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Top/Favorite Hyper Coasters

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Millennium was just SO HYPED UP for me that it was a bit of a letdown... its got a great drop but the rest is just fast turns and some really nice floater over the hills. I admit everything changed when I rode it at night but I completely understand why anyone would say its a "meh" ride.


That little red steel bronco around the way though... giddy up! Blew my mind all over my face on every lap we took.

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^Yea I noticed a lot of people do bash M-Force for some reason. Its the only giga coaster I been on so I guess I can't say much. I'm sure the newer gigas are more intense but that doesnt mean M-Force is a lame coaster. I really enjoyed M-Force. However do I admit I would like to try the other gigas as well still even then Im sure I'd still enjoy M-Force a lot.


I've ridden Fury, I305, Leviathan and MF and still think MF is the best. If you ask 3 different people what their favorite North American giga is, you'll get 3 different answers.


Virtually no one will say Leviathan (though it's a great coaster) because Fury is similar but infinitely better in every possible way, but I305, Fury and Millennium Force are all totally different types of coasters so it all depends on personal taste. They're all amazing coasters though.

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^^I agree, i305 definitely eats MF and craps it all over Cedar Point...


...however, after about 3-4 rides, it eats me and craps me all over the midway outside the exit. And I need to wait an hour before I can be subjected to those kind of forces again.


I'll agree on Fury, it's sooooo good. I did not expect that from post-1998 B&M

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I'd actually very much like to ride MF again now that my expectations are lower. I'll probably enjoy it more the next time around because of that. It's definitely been the case w/ other coasters.

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I honestly never had much of a problem with bugs on Millennium Force. I notice it a lot more on rides where they have spotlights pointed up at the track, attracting the bugs. Riding Gatekeeper at night feels like you're riding a coaster in the rain.

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Since Leviathan is technically a giga coaster, I won't include it on my list below. So, here is my favourite hyper coaster list based on the hyper coasters I've been on:




3.Steel Force


I am hoping to make my first visit to Kennywood next summer in order to take a ride on Phantom's Revenge as it looks like an amazing hyper coaster!

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Updated list


1. Phantom's Revenge

2. Mako - Quick pacing and a better first half than any other 200ft B&M. Without the trim and mid-course this could be tops.

3. Nitro

4. Diamondback

5. Raging Bull


Honorable mentions to Magnum, Superman (SFA), and Apollo's Chariot. Intamin gigas would be the top two if they were included. Steel Force is nowhere near.

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#1 has to be Magnum for me. The view and ejector air time hills are just great.


I've never been on an Intamin in the 200ft range. Frankly, none of the B&Ms are worth sorting out. They've all been fine. None of then have been great, and none of them have sucked. IMO they all kind of feel the same.

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Not just my favorite hyper coaster, but my favorite coaster ever. Period.


Because nostalgia. Being 13 years old in '89 and staring up at the unfathomable enormity of planet earth's very first ever hyper coaster was an utterly mind-blowing experience that I will never forgot, and one that simply cannot be recreated for me without the aid of a time machine or magical age-reversing pills.


It isn't exactly the ride itself; it's what it represented to me at that time at that highly impressionable age. Roller coasters eventually got taller and faster and steeper and whateverer, but for me, there will only ever be one Magnum. It's very very special.

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I believe these are the only ones I've been on.

Phantoms Revenge

Apollo's Chariot (It's been 10+ years, but always thought of as one of my favorites)




Goliath - SFOG

Steel Force

Goliath - SFMM


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The only real Hypers I have been on are Behemoth and Magnum XL-200, so I guess my list is

1. Magnum XL-200

2. Behemoth


I find Behemoth to be overrated as hell (not a bad ride), but also looks just as good as all the other B&M hypers. Idk why everyone likes them SO much, but maybe I am bored of it because I have probably been on it 200+ times in my life.

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