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[PLC] Arcadia Valley Theme Park

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Arcadia Valley Theme Park


Thanks for checking out the park! This evening I finished the first themed land section "Riptide Reef" including Riptide, the park's B&M launched wing coaster. Arcadia Valley will be a hub-based park with satellite lands protruding from bridges like spokes on a tire. The park will be a mix of workshop buildings and custom coasters and tracked rides. also in these photos is a peek at Malevolence, Arcadia Valley's twisted RMC monster!


Captain Lockjaw's Renegade Rapids features six trigger scenes, four rapid sections and one massive underground drop!


The Main Entry Gate, Chief Beef and King Coaster welcome you to this new Planet Coaster park.


After walking down the Welcome Plaza, the first spoke bridge extends to the hub island where guests may choose their adventure. When completed, Arcadia Valley will have a sci-fi, haunted, pirate, western, and fantasy themed area. A monorail and steam train connect these lands for convenience. At the center of my hub is the Earth Dome, where guests can relax in a serene environment.


Guests in line for Rocktopus can catch a glimpse of the Mystic Mountain Railroad as she passes through a "window" in the tunnel.


Here is a sneak peak into my newly finished RMC monster: Malevolence.


Malevolence will be one of several coasters in the huge new Forbidden Forest zone. Projects from Bolliger and Mabillard as well as Intamin are being considered for next year. Malevolence should be ridden at night to experience maximum glory on its first drop.


Malevolence was inspired by Wildfire, Lightning Rod, and Wicked Cyclone and hugs the terrain for much of the layout.


Rumor has it a dive machine may become neighbors with Mallie's wave turn.


This bowl element begins with a double down and ends with a zero roll!


Riptide gracefully drops off of the cliff side and into a hang-over inversion.


And now on to the star attraction: Riptide! Here you can see the marquee, station, launch bridge and a train which has just launched at 65 mph. A huge wave splashes from the cove below when the train enters the Thunderbird-inspired dive loop.


After exiting the dive loop, Riptide soars into the vertical loop and into the Kraken's lair where the beast can be heard as the train crashes through its underground lair. Not pictured here is the ride's signature show scene, which will be shown in a later update, where the Kraken attacks the train as it navigates a zero-g roll.


The mid course brake run features a show scene where cannons fire and scare the passengers.


Following the rum-inspired hangover element, the train crashes through a wrecked ship's hull much like Mako at Sea World. Guests get a refreshing blast of cool mist as the train heads to the finale.


Riptide's final element is a cutback leading into a barrel roll crossing Captain Lockjaw's Renegade River.


Riptide Reef aglow in the evening.


The first of the five lands is Riptide Reef, which opened to the public 11-27-2016. The new land features Riptide, a Bolliger & Mabillard electromagnetic wing coaster.

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