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Dutch Wonderland 2017

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^It's worth a quick stop. While not notably intense, Kingdom Coaster is on the big side for the kiddie/junior/family genre of wooden coasters. And if you're into old-school flat rides, the Dutch Wonder House (simple haunted swing) is charming and trippy. I haven't ridden them, and no one seems to talk about this anymore (maybe cuz this is a kiddie park), but last time I checked the bumper cars were Lusses.

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Dutch Wonderland unveiled their new Merlin’s Mayhem suspended coaster and invited TPR to check it out at media day. For those that don’t know Dutch Wonderland they’re known as being "A Kingdom for Kids!" The park has been in operation since 1963 and is located in Lancaster, PA.


Merlin’s Mayhem is the newest and largest roller coaster / ride at Dutch Wonderland topping off at 60 ft. It’s located pretty much in the center of the park as you enter, looks great and dominates the area. Being a park geared towards families and especially kids this coaster comes with the storyline of Merlin the Magician and his best friend Mayhem who happens to be a bright green dragon.


Long story short, guests are given a chance to soar through the sky with Merlin to find his beloved mischievous friend. The story starts throughout the queue, continues with onboard audio and finishes with 3 endings that all leave Merlin needing your help to find Mayhem yet again.


As for the coaster it really is a good family sized ride. The layout was fun and it fits the park well. They did a good job with the details and in talking with them it’s obvious that they are very proud of how it turned out. It’s awesome to see a park of this size putting in such a large investment. The demographic that Dutch Wonderland caters to should totally love it for years to come.


Just wanted to give a huge thanks to the park’s Marketing Manager, Hannah Shepard, and the entire Dutch Wonderland team for their hospitality during the event and to Robb for having us cover it!


Here’s the on-ride video.





Here’s several pics from media day.


Welcome to Dutch Wonderland!


Something new is lurking above the castle.


We're here to check it out.


It's Merlin's Mayhem the park's new coaster.


All set up for the media.


Didn't get a great pic of it but as soon as you enter the queue you start to get the storyline from a monitor that's on the left wall with Merlin talking to you.


Geared for kids but I still fit.


Thanks to these solid instructions :)


All through the queue the story continues with the well done theming.






Timeline of Mayhem from hatchling to trouble making dragon.


In the station instead of normal gates they have numbered doors which fully open once riders are able to board the train.


The Enchanted Flying Machine!



Flying Machine Controls.



Here's a mix of the coaster layout with and without the train.




Pretty cool feature is that the Magic Flying Machine train dives under the park's other train.






From that smiling face she liked it as I'm sure many will.


As mentioned when exiting the train one of three endings to the story will play here.


From there you exit into Merlin's Marketplace.


Where the kid's can get all sorts of fun stuff.


Along with your on-ride photo.


Hi Hannah! Thanks again to Dutch Wonderland and to everyone for checking out this report.




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