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Why do some people constantly spit in public?

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I swear to all of you, I never knew until I saw the Seinfeld episode where George peed in the shower that anyone pees in the shower. The thought never crossed my mind once. In a similar way, I've never once felt the urge to spit on anything in my life. Yet, I see it from at least one person at seemingly every public place I visit. The victims are shrubs, pavement, lawns, curbsides, fish, and everyone who has to watch. You can bank on it at concerts, parking lots, in city streets, at theme parks, zoos, shopping areas, next to the movie theater, on the way into the restaurant -- you get the picture -- but why do it?


Looking cool? Dry mouth? Culture? Occasionally I can see tobacco as the given excuse, but I see way too many people who are just spitting for its own sake. Nothing like standing in a long coaster line behind some guy who hocks loogies toward his feet every 45 seconds! It gives me the same impression as the practice of sticking gum to tables -- just dumb and classless. Is it just me?

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People who see a bunch of water near a queue line and spit at fish repeatedly should be shot (cough, Iron Dragon queue), not because the fish care but because it's stupid and annoying, but anyone who says they don't piss in the shower is lying.

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