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Cargo Shorts. Your thoughts?

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Oh, and anybody who actually thinks there's anything inherently lame about cargo shorts needs to seriously get over themselves, and out of their pretentious little world...

If you're this offended about what one person thinks about your cargo shorts then I'm not sure it's the people who think they're inherently lame that need to reevaluate...


(Side note: nobody said you couldn't wear them - they're just ugly. Practical? Sure. Brutal? Absolutely.)


This is fun. I love the off-season.


We need to skip wearing marginally dorky cargo shorts and just upgrade to full-blown-ultra-dork-trademark-ACE fanny packs!

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No nig deal, we can just Von Roll with it.


Woah. That was a close one.


My uncle's neighbor told me that Magnum's back cars are going to be fitted with cargo shorts.


Now this is funny.


I agree with the cargo shorts to keep your stuff safe, or a jacket with a zipper on one of the pockets. Any clothing with a zipper is handy at an amusement park. Also when I'm walking around sweating my balls off at a theme park, I could care less about fashion. It's not like I'm going out on the town to have a couple drinks and pick up chicks, I'm going to walk around for 6-12 hours in the sun and I want to be comfortable. That's why I bring my New Balance's as well. I've lost my phone on a ride before, and it freaking sucks, so I'd much rather be safe than sorry, and if it means wearing a pair of cargo shorts, so be it.


Style these days sucks anyway. I would never want to look like the trendy hipsters with the high water pants and glasses without prescription lenses in them. So dumb.

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My couple of pairs, have gotten me through ten years of touring the coaster/theme park world.


A good washing, some ironing (yeah, I do that), and they're good to go....again.


My oldest pair. Still good, even when posing with The Snoop.

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I always wear cargo shorts during my summer park visits because they keep all of my valuables safe while riding and I don't have to worry about using the bins.


If I'm visiting a park on a cold day, I usually wear a jacket with zipper pockets as an alternative to the cargo shorts.

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I just keep everything except my wallet in the car, then either hold my wallet on the ride or stick it in a small pocket. If I struggle to get it out while standing or walking around in the park, chances are it's not coming out on a coaster. Keys get clipped to a belt loop via carabiner.

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I have to wear something with a zippered pocket to give me a sense of security that my phone, wallet, and keys will be safe. For the summer, that means cargo shorts. Only time it gets tight is if I need to hold onto a Q-bot too since I don't fully trust that lanyard (I've gotten a few that started to tear).


In the fall/winter, I wear a coat with a zippered pocket.

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I'm no fashionista, but am firmly on team "cargo short are not fashionable", because let's face it they are... lol but also most cargo shorts simply button which I don't trust as much as much as a zipper. I have other clothing (shorts, a windbreaker) with zippered pockets bought specifically for parks. I don't trust bins and I don't do lockers so I bring as little as possible - phone, wallet, keys - and it all fits in a zippered pocket somewhere so its never a worry.


Though I just finally bit the bullet on the SF dining pass for 2017 and that comes with one of these dumb cups I'll only really use for water, and I know that sh*t is gonna get stolen the very next time I go back to the park.

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I have one pair of cargo shorts (which are pink, came from Lands End and have zip off lower legs so they can be converted to long pants if the weather changes) so occasionally I do wear them to parks. But in lieu of that, I wear jeans or denim shorts with my own little coaster-proof pocket set up which consists of a heavy-duty freezer zipper bag, 3-4 large safety pins and a reasonably deep front side pocket. I put a credit/debit card, some cash, my car key (just that key itself; all others are left in the car), my ID, maybe a lip balm and my phone in the bag, then zip it closed, put it into the pocket, and then fasten the top edge (where the pins go thru the top edge/opening of the bag) to the outer lip of the pocket.


That way, even if a ride was intense enough to lift the bag out of my pocket (has yet to happen, even on Skyrush), there is no way it can become detached from my shorts/jeans nor would it open up because the edge is pinned closed. This set up is also great for water rides, since the contents of the bag are sealed against moisture. The only drawback is it takes a few seconds to get at whatever is in the bag and then to zip and pin everything back up.


So that is a very cheap (and perhaps more fashion conscious, since all you would see is maybe the edge of the bag and the safety pins coming out of the pocket) and instant alternative to cargo pants or shorts.

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I wear cargoes, although ironically the non-cargo pockets of them are the worst and often it's better walking with the stuff transferred out of the cargo pockets. I have some "hiking" shorts that have huge pockets that go almost the way to the knee so anything in them bang around -- must be for putting other clothes in or something. I've never had any problem with jeans pockets but when it's hot something looser and thinner is more comfortable.


Had my phone fall out of my pocket on I305, didn't know I had it with me in the first place. Heard and felt a clunk that sounded like a cell phone hitting the floor, looked down and there it was. Quickly pinned it to the floor with my foot until the end!

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Lol good question, this is an entertaining thread to read.


I used to wear cargo shorts, but the last few years I've almost always worn jeans or long pants when going to parks, usually because it's cooler at night when I go. I pretty much always bring a zip-up fleece, with zipper pockets, and I've found that that's perfect for keeping my phone and other stuff in (even if it gets a little warm during the day).

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