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[RCT3] Warner Bros Movie Park Shanghai

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So I was previously making a Jurassic World theme park but then my computer died and I had to buy a new one, so now, after a visit to Shanghai Disneyland and inspired by my own hometown's Warner Bros. Movie World have decided to make a new park!




'Warner Bros. Movie Park Shanghai'


The WB water tower, how nice


The park will be divided into 11 Themed Areas:


Map of the Park


Aerial View of the Park


Guests will enter the park through Hollywood which will have all the usual Main Street stuff and a tram way that runs down the middle.


To the left of Hollywood is the 'DC Universe' Area consisting of Metropolis and Gotham City, this area will have a duelling sit-down and flying coaster combo called Superman vs Batman (hopefully the ride will be better than the movie) and a number of other DC themed rides and attractions!


Up from The DC Universe Area will be 'Lego City' (Name not finalised) an area themed to the Lego Movie.


Next is the 'Space Centre' (Name also not finalised) which will be home to rides based on films like Gravity, Interstellar and Blade Runner.


Attached to the Space centre are two smaller lands

- The first is 'The Wasteland' an area themed to the film 'Mad Max Fury Road' and is home to a launched coaster called 'Fury Road' (creative I know).

- The second is 'Shatterdome Hong Kong' which is themed to the film 'Pacific Rim' and features a large indoor area home to 2 flat rides called 'Jaeger' & 'Kaiju' and a tilt-coaster called 'Gyspy Danger. The area also has external theming called 'The Bone Slums' which has a chinese restaurant called 'Hannibal Chow's' after the character in the film.


The Wasteland Entry Arch


The Wasteland with the Fury Road coaster in the background


Fury Road (custom supports still coming)


Shatter dome Hong Kong (unfinished)


Inside the 'Gypsy Danger' queue


At night with the emergency lighting on


the Bone slumswith the skeleton of a dead Kaiju forming a neat scenery piece but also supports for the coaster


another view of the bone slums

Next up is 'Monster Island' which is home of the Monarch corporation, and will feature a giga coaster called 'Godzilla' and rides based around King Kong & the Godzilla franchise.


Below Monster Island is 'Looney Toon Land', a kids area, haven't decided much of this one yet though


Below that is 'The Wild Wild West' which is a land based on the Will Smith film of the same name, I know not a lot of people liked the film but western with a touch of steampunk seemed like a cool thing to build, there is also a train in this area that links to Monster Island.


The Wild Wild West


Across the railway


The train station


Overview of 'A Wild Wild West Adventure'


A twist through a building


Inside Loveless' secret industrial city


A forced perspective giant mechanical spider comes towards the guests


Lastly 'Middle Earth' is based on the Lord of the Rings franchise and will feature the locales of Mordor and Osgiliath.


There'll also be a shopping district and a hotel and theres even room for an expansion if warranted.


So hopefully this goes well and if you have any tips, ideas for rides, feedback, just comment below and I hope you enjoy the park!

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The Shatterdome is coming along nicely, all front of house areas are relatively complete, apart from some minor theming here and there.



The exterior of the Shatterdome


Jaeger has been renamed 'Crimson Typhoon'


Entrance to Kaiju & a food truck


Twisted Tracks


Looking through the Bone Slums


But the big news is the new Intamin Giga Coaster: GODZILLA

"Enter the Monarch Field Laboratory and learn about the beast the Japanese call "Gojira" before experiencing the ride of your life onboard the thrilling coaster 'GODZILLA' and face the terrible beast himself"



Whats this nondescript building doing?


The Monarch Field Laboratory - home of Godzilla


The Monarch Field Laboratory houses a large queue that has several interactive installations


The 'Godzilla' Intamin Coaster

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Work is continuing on Monster Island


S.S. Venture with Monster Island behind it




Godzilla Giga Coaster



124.06ft High

3659.73ft Long

59.34 mph Max Speed

Ride time: 1:49

Excitement Rating: 7.08

Intensity Rating: 4.16

Nausea Rating: 2.47


Other Additions include:

- Kong's Fist (Thrill Ride)


Kong's Fist

- Monster Island Helicopter Tours (Helicopters)

- Monster Island Rail Depot (Train Station)

- S.S. Venture (Retail Store)


The S.S. Venture (the ship used to reach skull island) has mysteriously washed up on Monster Island

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Work on the park is progressing nicely


Starting to look like something now!


Two new attractions are underway;


First up, based on the Warner Bros. franchise of the same name:



The Hellena Hotel Closed in 1937 after a terrible accident... Do you dare to enter... THE HELL HOTEL

"The Conjuring: Hell Hotel takes guests on an expedition with paranormal investigators Ed and Loraine Warren into the Hellena Hotel, the site of a tragic accident and America's most haunted hotel, nicknamed, the Hell Hotel. Guests board state of the art Poltergeist Hunting Vehicles (or PHVs) and proceed to explore the hotel and unravel its horrifying secrets."

The Conjuring Hell Hotel features an immersive and highly themed attraction as well as retail and dining outlets and is home to the Hellena Hotel Tram Stop.


The Conjuring: Hell Hotel features an immersive queue, retail and dining as well as a heavily themed ghost train ride


Next up, soon to be the park's biggest attractions:



Construction underway on the Batman V Superman Duelling Coasters

Batman V Superman are a pair of duelling coasters: Batman being a sit-down extended coaster (on which you ride in the Batmobile) and Superman; a flying coaster. The Coasters have just been built, heavy theming and supports are coming next so stay tuned!

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- Hollywood has some new shops and restaurants including:

An art deco diner with outdoor seating

A confectionary shop

A large main street emporium


Art Deco Diner


Confectionary Shop


Main Street Emporium


- DC Universe

The Metropolis Exposition Tower provides a vantage point that guests can see the whole park from

The park has taken a strange approach to the supports for Batman V Superman, first up the lift hill for superman is a huge steel super structure only linking to the ground at its mid point and Batman's lift hill clings to the side of it and overall both rides have a huge amount of over the top engineering... I wonder why Warner Bros. is taking this route? perhaps it might account for some theming


Metropolis Exposition Tower


Batman V Superman


Batman clings to the side of Superman's lift hill super structure


-The Wild Wild West

In The Wild Wild West new theming has gone in... only facades though to hide the tram maintenance shed that is hidden between The Wild Wild West and Middle Earth


Wild Wild West has some new buildings...


Nah just facades to hide the tram maintenance shed

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Warner Bros. Movie Park Shanghai is proud to announce that the first area of the park to be primarily completed is...






- The queue for 'A Wild Wild West Adventure' is almost complete, guests enter through a damaged building and walk past Loveless' tank before boarding the ride.


What could have caused this damage?


The Tank from the film


- The train station has been moved in order to facilitate the queue expansion


The Train Station has been relocated to expand the queue for 'A Wild Wild West Adventure'


- There is now a wharf and docks... Not sure how this meets the old west but lets just go with it...


A Dock? In the Wild West?


- The entrance to the area includes a medicine wagon with a poster for 'A Wild Wild West Adventure'


The entrance to The Wild Wild West


- Little details like wanted posters have also popped up around the place... and gallows...


Big Willy wanted poster


Just hanging out


- To hide the tram shed better, another facade and rock work has been put in to obscure it from view


Sneaky tram shed hidden behind the sheriff's office

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Middle Earth is well underway




A look down the entrance... will look better later...


First up is the Charming Hobbit Restaurant - a table service restaurant themed to Bilbo's home in Bag End.


The Charming Hobbit Restaurant




Next is 'Battle for Helm's Deep' a thrill ride set in a highly themed recreation of Helm's Deep; an ancient fortress. 1374104593_ScreenShot2016-11-07at4_44_33PM.thumb.png.8eb56a2cf33b1554c8ca53e3ff55b721.png

Battle For Helm's Deep


From another angle


Next is the Misty Mountains, a huge rock formation that hides the 'Moria Mine Ride' wooden wild mouse coaster and 'The Watcher in the Water' - a spinning ride themed to the beast from the Fellowship of the Ring.


The Misty Mountains


Orthanc is the giant launched freefall tower that is located inside the Isengard part of the area.


Orthanc Fall Launched tower


To end this update, the overview is labelled with future expansions highlighted


Overview with labelling

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A lot has been going on since the last update so there's a bit to get through:




The first part of the DC Universe to be mostly completed is the Metropolis area.


Metropolis - part of the DC Universe




It is home to the secondary entrance to the park for guests staying at the 'DC Universe Super Heroes Hotel' a hotel themed around DC Superheroes with wings themed and styled to DC's most popular heroes.


What's this under construction?


The DC Universe Super Heroes Hotel!


The big open lobby


Metropolis is located along the river and is home to two rides: The Metropolis Exposition Tower and the big attraction:

'Lex Luthor: Operation Chaos!


Lex Corp's testing facility


Using Kryptonite to power a new weapon


nothing could go wrong...


Themed to a test of super villain - Lex Luthor's new Kryptonian Powered super weapon, Lex Luthor: Operation Chaos! is sure to excite and thrill guests.


Middle Earth


Middle Earth


Middle Earth is now almost complete too, it is home to two new coasters and a new flat ride.


Smaug's Fury is an inverted coaster that soars over the northern part of the area and over Lake Warner.


'Smaug's Fury' inverted roller coaster


Mirkwood Spider is a spinning flat ride themed to the giant spiders that attack Bilbo Baggins in Mirkwood.


The 'Mirkwood Spider' flat ride


Fire of Mordor is a inverted impulse coaster that flies through the lava tubes of Mount Doom and through the fortress of Barad-Dur (Home of the Eye of Sauron).


The Black Gate of Mordor with Barad-Dur & Mount Doom in the background


Sauron's victims


Inside Mount Doom


Lego Themed Area


The Lego themed area (name pending)

Still don't have a name for this area (Lego City = Area in real life Legoland, Lego Universe = too close to DC Universe in name in my opinion, Lego Movie Land = kind of awful, so any ideas would be muchly appreciated. In addition to the rides below there is a giant ferris wheel and a dodgems so far.


The major ride here is the 'Cloud Cuckoo Coaster' which is a spinning steel coaster which wraps around the whole area.


Cloud Cuckoo Coaster


There is also 'Metal Beard's Galleon' a Pirate Ship ride.


Metal Beard's Galleon


Wyldstyle is a discus (unsure if thats the name) type ride.


'WyldStyle' flat ride


There is also the 'Everything is Awesome: Live' Show.


'Everything is Awesome: Live!' show


Space Center


The Gravity coaster is themed to the film 'Gravity' and is a vertical drop coaster.


Gravity coaster


Other Miscellaneous things


This little cafe and seating area is next to what will become the Hollywood Ferry Terminal


Ferry Dock and pop-up cafe


Starting work on the entrance to the park, i decided to put up signage in both English & Chinese (this is a park in Shanghai after all) TY Google Translate Except i got the exchange rate wrong and instead of a child costing $38.40 Australian Dollars, its $384 Australian Dollars... oops! Oh well...





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Sorry about the lack of updates, unfortunately I had Uni exams to do, but I'm now free, and as such have made a bit of progress with the park:


DC Universe


Overview of the DC Universe Area


Looking down on DC from the observation tower


A better view of BvS


Birds eye view


A lot of work has been underway on the Gotham area, forced perspective sky scrapers play house to the dining, shopping and attractions on offer.


Looking down Gotham's main street


Work is also underway on Superman's pre-ride area, the theming being based around the fictional 'Museum of Superman'


The partially complete 'Museum of Superman'

The museum has various exhibits revolving around Superman including the Fortress of Solitude and the Kent Farm


The Kent Farm Exhibit with Kal-El's crashed spacecraft


New Rides:


Green Lantern: Fear Fall is a gyro tower drop ride


Green Lantern Fear Fall


Wonder Woman's Whip is a top spin (same name as the Six Flags ride I knoowwww)


Wonder Woman's Whip


Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis is a splash boats ride that takes riders into a conflict between Aquaman and Black Manta


The new splash boats attraction: Aquaman Battle for Atlantis


Lego City

The ride building for the Cloud Cuckoo Coaster and adjacent retail shop is looking good:


Cloud Cuckoo Land

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Just a quick update today, I decided that the area that was going to be for the Looney Tunes area was better suited for other ideas, so I built the Looney Tunes Boardwalk:


The new Looney Tunes Boardwalk


On the Boardwalk


Taz's Tornado faux wooden coaster


It's home to the Taz's Tornado faux wooden coaster (a kids version of california screaming), daffy's dodgems, and a yet to be named wave swinger, giant slide and ferry themed flat ride.


Also in the park, there is another new coaster: The Hangover


The Hangover Roller Coaster


Set inside a mini version of Las Vegas, The Hangover is a launched mini coaster that flies over the strip, across the lake and over the 'Bellagio Fountains'


Las Vegas off main street


The Bellagio Fountain


On Main Street there's a new Ice Cream shop


Main Street Icecreamery


Thats all for today, but here's an overview of the park378265762_ScreenShot2016-12-01at4_04_34PM.thumb.png.c81352796aa71479a5c9f5ea4fcbfc6f.png

The park so far

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