill would be disappointed in me


The operator on Monster was Amazing

But the cycle wasn’t great

I thought it was gonna fall apart

But there was no wait!


Sea Dragon was run-down

It really needs some new paint

But the girl in front was so hot

I thought I was going to faint


1 op on the Scrambler

10 minute cycles make me sad

You know your dispatches suck

When La Ronde isn’t as bad


Hey! It’s Mr. SBNO

Lightning Rod’s friend

Throw that ride in the garbage

That’s where it started and where it will end


If you thought KD’s last 3 years have been bad

Then you haven’t seen this ride

The only new addition since 2015

Was a prison in the sky


Next up was the Roller Skater

Really Shaky, but ok

The lapbar got stuck

More time in Castle Park? yay….

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Hey Everyone! Considering the lack of views/no comments on my last Trip Report, I've decided to do a mini-TR right now just to stir up a bit of activity before my big Trip Report tomorrow!!! This is for a park you probably haven't heard of before, unless you live in Palm Desert, and it is the Palm Desert Aquatic Center!!! This is a very small waterpark, that I did have a very good time at!! Enjoy!!



-Dirt Cheap Admission

-Not Crowded

-Fun Slides

-Nice Temperature in Water

-Super Awesome Staff

-Cheap Food (Whoops, this isn't ACE, we don't care about food)



-Bathroom floors were insanely slippery

-Minimal hade on Pathways


So, since this is a very small waterpark, I did not get any photos, but I will give a short run down of the 3 main things to do there (Please note, I actually went twice, back to back on 2 days, and since my experience was the same, it has been combined into 1 Trip Report)


Blue Slide : This ride actually suprised me, and was very fun!! The helixes did provide a bit of force, and the dips sometimes provided the feeling of airtime. Overall a solid slide for a park as small as this, and I saw people ranging from grandparents to little kids riding, so I'd say it's a smash hit, as they created an attraction the entire family can enjoy


White Slide : This ride was okay, but not as good as the Blue Slide in my opinion. It was a much shorter ride experience, and didn't have the family fun appeal of the other attractions. This ride was much more intense (yet still probably a 3/10 for intensity) than other things at the park, and also was in the dark which was cool.


Diving Boards : They had a 3m board, and a 1m board (which is 9ft and 3ft for all you who have Common Core and therefore aren't taught basic math), and both of them were fun. The pool they had for the diving was really nice, and was refreshing in the 122* summer heat.


Overall: Overall this facility was a very nice place, offering cheap admission, and nicely kept, yet small, facilites. From talking with several employees, I've heard that they don't currently have any plans of expanding the rides, and would mainly like to keep it small. The thing they could improve on is more shade in the area between the tables, kiddie splash pad, and the water slides, it is just barren concrete and it pretty hot. And also on those bathroom floors, as there was a slight slant which made it extremely slippery. I was walking from the showers to get my street clothes back on, and slipped and hit my head on the floor becuase of that slant. Luckily, I was totally okay, but for someone who was walking pretty slowly with sandals on that had traction, it makes me worried that a little kid could possibly hurt themselves if they were running.


I had an absolutely fantastic 2 days here, and I absolutely reccomend it for anyone in the Palm Desert Area!!


EDIT: This is a photo of the slides!!

Edited by Mr. Corn
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Nice little report. For small "parks" like this that nobody has heard of, photos definitely would have helped since we have no idea what blue slide and white slide are. I had to look up photos of the place to understand. Nonetheless, I learned about a new "park" today.


As for your Castle Park report, it's nice to hear that you had a good experience there. Last time I visited there was over a year ago (I actually wrote up a mini trip report at the time that's probably stuck in the archives or somewhere on the forum), and it felt pretty average. I've heard the place has been going downhill since then, but I've never seen for myself, so maybe it was just exaggerated. I would love to see the park add some little coaster like a Gravity Group woodie (correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Story Land, which installed Roar-a-Saurus, is owned by the same company as Castle Park). I don't see them doing that any time soon though.

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Wet N' Wild Palm Springs Trip Report, June 26:


Just before I start this TR, I need to ask everyone, even if you don't closely read anything else on my report, PLEASE read this part. As I was almost about to get on Wipeout, I saw this girl who appeared to be around 5-6 years old boarding the slide. As she took a step forward to be a bit more in the water, she completely lost her footing and fell backwards onto her back (which has a vest on), and snapped her neck downward, hard. The employee who was "watching" the slide saw this girl jolt her neck backwards and smash her head on the slide, stood there and did absolutely nothing and the girl is in pain, he even gave a small under his breath laugh. Several people in the girl's party rushed forward to help her, as the employee continued to offer no assistance. That left me with a beyond negative impression of the park, and I'm apalled at what happened, it was completely disgusting. Now back onto your regularly scheduled Trip Report...


About 3 years ago, I went to Wet N' Wild, and found it to be a pretty enjoyable day, even if the park wasn't outstanding. So I convinced my dad to take me as we drove home from Palm Desert, and my mom said stopping would be okay, but only for 45 minutes, as we had a church event later that night. I read horrible Google Reviews on this place, and I decided that the only way to have a fresh opinion was to try it for myself. Yeah, I shoulda just stuck with what the reviews said.





-We only had to spend 45 minutes there

-Awesome Employee named Justyn working Pacific Spin sending rafts down, seemed to be the only employee interested in working there



-HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE employee working at Pipeline/Wipeout (story above)

-Slide Hill's landscaping looked abandoned

-Almost every slide queue was in disrepair

-Confusing entrance for after 3pm ticket

-No directional signage

-Way too little seating

-No water available to employees, which resulted in one of them getting heatstroke

-Excluding Slide Hill's accent, no shade in the park

-Almost no tubes available on an absolutely dead day

-Place felt extremely run down




Before the slide reviews, I think there's a couple things I should touch on:

The Ticket Buying/Enterance Process was insane, here's what it looked like for us- Sign points to go to that window, Lady at the window says we're at the wrong window and we need to go to the other window. We purchase our tickets at that other window, and the lady says to go to the entrance gate. Sign at entrance gate says enter through the gift shop, sign at gift shop says enter through front gate. A security gaurd sees us and asks if we need any help, he walks over the exit, holds the people going out one of the turnstiles, we enter.


The Bathrooms/Lockers were Horrible- The changing room was litterally falling apart, half the showers didn't work, there was trash all over the floor, benches were breaking, paint was peeling, it was a complete mob scene at the lockers becuase there were so few available (keep in mind, this is a day where we didn't wait more than 5 minutes for a slide), and there were smashed cockroaches all around the showers/changing room. Didn't leave me with a good first impression, but I was hoping to overlook that and have a great day




Slide Reviews:

Surf Rider <1x>: Wow!! This ride is actually super fun!! It has some great turns, a couple point where you feel like you're gonna tip, and a bit of floater air on that final drop!! This really exceeded my expectations, and is probably my favorite slide in the park!! Loads of fun!!


Undertow <1x>: I went into this ride with very low expectations, and was blown away!! The spinning is really fun, it gave a super long ride time, had a couple nice drops that were super fun going backwards, and it used the terrain really well. One of the better slides in the park


Pipeline <1x>: I thought the ride would be a 5.5/10, and the ride was a 5.5/10. It was fairly short, had a lot of turns, and had 1 hill that provided a floaty feeling, and absolutely smashed to a halt at the end, so in other terms, it was like the waterslide version of Millenium Force. The inside of the tunnel was very cool, but that ending obviously wasn't sloped correctly, becuase it was a very rough ending


Wipeout <1x>: Not nearly as bad as every says. It did maintain it's speed well, and the drops did provide a bit of a "pull" which was really fun. Overall a nice starter slide for kids, and not a bad slide at all, just probably my 2nd least favorite slide behind Pipeline.


Tidal Wave Tower <0x>: As I was headed up the hill to ride, I saw the op at the top coming down with a manager and an EMT, obviously suffering from heat stroke. I was shocked that Wet N Wild didn't have any sort of water container for any of the employees that I could see, and I feel so sorry for that poor ride op. The ride was closed for the rest of the day from what I could see, and I'm glad she's safe and okay, and not unhappy that I didn't get to ride


Sea Snake <1x>: The hidden gem of this park. Really fun, and in the pitch black gave a very thrilling ride as you didn't know what was next. One of the top rides in the park, and just a blast!!


Pacific Spin <1x>: Above average ride, outstanding employee. While we were in line, he was splashing people in the queue, chatting it up with other people, and you could just really tell he loved his job, if anyone goes to the park soon, or if anyone from the park sees this, tell Justyn he was awesome. The slide itself was pretty fun, good pre-drop, fun actual drop, misters on the walls were refreshing, and the water was nice and cool.



Overall: Overall I thought this park was very run down and needs a lot of work, including a much needed major overhaul in the landscaping, maintenance, and new additions departments. Employees seemed to be trying, but it was apparent they simply don't have the financial or labor resources. Another thing I picked up on was the fact that the park needs 4-5 new slides, and another kids small slide area, it felt like they were lacking in the things to do department, and considering I did every slide except Tidal Wave Tower, in under an hour, it's very noticable.



Final Thought: I think the slides are very fun, but I think the problem with the park is everything else that happens when you're not on an attraction.



Onto the photos!!


GP Dad stealthily drives away from Wet N Wild, carefully watching out for the Fun Police roaming the grounds, making sure nobody has a good experience at their park


This photo is almost as crappy as every non-slide thing at the park


I hope when Cedar Fair buys another park just to shut it down, it's this one


Shamu: Om Nom Nom

Me: Please eat me so I can get away from this horrible place!!

Shamu: Sorry, Seaworld put me on a people free diet

Me: Then eat this park!!

Shamu: Sorry, Seaworld doesn't feed me crap

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Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report: July 14, 2017


In an attempt to ride that all new Justice League: Battle For Metropolis, GP Dad and I ventured out to Six Flags Magic Mountain located in Santa Clarita, California!! Here is our adventure, documented with my handy iPhone 6. Please Enjoy!!



Quick breakdown of what I rode, and an even quicker review-


Justice League: Battle For Metropolis (3x): WOW!! This ride was FANTASTIC!! Easily the best dark ride I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve ridden every Universal and Disney Dark Ride. Light years ahead of Voyage to the Iron Reef, and definitely better than Toy Story Midway Mania. Here’s a quick breakdown of every part of the attraction:


Queue- I didn’t like the queue setup at all, 0 shade and boiling hot concrete


Preshow #1- Very poorly written and low quality animation. This preshow actually killed the rerideability for me, as I gladly would have done it a couple more times, however I didn’t want to suffer through this preshow


Preshow #2- Poorly written and confusing, however, was better than the first one due to the Cyborg animatronic. Both preshows had equally terrible writing however


Station- The station actually impressed me, and reminded me of a DC Comics and Six Flags takes on Transformers theme, in a good way


Ride- The ride itself was fantastic. Amazing integration of sets and screens, and several WOW moments during the ride. Definitely my favorite dark ride, and the best Cedar Fair or Six Flags dark ride to date


Goliath (2x): I have to say, it’s a pretty solid ride. If you’re in the back, the drop provides some really nice airtime, and overall it’s a fun coaster with no-gimmicks. Probably in the top 5 at Magic Mountain, but definitely in the top 6-7


The New Revolution (1x): Having no Virtual Reality was amazing, and really helped the overall experience. The ride itself is okay, the drops are fun, the loop is fun, and overall, it’s a fun, but not super thrilling ride


Twisted Colossus (5x): Hands down one of the best attractions Six Flags has produced!! Fantastic Airtime, Innovative Elements, and some unique design choices that provide an out of control feel. Sadly, even on a dead day where trains were half full at best, I only dueled 3 out of 10 times. I wonder if there’s a way they could reprogram it so the green side would do a full stop before the lift, giving the crew some extra time to load


Riddler’s Revenge (1x): Just to start off, the new paint looks fantastic, even if the color scheme sucks, and the queue upgrades look really nice. The ride itself is smooth with just a couple sections with some headbanging, and the non-inverting loop is really fun. The operations were a complete chaotic disaster, and even though there were 7-8 employees in the station, only 4 of them were doing their job. The others did absolutely nothing, except be rude when you tried to ask them something


Superman- Escape from Krypton (3x): The air conditioning was honestly one of the highlights of our day lol. The attraction itself is gimmicky, but fun, and provides some amazing airtime. The front row is definitely the place to be, and Jocelyn, one of the ride ops, was honestly the hardest working person I’ve ever seen at a park, friendly, engaged, and talkative, all while doing her job better, and faster than any of the other restraint checkers.


Full Throttle (2x): Six Flags really hit it out of the ballpark with this one. Despite the gimmicky nature of the ride, it’s very smooth, has great airtime (especially on the drop) and even better hangtime. I really wish the ride was longer however


Tidal Wave (1x): I was extremely unimpressed with this ride. First of all, the operations were horrendously slow, and I honestly thought they were going to have to E-Stop the ride, because our boat was having a lot of trouble connecting on the lift, and when it hit the conveyor belt, there was a horrible metal gnashing sound. The employees quickly stopped the ride, let the base of our boat drain a bit, and then we inched our way up the lifthill before experiencing a waterless and airtimeless ride. This ride should be call Tida Wave, because Six Flags took the L on this one


Gold Rusher (2x): So the 2nd time I rode, I thought it would be a cool thing to ride in the back row of the back train, bad choice. It was rough, but definitely manageable, and did jolt around a lot, but had a lot of fun moments with ejector air. As the train was going into the drop by the lifthill, the back car flung up, and I had the most epic moment of airtime in my life!! It was literally standing airtime, and gave me a huge rush. However, when I got off, I realized that when I had that amazing airtime moment, the phone in my pocket smashed into the lapbar ahead, and was damaged. My LifeProof case suffered quite the trauma, and the entire bottom section was cracked, but luckily, my physical phone survived. Rest in Peace little guy, you will be missed


Ninja (1x): When I walked into the station, I thought I was looking at a Fright Fest maze for a second. The floors are disgusting, the tapestries above are torn off, the walls are literally falling down, one of the murals was smashed like a phone that got flung off El Toro, and overall, the station is in complete disrepair. The ride itself is below average, and is extremely bumpy. Bumpy, swinging, and intense moments do not mix well at all. I honestly would rather this ride be removed for a new family coaster than it get a refurbishment.


Tatsu (2x): The first time I rode it, I was less than impressed, as the restraint was extremely tight, and the train had a very bad B&M rattle. However, the second time I rode it was much better. The second time was much smoother, and due to the restraint being looser, I actually got some airtime going into the brakes, a very weird feeling indeed lol.


Road Runner Express (2x): I really wanted to hit 25 attractions by the end of the day, and desperate times call for desperate measures. It was an okay family coaster, and was much smoother than Castle Park’s clone. If you want a credit, do it, otherwise, skip it


Total Rides: 25



Thank you so much everyone for reading, and be sure to let me know what you think of my Trip Report below!! Thanks!! (Please feel free to share any photos in this Trip Report, I just kindly ask that you credit my Instagram, @Slides.Inc)


Feeling some Dorney Park vibes right now


Now Six Flags Magic Mountain has a dueling, and a non-dueling attraction!!


The InvadR naming team strikes again


Look!! John Duffey is in Justice League: Battle For Metropolis!!


Let's see here. Shrubs that will be dead in 6 months, no shade, boiling hot concrete... yep!! It's Six Flags!!


Whoever decided to repaint Riddler these colors deserves to be fired, immediately


Riddle me this, Riddle me that. What ride got a sucky new color scheme, and has operations that are crap?


This slide kinda reminds me of the Dublin Waterpark one, except you don't fall off


As always, I start out with the one good photo I took so that way you actually look at the rest of these 10 photos


I literally can't come up with a funny caption, so... moving right along

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Nice report. I haven't been to SFMM since my pass expired in December, but I really need to get back soon. Riddler looks really, really good (at least from pictures). Turned out way better than I was expecting.


It's also good that the park finally has a quality indoor, air-conditioned attraction. Dark rides just aren't my thing, but it really is something the park desperately needed.

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Wowza!! It's been a long time since I've updated my thread!! Well the good news is I'm back and I'll be uploading a couple trip reports over the next week or so!! To kick it off, I headed off to SFMM Fright Fest '17 to see how it compared to Knott's (as I've never been to Halloween Horror Nights) and I have to say, I was sorely disappointed. But you'll be able to read about all my unpopular opinions below!!


Maze Rankings:

1- Red's Revenge

2- Toyz of Terror 3D

3- Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising

--Steep Drop Off--

4- Willoughby Manor

5- Chupacabra

6- Vault 666

7- Dead End


NOTE: I didn't really want to say this, but I feel like I should because it'd affect my opinions. Me and my friend who went with me are both professional actors in Los Angeles, he currently has a Disney commercial out, and I have an international Hasbro commercial out right now as well, so we definitely have a different standard for acting that the average Joe does, so I'm going to write my reviews thinking about what the average Joe expects, but just keep that in mind.


Maze Reviews:


Red's Revenge (2x): Um, that was fantastic. It had solid theming, an abundance of scare actors, nice sets, and several sensory sections. This is definitely the most "Knott's" maze at the park, and while not everything was perfect, they had so many great scare actors that it instantly became my favorite of the night. The sections with the string were really weird and trippy, and even on my 2nd go around, I still got scared 5 to 6 times easily. It might have been a smarter idea to leave the best maze for last as things went steeply downhill from here

One thing to Improve: Maybe turn up the sound on the pre-show up a bit as it was very hard to hear with all the screaming and the air blasts


Chupacabra (1x): It wasn't as bad as people make it out to be honestly. The sets, if you can even call them that, were absolutely horrible, but that only forced the actors to be more creative, and they really stepped it up. This was the only maze I yelled in all night!! Also, I'm not sure why this maze is called Chupacabra if you never see a Chupacabra, but that's just me

One thing to Improve: While the maze needs actual sets desperately, the one sore thumb was the 2 black hallways you just walked through like switchbacks with no scares, c'mon Six Flags!!


Dead End (1x): Welp, that's 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back. The lady who gave us our flashlight was honestly better than any of the actors and was really pumped to be there, and it showed. The pre-show was dumb and made no sense, and it took us about halfway through the maze to realize that this was supposed to be the Willoughby Manor continued(?) but more haunted (?). Yeah, the story made about as much sense as Transformers: The Last Knight. There were less and less actors as you went on, and the only real theming moment I can remember is when the flashlight came on and the walls said "Fear Thy Darkness", otherwise, whenever the flashlight would come on, it'd show the most minimal set you could get (i.e. Fancy Chair, Curtain, Poor Little Potted Plant) and an actor would say "Boo!!" Trust me, it's much more terrifying than it sound . Honestly, the scariest things in the maze were the guiders in the robes that looked like they were from the Salem Witch Trials, and it feels like one of the people in corporate said "Hey I have a $50 coupon to Walmart, wanna make another maze for Magic Mountain Fright Fest?"

One thing to Improve: If burning down the maze isn't a single thing to improve, get some minimal light for the flooring, as we spent more time running into the walls than actually walking, also, a lantern might be a better option as with a lantern you get 360* of light, while with a flashlight, you have to be pointing in the right direction, or you miss the entire scare


Aftermath 2- Chaos Rising (2x): Not as good as I expected, but really dang fun!! While I didn't get scared, I honestly had a blast!! The sets were really, really well done and I honestly feel like I should get some PE credit because it felt like I ran half a mile through that darn maze. The actors were trying their hardest with scares even though there were no places to hide, but overall did a decent job!! Also, the acting was absolutely horrible to the point that it was funny. There was a single African American lady in the beginning working as an evacuator who was hilarious and was really working hard, but besides that standout, the others were so horrible it was hilarious. Walking through Deja Vu's queue and station was a serene moment for me, as I got to experience a part of Magic Mountains' history for the first time.

One thing to Improve: Maybe during that police building scene, enclose the building and make it a bit tighter, as there weren't any scares during the maze, and that would be a fantastic time to get a couple in there


Willoughby Manor (1x): Eh. The sets were okay, the story was non-exsistant (besides the very basic understanding that it was a haunted house) and the actors were so few and far between it wasn't even funny. I counted 7 actors and 3 attempts at scares, that's just kinda sad. I saw a security guard and an actor just talking (and they just turned, looked at us, and continued their conversation) as we went through the maze, which just shows how little effort they were putting into Willoughby Manor

One thing to Improve: Tighten it, the walkways were so big that groups of 4 were going shoulder by shoulder and that leads to a lot of problems trying to scare when the person is 10ft away. Overall, I was very underwhelmed with this overhyped maze, but at least this maze was not as overhyped as...


Vault 666 (2x): Now, to be completely honest, and I'm fine with getting hate on this, I originally wasn't planning on going in the maze. Why? Both me and my dad are diehard Christians (he works part-time at a megachurch as the director of photography and videography, and I'm currently working there in their vocal department both on mic in the adult services, and as a helper with the Kids Choir), and my friend is pretty chill with Jesus, so we all didn't think it'd be something we'd like. But, I realized that I had to give it a shot, and I have to say, I did not like this maze, but not for the reasons I expected. The whole backstory of Animal and Human mixing lab was very poorly portrayed in the 10 second pre-show, and since my friend and dad aren't enthusiasts and hadn't researched the backstory right before we went in, they didn't get what was happening at all. The scanning pre-show was unpredictable, but the acting ruined any scare (as it rivaled Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising for the worst acting of the night) and we were right off into the maze. There was no direction on where to go so people ended up going 3 different directions, and it took a couple minutes for the Salem Witch Trial Robers' to get us all back together, and the maze itself in parts was visually cool, some parts had attempts at scares, and some parts felt like they ran out of a budget. The maze felt like a rollercoaster, it went up and down with whether it was a good maze or not. Overall, for what some people say was the best maze there, I was disappointed

One thing to improve: Get some sort of direction or arrows in the beginning so everyone doesn't get split up, lost, and then have to be redirected


Toyz of Terror 3D (2x): Definitely a solid maze that was the sleeper hit of the night. The 3D Glasses were trippy, the pre-show was quick but very effective, and that spinning tunnel was the most disorientating thing I've ever experienced. Lets start, the pre-show doesn't really give a backstory, but since this isn't a maze where a story is absolutely needed to get it, that's totally fine. However, the jump scare was super well done and really good. The 3D in all the rooms was fantastic, and the scares, while not the scariest, were pretty dang good. Now let's talk about the spinning tunnel, that thing was absolutely insane, disorienting, and overall crazy, and I LOVED it!! Bumped it from #3 to #2 maze just like that!!

One thing to improve: Don't always have the actors scare the first person that enters, because then the people in the back never get scared and are extremely disappointed.


Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the event. While the crowds were light, there were only 2-3 mazes that I actually enjoyed, and only 1 that I got scared in (besides a single moment in Chupacabra). The scare zones were virtually non-exsistant, and I went an entire 45 minutes in the Territory Twisted without seeing a single actor, seeing 0 actors in Zombie Crossing, having 2 actors in the Viper to Katy's Kettle stretch, and seeing all of 3 actors in Zombie Crossing. Pretty underwhelming night, although the daytime rides were extremely fun. I definitely encourage you to go check out this event and see for yourself, but just go in with very low expectations!! Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you thought of this trip report below!!

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i bought a fastlane at dorney park...


speaking of things I'd never do, i never thought i'd purchase a knotts season pass. welp, I was wrong. i now present the knotts berry boardwalk trip report, featuring everything that's poppin in the boardwalk section. this will be part 1/4 in a series i'll be uploading over the next week going in-depth into the themed sections of knotts berry farm. please enjoy!!


a couple boardwalk notes:

-the food at boardwalk barbecue was absolutely attrocious

-boardwalk bbq looks absolutely fantastic

-the concrete is in major need of an overhaul

-it really feels like the land has lost it's cohesion and now is split into 4 distinct zones (beachside hot rod racing strip, classical boardwalk, futuristic steampunk port, what's paint: the land)

-coaster's diner was a morgue since the opening of boardwalk bbq

-the black paint in the coast rider pool seemed really out of place

-the landscaping department has stepped up their game, as the planters looked freshly kept up and nice

-coast rider's shin guards are horrible and make it the worst coaster at knotts no question

-in the grand scheme of things, xcelerator's entrance plaza, log flume games, boardwalk ballroom marque, coaster's diner, supreme scream, wheeler dealer, hollywood hits, and voyage arcade need absolutely major overhauls. if the only addition next year was to repaint, refurbish, and retheme those sections, i would be sooooooooooooo happy


onto the photos!! all pictures were taken with my iPhone 6, and i'm totally open to people sharing them, i just kindly ask that you credit my instagram, @socal.screams!! please enjoy


hangtime: the west coast's first logan paul themed coaster


this is the point where hangtime pulls a "shoot the rapids" and flips over


the single rider line for hangtime is where i'll pick up all the ladies


knott's milkshakes ain't bringin boys to the farm. why's that you ask?? they're worse than lamar (i would continue, but my sister who was singing it while i was thinking of captions to write stopped after that point)


you put your right foot in, you pull your right foot out, you put your right foot in, and then you shake it all about. you accidentally whip the crane into a support, and then the whiny enthusiasts shout. that's what it's all about *clap clap*


going down faster than la pitonue at la ronde


why does xcelerator's launch sound like fergie trying to hit a high note while singing the national anthem

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I'm curious as to why you don't like the Boardwalk BBQ food. It is by far my favorite place to eat in the park and is probably in my top 3 for theme park food in general.


the sahara desert would be impressed with how dry the ribs were, the corn was so hard it almost cracked my tooth, and the mac n' cheese wasn't even mac n' cheese, it was legitamentally cheesed noodles (that had probably come out of a microwave)

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I'm curious as to why you don't like the Boardwalk BBQ food. It is by far my favorite place to eat in the park and is probably in my top 3 for theme park food in general.


the sahara desert would be impressed with how dry the ribs were, the corn was so hard it almost cracked my tooth, and the mac n' cheese wasn't even mac n' cheese, it was legitamentally cheesed noodles (that had probably come out of a microwave)


Strange. I have eaten there at least 20 times now and I've never had a bad experience. I love everything I've tried so far... tri-tip, pulled pork, baked beans, potatoes, mac & cheese, corn bread, corn, all of it.


You're entitled to your opinion, so I guess we'll agree to disagree. Lol

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so i went to chicago, it was a blast!! here's some random notes about the amusement park/thrill rides experiences i did on this 4 day trip!! (plus a random sports thing)


-people were horrendously slow getting off the airplane, it was seriously ridiculous. WHERE IS UNITED TO DRAG YOU OFF A FLIGHT WHEN YOU NEED THEM?!


-we were lucky enough to get a backstage tour of solider field, where the chicago bears play. we got to see all the backstage stuff, including the interview room, and the hangout room, where players can meet their wives and girlfriends after the game (hopefully they don't show up to the same one)


-"the tilt" at that really tall tower that changes names more than california's great america was a blast. it was definitely worth the $7 upcharge!! having a piece of glass between you and a 94 story fall to the ground is absolutely terrifyingly awesome, and i cannot recommend it enough!!


-i spent 40 minutes at navy pier, and all I can say is "welp, that's 40 minutes of my life I'll never get back." the food was mediocre, and all the rides were closed, so all we could do is huddle inside for warmth




so, this is my mini-TR for chicago!! i really hope y'all enjoyed this super short report, and i'm defenitely going to post some more trip reports in the future!! as usual, all photography is taken on my iPhone, and please comment below!! thanks!!


if you look to the lower middle section, you can actually see a small pack of orcas


(if you actually looked, you're an idiot, this is a lake not an ocean stupid)

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