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Photo TR: Kings Island Closing Day 2016

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So after working literally every weekend at the park I decided to take off the whole last weekend to visit the park. My goal was to hit the park Saturday night with a friend, and then go all day Sunday. Unfortunately i only got around to the Sunday appearance. The park was pretty busy mainly because for some ODD reason, it was 75 degrees in OCTOBER! Fast lane line's like normal where packed since you get a free Fast lane when you renew your pass. Banshee and Diamondback where still running with B&M Goodness (and a slight rattle), while Beast and other rides where giving moderate rides like normal.


Mystic Timbers continues to rise and change the skyline (ever so slightly). I am sure hoping that this gives night rides that rival Beast's. The first drop already looks insane. White water's entrance (right around the train crossing) while be sure to give some great pictures of the first drop (as it does now) unless some trees are placed in front of it................ I would like to point out that Timbers will be extremely close to the log flume. I really don't want to see the flume gone (its my home ride and I've worked there two years), but i mean its REALLY getting close to it.


In other words the park looked great for ending the 2016 season and i have just a thought about what i would like to see for the 2017 season:

- NO BINS AT DIAMONDBACK!!!- I have heard a rumor about this but i forget where i heard it from, but in my opinion I hope this happens as I think it would speed up capacity/ Dispatch


-Vortex Paint Job- Hopefully the park gives the ride a nice new paint job for its 30th birthday. I would like new trains but that;s like asking B&M to build a forceful coaster................just kidding.


- LED Light packages- Heard a rumor that Monster and Zephyr might be getting new Light packages for next year. Hope to see this happen as it could bring "new light to the area..........


-Future of Extreme Sky flier - As Cedar Point removed their sky flier, could KI's days be limited? A nice flat ride or small coaster (if the removed Congo and the amphitheater) could fit here (Maverick 2.0 cough B&M cough)


-Not 2017 Related but both of Beast's lift hills have the new signs at the top. The second lift actually has a sign that says "DANGER PLEASE KEEP YOUR HANDS DOWN".


Anyways enjoy the videos/ pictures and this will be a long 6 months of an off season.





Well hello there. You Must be that new gate coaster thats at every Cedar Fait park now. No? Okay.....


Banshee in the mornings? I think yes!


"swing for the fences"


Just dont hit the banshee


Two rides. One I love riding, one i hate. Any guesses?


Well hello Stinger you seem up and running...................oh wait.


Such a photogenic coaster.


Dropping my jaacket off in my car, so glad i dont have a season pass lol.


Whats that over the trees? Is that?..........it cant be..........Mystic Timbers?


Seems like they are about to start station work.


Prelift section is done


First of many Airtime hills


this drop though. I think i found a new wallpaper.


"GCI Goodness"


Well hello there, are you a slippery snake?


Not so raging rapids of white water canyon, although its warm enough for it top open..................




More construction,


Footer markings are painted and ready to be drilled and poured.


Old fort Coney, i mean old fort Missouri Jane




More construction.


I think ill take one more round trip on the train. Pictures like this are important.


Whats that over there? not the snake. the SHED!?


The tree's are taking over. and reaching new heights.


It's even catching fire! kidding.


I think i'll be back soon.


There's something missing in this picture.....




Two things i love, breakrooms and Bengals football! WHODEY!


I think its time for some more B&M Goodness


"And she's climbing the lift hill to heaven"


Yep, shes ready for the off season


See what i mean, WWC entrance is going to give a great view!




More Airtime and bringing it on home


Dive! Dive! Dive!


Just how massive this drop is.


Helix for days lol


One good ride, one ride that will beat the hell out of you, and one ride that "I dont know the park wasted money on this"


If only it was night.


There's the famous three again......


More diamondback pictures (with a tiny Mystic Timbers in the background) I really do hope the Tomb Raider building gets a ride in there sometime soon.


More pics of that snake thing.


Yes that is Mystic Timbers from the Beast Queue!


Glad the park refurbished the ride and gave it a new paint job! Two years back and running better than ever!


Over or underrated you tell me. I found it amusing on the dry runs for employees




If this is what's in the shed i DO NOT WANT TO RIDE.


hopefully a nice flatride goes in here. A Gerstlauer sky roller or a Monodial Top Scan (seems to be the Cedar Fair cloned ride now) would look great here honestly.


If i remember correctly, last time i took this pic (earlier this year) there where queue rails.....


Well they didnt mess around taking away the haunt lines/theming


except this lol


Hope to see some new lights on this puppy next year.


Eh. surpised it wasn't broke down honestly




Twisty Premier !


"Here lies the streak no one liked" oh wait wrong park. i meant "here lies my unloved son"


"Backlot's the best lot"


Well hello there again, i spy a nice wooden coaster in the background.






Fountains and a nice beemer. what else could you ask for!


Maybe not in the rain buddy....


If they could move Slingshot to another location this spot would be a great photo op for Banshee


"removes tree if in No Limits"




Well goodbye then


Swinging to the dawn of time




Nice little details, for HAUNT, this guy actually moves around.


Great photo op from right here!




RIP to a once moderate ride.


I remember one day, some guy came up to me at Linus Launcher (This year) and asked me where Son Of Beast was , i said it's over in Action Zone, but you won't get as far as the station................... i then told him the ride was gone.


Eiffel tower views anyone?


What's that empty land back there.................


Xbase with no restrooms.








The sun had set on the season.


Thanks for a great season KI. and to all the crews i worked with during the summer (Banshee, DBack, Beast, Vortex, Flume, Train, East pie (Snoopy)) Thanks for making this summer the best summer yet! Hope to be back next year for #WhatsInTheShed ;)

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Great pictures, I was hoping to make it up to KI for closing weekend, the weather was perfect all weekend. Unfortunately my oldest had football games all weekend. Looks like I have to wait for opening day, going to follow my ritual of getting there early to ride the new coaster (Have been to the park for Firehawk, Diamondback, and Banshee) not going to miss a new coaster just yet.


To all the workers at Kings Island you all did a fantastic job this year, I know from working at the park the hours get long, the heat gets to you, and the guests can be extremely annoying. Thank you for all of your hard work this summer, hopefully the park addresses the food service issue and can get some more workers in there and motivate them a little bit more than this season.

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We went the last day to let my youngest ride a little and trick or treat.


one it was stupid crowded and i miss the Sundays of walk on in the fall but at least i know it means more revenue for the park

two I started not feeling well right when we got there had to leave within a half hour of arriving but my kid did get a bunch of candy and was happy

three I think Mystic Timbers will be fun to watch all of the general public naysayers that don't understand fully what the coaster is and just think its like racer or beast.

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Loved the pictures! Can't believe its November already! We have 5 months to go till April, hope it goes by quick so we can get back to have some ki fun!


I think they timed adding Mystic Timbers just right, people are talking more about the Son of Beast here lately from what I see on social media. It may not be as tall as the Son of Beast and no loop, but it has a few other nice things the SoB didn't have.

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I was at KI from open to close Saturday. Saturday morning it was pretty sweet as the lines were non existent but later in the afternoon things begin to pick up. I'd be surprised if the park wasn't at capacity Saturday night...It was insanely crowded. The weather was perfect all day so I imagine this is why the park was just overly crowded. I love KI, but when the park gets as crowded as it was Saturday night, it's just impossible to get anything done without fast lane or fright lane. But the biggest problem is with the lines for refills on your drinks. They just didn't have enough staff to support the crowds and wanting to get something to drink or eat could be an hour wait or more. But even with all the waiting, I still had a great time. There's just so much to do at KI...wonderful park!


As for your 2017 wish list...I disagree on the no bins for Diamondback. I thought the lines for Diamondback moved pretty great that day at the busiest of times. Forcing people to get a locker like they do at Banshee is bullshit. I like many hate the thought of lockers and just hang our cups on the fence or stick it in a bush. Bins are great for rides. It disappoints me when bins are not an option on a ride.


Also, on the skyflyer, I don't think it's going anywhere. That thing was busy all day Saturday.

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Great pictures!

I'm sad that it's off-season now This will be my first winter in Ohio, and I'm going to miss the super dead December/January trips to Six Flags. Is KI ever that dead? It would be awesome marathoning Diamondback!


I had a great time visiting KI almost every weekend this fall, and I'm excited to visit it more next year! Too bad it sounds like it doesn't get that dark until Haunt, I LOVE the Beast at night! Looking forward to trying out Timbers at night next fall as well!


I was there on Saturday to say my end-of-year farewell to KI and Haunt. We had to wait in pretty long lines for everything, but we got some of the best rides on Banshee, Beast, and Diamondback that I've had!

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Thanks for sharing these great photos of Kings Island from this time of the year as I have only ever visited during June (2016) and July (2014, my first visit!). I agree that a Gerstlauer Sky Roller could easily fit where the old Intamin Flight Commander operated. Although, a Mondial Top Scan could also fit in that spot as well. It'll be neat to see what they do with that old ride pad. I greatly enjoy Kings Island and hope to get back in another couple of years! Thanks once again for sharing your photos!

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This is a great report! I loved Kings Island when I visited in the spring. I was trying to find a way to work it into my Dollywood trip next year, but I don't think it's going to work out. I'll definitely be back at some point. It's such a great park, with a little bit of everything, and this report really captures it. The backstage pictures are especially appreciated.

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