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IAAPA 2016 Live Updates!

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We are onnnnn an (inflatable) log fluuuuuume!


I wonder if that Rollin' Thunder rolling stock they were showing off at the Zamora booth is for the new park in Alabama.


I'm loving the updates guys, thanks very much for them. IAAPA = Theme Park Christmas


According to a tweet which Zamperla re-tweeted on Twitter, the Rollin' Thunder car will be headed off to the new park in Alabama. I like it how this new car designed by Zamperla has a vest restraint opposed to a seat belt like vest restraint which is featured on Thunderbolt at Luna Park which caused some levels of uncomfortableness according to peopel who have rode it. But, I think it would be better if the vest was eliminated all together. Anyhow, the new car they produced still looks great!


Thanks Robb for keeping us updated at IAPPA! I look forward to more posts! Many of the new ride and attraction concepts look amazing!

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Here are the final photos from today's coverage of IAAPA 2016 Be sure to follow @ThemeParkReview on Twitter for the latest news and fun coming from the show floor over the next few days!






Interested in some Chinese manufactured amusement park rides? You can find them here at #IAAPA2016!




The best looking models at #IAAPA2016 can always be found @ProSlideTech! Love their water rides!




Here's another look at one of the InvadR trains going to @BuschGardensVA from @GreatCoasters! #IAAPA2016




New train for the S&S family suspended coaster @FUNatDW! Looks fantastic! #IAAPA2016


Slide Boarding was just one of many cool things shown off at the @WhiteWaterWest booth! #IAAPA2016




How many of you would like some of them RMC parts? ;) #IAAPA2016


Want to win some cool #IAAPA2016 swag? Go Retweet our OTHER tweets from #IAAPA today! RT as many as you can! Winner chosen later!




Lots of awesome announcements from @Triotech1 this afternoon at #IAAPA2016!




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Right, so, I'm not %100 sure what I'm lookig at here, but I'd like 5 of them, please.
Is it a ropes course with a cloud coaster surrounding it.

I've had an unhealthy obsession with this attraction since it was revealed several years ago. It's called No Boundaries, and it's made by WhiteWater Attractions:




From what I understand, the idea is to have a single monumental play area where both harnessed and non-harnessed participants can climb and play at the same height. Non-harnessed participants play on the climbers, nets etc in the central core of the space while harnessed participants play on the typical ropes course obstacles on the outside, culminating in a Cloud Coaster-like zip track ride from the top to the bottom.

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If you guys hadn't noticed, Sally Corp made a Five Nights at Freddy's "animatronic," and honestly I think its very silly and not very good compared to what they have been capable of in the past. What are your opinions on it, and do you think they should make a FNAF dark ride?

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This thing is pretty cool.



It seems to be inspired by the flying cage rides that used to be at Knoebels and a bunch of other small parks. Obviously it's no longer human powered which takes away a lot of the fun, but on the plus side it has a higher capacity and won't put the ride operators (who were responsible for standing in the way of the heavy and fast moving cages and pushing them to get them going) in serious fear for their lives.


The original.

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If you guys hadn't noticed, Sally Corp made a Five Nights at Freddy's "animatronic," and honestly I think its very silly and not very good compared to what they have been capable of in the past. What are your opinions on it, and do you think they should make a FNAF dark ride?

I could only find one short video online (hopefully TPR will get some more pics and videos of it) but I'm a fan of FNAF and anything creepy, and the series is really popular, so I totally could see a FNAF-themed dark ride.


I also heard they're making a FNAF movie, so building a ride relative to the movie release could prove very strategic.


Thanks for the IAPPA updates so far! It's always great to see TPR's coverage of IAAPA, and I'm looking forward to what else is in store this week!

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