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Favorite and least favorite amusement park

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On the bright side, it makes rides like Tatsu, Revolution, and YOLOcoaster more memorable.


Least favorite: This one is tough, because I have yet to visit a bad or even mediocre park. I am giving this to Dorney Park. Though they have some great flats, and Chickie's and Pete's, their coaster lineup falls flat. It's well-rounded, but Hydra is the only one that was really memorable. On top of that, they have some stiff competition - Hersheypark, Knoebels, Coney Island (which I have yet to visit), and Great Adventure are all nearby.


You didn't like Talon? I think it's one of the best inverts.

The first thing I did remember about Talon was that my restraint popped up a notch on the one ride I had on it, so I was probably unable to properly evaluate it. By the time I had to leave (driving back to Virginia on a Sunday evening), I was considering a second ride, but there was a decent line. The second thing I remember was that I got a great view of Wildwater Kingdom.


Really going to have to return to re-evaluate Talon (and Steel Force, a truly handsome coaster, but Wild Thing gave me better airtime), and also to give Wildwater Kingdom a try, because it looks to be the best water park attached to any park I have visited, almost worth a day on its own.


Valleyfair falls to last place, then. I liked Wild Thing, Renegade, Excalibur, and Steel Venom, but they don't have a single B&M yet, and on top of that, Excalibur may be removed for next year.

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Favorite park: Knoebels. I mean...come on, do I have to explain? It's Knoebels. There's no more perfect park on this planet.


Least favorite: This one's trickier since I've never been to a park I really disl-...wait. No. Lakemont. Sorry. Lakemont. Times a thousand, Lakemont. I've never been so certain I was going to die on horribly maintained rusting and rotting deathtrap rides. Lakemont.


I actually had been about to say Hershey; I know, maybe unpopular opinion, but I just never seem to be able to have a good day there. It's always incredibly crowded, their operations are horrible, it's baking hot every time and there's limited shade...I don't hate it but I can't really like it either...


But, Lakemont. Easy pick.

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Favorite: Disneyland. I just think that everything is great here. The rides, the atmosphere, the eateries, etc. (Epcot and Dollywood are runners up)


Least Favorite: I've been to so many great parks, but I would easily pick Six Flags Magic Mountain if it didn't have all its great coasters.

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