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Most Embarrassing Amusement Park Moment

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I thought this would be a fun and unique one,but what was one of your most embarrassing moments or experiences you had while at an amusement park? That is if anyone has anything to share.


For me it was back in the summer of 2004 when i was at Indiana Beach for a girl scout trip. We decided to go on the bumper boats. Despite being 14,this was the first time i went on bumper boats. Before even getting on the boats i couldnt help but stop worrying if the boats will automatically go back to the "dock" or will we have to drive them there ourselves.


See I sadly didnt know how to steer them! Instead of actual steering wheels it was those awkward handles. During our cycle i was pretty much getting little to nowhere,barely moving,and just spinning in circles the whole time. I just played it off as just dont go that fast and far in the first place.


When it was time to drive the boats back i realized my worst "nightmare" was true i had to drive it back myself and i was in the middle of the bumper boat pool. So i try to head back but instead of going forward it mostly....just spun....and spun...and spun...it would finally move a little more forward then start a-spinning again and still not close enough to the dock. I started panicing of course. I was almost about to just paddle with my arms...and the ride OP was clearly getting impatient too. She just eventually helped reel me in a little bit and i finally got back to the dock


After all of that the whole groups of people waiting in line started to clap for me in unison which came off as very condescending....i never felt so embarrassed in my life! after i got off the ride i ran off as quick as possible to just get away from that area. Hours later while me and a friend were walking towards the Cornball Express these two guys,two who were in that bumper boat line,again clapped for me and had the biggest smirks on their face...after that i never wanted to ride bumper boats again. Still to this day i dont plan on riding them anytime soon...that put me off them:P Thats the only ride im "scared" to go on...not because the super tame ride is even remotely scary but because of the embarrassment of not being able to operate a simple bumper boat

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