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By the way, they have not had the luminous paint applied yet. It is just an image of what they will look like, as I have them on the floor with a black background and green lights. It will look very similar though to this on the day.

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Tomorrow the Institute will happen. Here is a construction update. it was all done tonight, almost just by myself. I have lots to do, so I cannot explain the pictures. Enjoy.


Paining Faces


















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Well...everything was perfect. Liturally looked awesome in the dark with the lighting affects tunnel actors and props. Although it was small it was compact, had a good story line and had interactive elements forcing the time up to a respectable 2:30 mins. As you can see in the latter pictures, the lights for one half of the room were off, as the lights work on a sensor basis (or so I was originally told). I covered all the sensors bar one so it was light while setting up. When I left I covered the last one and left. I arrived in the morning at 7am to finish preparations and get actors ready for a 9 start. It was all completely dark and we were moving about and the lights were off and everything was perfect. I ran a test run as myself and was impressed which what I made. The self made costumes were also pretty neat in the context. I got the first paid group and told them to pay.


They paid, and I gave them the disclaimer and entrance speech. As I guided them through to the room, I felt nervous. Hey, why not, that was over 40 hours of work in there! I open the door for them at 9:05 and saw the fear which kept me up all night. THE F**KING LIGHTS. They were on. Nothing could describe the sheer devastation. I tried all morning to get them off in the hope of getting at least two groups through by the 13:00 closing time, but I only ever managed to keep the lights off for one minute maximum, and every time they came back on, it meant a 30 minute wait before they might go off again. I did this until 11, getting no group through. All the time people were growing more and more rowdy, and I had to try to calm them down explaining there "was a technical issue which we hope to resolve soon. The maze should be open within 30 minutes." It was like Derren Browns Ghost Train.


At 11 I gave up, as the lights did not go off at all! I left it for 45 minutes and they did not go off, meaning something else was triggered. In the end, I just let people go in and see it with the lights on as people were still eager to see what was inside (I ran a good ad campaign) and charged £1 per person. I made about £60, which it terrible considering how I spend £50 and 40 hours on it. That makes me working at 25 p an hour.


However, it gets worse. The next school day (Monday) I have teachers innocently ask me how it went, and every time I had to explain no. No, it was s**t not due to me but due to a technical issue. Also very helpful sarcastic comments from other people. Further more, some of the items I was forced to leave unattended as I borrowed them and access to lockers was not granted at the time. When I found them on Monday, they had been vandalized and put in the toilet and other stuff like that. I now have to pay for that stuff, driving my profits down into negative. Crap.


Long story short, I made -£20.


It was not my fault it failed to be fair. Yes there is a switch for the lights, but the people who can switch off the switch refused to do it for me.


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