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[POLL] RMC Mean Streak 2017 or 2018?

When do you think Mean Streak will open?  

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  1. 1. When do you think Mean Streak will open?

    • Team 2017
    • Team 2018
    • It will open after 2018

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2018. I'm thinking FrontierTown is going to get completely renovated, not just Mean Streak. Cedar Point is probably going to take their time with this and do the whole section of the park right. Who knows, they may also need the extra time because Mean Streak 2.0 could be a launch lift like Lightning Rod at Dollywood is. It's possible. But being so close to Maverick, highly unlikely.


I really, REALLY can't see Cedar Point re-doing all of Frontier Town. If they didn't redo it all for Maverick, why would they do it for Mean Streak?

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Maverick was a Kinzel era addition. Back then, Cedar Point really didn't renovate areas when new attractions were built. Just clear the land, and plunk something down.


Ever since Gatekeeper, the park has really been concerned about fixing up areas as they go.


2013- Gatekeeper/Entrance plaza

2014- Pipe Scream/Gemini Midway

2015- Rougarou/Breakers

2016- Valravn/Marina Entrance and Raptor

2017- Cedar Shores/Challenge Park Removal


With Mean Streak getting transformed now, Ripcord going somewhere else, and Shoot the Rapids leaving, it wouldn't surprise me to see them redo Frontiertown to some extent. Maybe it won't be a full on rebuild, as it is already a nicer area, but I can see them doing some rehab work around MS/STR.

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I actually agree (and have said since Day 1), that there will be an extensive addition to the park surrounding RMC Streak, potentially with a new, dedicated back entrance, as well as a new midway that could connect to the Gemini area. How many of my thoughts regarding its potential come to fruition remains to be seen. But I feel pretty confident that there will be some significant infrastructure additions surrounding this new coaster, and expanding the reach of Frontier Town!

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I think it a sense they'd have to re-do some of Frontier Town due to the location of the entrance of NMS causing a bottleneck as is. I was on Team 2018 for a while but seeing how fast they're tearing down specific pieces of the ride and parts of RMC track on site had me voting for 2017. Either way I'll be there enjoying the heck out of the park!


Completely unrelated: I do wish they had mozzarella sticks at more locations. Even one more stand would be great as the only one that has them is next to Iron Dragon.

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