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Hey all


New to the Forum, but we watch the you tube channel all the time. My four year old son BEGS me to watch Roller Coaster videos with him daily...


Anyway we are planning a 4 day trip to Hong Kong (we live in Japan now) and I had a few quick questions that I can't seem to get a straight answer on. We have two kids (4 and 6) the 4 year old would ride anything he is tall enough four and the 6 year old is more cautious. For the last few years we have had Bush Garden's Williamsburg (we used to live in VA) season passes, the 4 year old loved le scoot and the 6 year old never rode it.


So, we have a 4 day trip to Hong Kong, we are staying in an air bnb in the city. We know we are going to do Disney for a day, we know we want to spend a day doing the Buddha and another day doing the peak. We aren't sure about day 4. We have debated a second day at Disney, but is the park going to have enough for 2 days? We looked at Ocean Park but it didn't look great for the kids? Or just another day in the city? Any advice on how long to spend in Disney and Ocean park?





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We tend to do a day and a half just buying the two day pass but my wife is a big fan of the quietness of HKDL over the other parks and we usually combine the second day with something else. The park is easily a one day park, we just always seem to end up doing 1 and a half to get some re-rides or some shopping on main street at an earlier time when it isn't so busy for souvenirs.


Not too sure if it would keep the kids interested but we always try and take the ferry out and enjoy Macau when we do HK. Even avoiding the casinos there's stuff to see. If not you could always do a beach day at Repulse Bay (not too far from Ocean World), head out to the markets and get some food around there and, if you aren't doing it as part of your peak day, head to Hong Kong harbour for avenue of the stars and the light show in the evening, we weren't a fan of the lights but your kids might like it.

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I did HKDL on a very quiet day earlier this year.


We skipped a few things, such as Autopia and one of the shows, because I wanted to do things like Mystic Manor and the Big Grizzly Mine Cars multiple times. It was not a problem doing everything in one day, but it definitely felt like a full day park.


As Garet said, if you're a Disney fan you may really enjoy how quiet the park is. Much nicer than the wall to wall crowds one often sees at Disney. With only four days in HK however, I'd probably stick to the one at Disney.


I only spent a few hours at the Peak. I combined it with a walking tour of the city. I didn't do the touristy things like the Wax Museum at the top.


Are your kids into toys? I spent a lot of time exploring Hong Kong's toy malls. We're talking multiple stories filled with dozens of stores, selling things like Transformers.

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We were there last July, at the line for opening - did all the coasters many twice, passed on the show and were finished by late lunchtime - and were family of the day!

Done Orlando many times so we don't slow down much but it's hardly a full day park.

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