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Oh there is nothing wrong with older coasters. Im just talking about the type of coasters that dont have drops and such. For example Blue Streak at Cedar Point to me was a lot of fun! It backed a punch for a small old woodie. I enjoyed it and was screaming with joy just like any other coaster ..my friend not so much...just looked like she wanted to really get off soon as possible....lol

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I consider my home park to be Great Adventure even though it's not really even close to being true, and ranking their coasters isn't easy but this is what I came up with...


14) Getting run over by a freight train


Mitch Hawker put this on the steel poll now

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1) Renegade

2) Wild Thing

3) High Roller

4) Steel Venom

5) Corkscrew

6) Mad Mouse

7) Cosmic Coaster

8) .......

9) .......

10) Excalibur

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There is not just one park near my home town.

There seems 3 or 4.

Happy Valley Shanghai(will be listed)

Shanghai Disneyland(will be listed)

Jinjiang Action Park(will be listed)

Hangzhou Paradise

Song Dynasty

Romon U Park(will be listed)


Oriental Heritage Ningbo(will be listed)

Hello Kitty Park


1. Jungle Trailblazer( Jungle Trailblazer)

2. Tron Lightcycle Power Run (Disney)

3. Euro Express (Romon)

4. Dive Coaster (Happy Valley)

5. Mega-lite (Happy Valley)

6. Fireball (before 2012 version. Now it bumps like hell)(Happy Valley)

7. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Disney)

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1.Georgia Cyclone (I love that first drop and for all the haters that have it ato the bottom try the second to last roe either train )


3. Georgia Scorcher

4. Mind bender

5. Batman


7. Superman

8. Triple D

9. Dahlonega Mine

10. Blue ninja¿?

11. Joker

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1.Georgia Cyclone (I love that first drop and for all the haters that have it ato the bottom try the second to last roe either train )

Geogria Cyclone really is stupidly good for whatever reason in the second to last seat.

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If people dont mind can someone explain this huge appeal of coasters like Adventure Express at KI and Whizzer?? They seem to be ranked so high in this thread but to me...."flat" coasters just dont do it for me.....and by flat i mean no real drops or/and inversions. Its just most twisty track. I noticed they get praised a lot by coaster enthusiasts and i dont know why. To me these type of coasters are like over sized Dragon Wagons....so please if its ok can someone explain the big appeal to "flat"/lack of element coasters...


It's called personal preference.


Height speed and steepness do not make *always* = great ride. Many people would think I'm crazy that I rank Runaway Mine Train and Skull Mountain over Kingda Ka at my home park but its simply because I enjoy them more. It's not that I don't like big and fast - look at my top 10.


I, and I feel like many people in this community are open minded enough about all rides big and small, especially classics that have aged well, and can appreciate a ride regardless of its speed and height.


boldikus, you're brave for rebuttling. Appreciate the backup.


-Zach "Yes, Scooby Doo's Spooky Coaster aka a custom wild mouse is one of my favorite coasters" B

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Knott's Berry Farm:


1. Ghostrider

2. Xcelerator

3. Silver Bullet

4. Montezooma's Revenge

5. Sierra Sidewinder

6. Jaguar!


(I almost always avoid the rest of these rides)


7. Boomerang

8. Coast Rider

9. Pony Express

10. Timberland Twister

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Kiddie Coasters not included!


Movie World:


1. Superman Escape

2. Green Lantern

3. Scooby Doo

4. Arkham Asylum (Not that bad with the new trains)




1. Tower of Terror II

2. Buzzsaw

3. Cylcone/Hot Wheels Sidewinder (Haven't ridden it with the new trains)

4. Motocoaster (Awful and Bland)


Sea World:


1. Storm Coaster

2. Jet Rescue

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Current Home Parks:

Busch Gardens Tampa

1. Montu

2. Cheetah Hunt

3. Kumba

4. SheiKra

5. Cobra's Curse

6. Scorpion



7. Sand Serpent

8. Air Grover


SeaWorld Orlando

1. Mako

2. Kraken

3. Manta

4. Journey To Atlantis

5. Shamu Express


Actual Closest Park To Me:

Wild Adventures

1. Viking Voyage

2. Cheetah

3. Boomerang

4. Go Bananas!

5. Swamp Thing

6. Twisted Typhoon

7. Ant Farm Express


Former Home Park:


1. Fury 325

2. Afterburn

3. Intimidator

4. Carolina Goldrusher


5. Woodstock Express

6. The Flying Cobras

7. Carolina Cyclone

8. Nighthawk

9. Vortex

10. Ricochet

11. Hurler


12. Flying Ace Arial Chase

13. Lucy's Crabby Cabbie


*Defunct Coasters in <>

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1. Yankee Cannonball

2. Untamed

3. Canobie Corkscrew

4. Dragon


Those first two compliment each other (as in, airtime vs. forces) perfectly. And I almost want to give Untamed the top spot for the single-rider line, so I can cheat more rides from it.

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Well, now that we (Playland) finally have four coasters again, since so long ago our Wild Mouse was dismantled....


1) Coaster (But of course!)

2) Kettle Creek Mine Coaster (A bit of an intense kids' coaster, that even some adults are shocked about.)

3) Bug Whirled (It really doesn't spin that much, but still fun, and the kids/families/I love it!)




4) Corkscrew (I have no love for this, anymore.)


#4 - Burn. It. Down... somehow.

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I already posted my rankings for Knott's, so here are my rankings for SFMM.


1. Twisted Colossus

2. X2

3. Tatsu

4. Full Throttle

5. Viper

6. Green Lantern: First Flight

7. Goliath

8. Batman the Ride

9. Apocalypse

10. Superman: Escape from Krypton

11. Riddler's Revenge

12. Ninja

13. Scream

14. Revolution

15. Gold Rusher


I left out the four kiddie coasters.

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