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Newly Changed Horror Safari in Everland

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Recently, Everland Horror Safari got some upgrades for this year.


I visited Everland, and I rode a horror safari.

However, for 2016, it got some powerful changes.

Changes include some special effects and theme story.



My zombie makeup that I did while staying in Everland.


Theme story can be seen while waiting in the line before riding in the bus.

According to theme story, Safari World was closed 17 years ago.

Here is a full theme story for Horror Safari 2016.


Horror Safari 2016 Theme Story:

17 years ago, there was a weak little girl and her family. Despite hard times, they lived peacefully and their life was full of joy.

One day, to celebrate girl's 9th birthday, her parents decided to visit Everland.

To this little girl, Safari World was a shocking attraction.

Seeing the animals right in front of her eyes, girl was amazed, much to her parent's delight.

To make this amazing day happier, her parents decided to use Safari Special Tour.


Safari Special Tour, a private tour in the vehicle with your own private zookeeper as a tour guide. It's extremely expensive, but it's a great experience.

Safari Special Tour started, starting with lions.

Amazed, girl decided to feed some food for lions, and it was best day of her life.....until something terrible happened that changed Safari forever.

Lion just bit the girl's arm, and blood splattered everywhere. Panicked, a whole tour went wrong, and rescue workers quickly sent a girl to hospital.

However, due to severe blood loss, her heart stopped, and the girl was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Full of despair, her parents got separated, and girl's mother committed suicide, telling that she is going to find her daughter.

Zookeeper who was a tour guide at that time, also committed suicide in the safari, ridden with the guilt due to girl's death.

Due to girl's death and zookeeper's suicide, Everland decided to close down Safari World in 1999, permanently.

However, there are recent rumors that is spreading:dead girl's ghost has been spotted, some animal's sounds were heard, and even human's voice inside the closed Safari World.

To search about these rumors, you are going into closed safari world, in 2016. Will you survive in there??



This is my t-shirt, which I wore while visiting Everland. I themed myself as ZPD officer, who is dispatched to investigate closed Safari. (Safari World is located in Everland Zootopia)



Top Secret: There is one actor who is already in your bus! Be careful!

Top Secret 2: Some zombies have chainsaw!!


What do you think about newly changed Horror Safari in Everland?

Leave your thoughts.

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