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Photo TR: To West Coast Bash--and Beyond!

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I will never understand the hype for In-N-Out. It's an "ok" burger at best. The fries are terrible, but they do make a pretty good shake. And don't even get me started on the creepy-as-hell bible versus hidden on their cups and wrappers.


I'm not sure if people love it because they actually like or so many people say how good it is and it's already planted in their brain that it's awesome. I really don't know. I just know that, while I don't "dislike" In-N-Out, it has never, ever lived up to the hype for me.


Personally, I'll take Five Guys, Shake Shack, The Counter, Burger Fi, even Carl's Jr. over In-N-Out any day. It's an "ok" burger, maybe even a "decent" burger, but as someone who was born & raised in SoCal, it just never grew on me and I'll never get why people like it so much.


Great start to the report! Looking forward to the rest.


Robb, how do you really feel about In & Out?


I'll take In & Out's Animal Fries any day.

Now back to the post.

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Great Report! Looks like everyone had a cool time at the WCB!

Living here in Socal I've had many In-N-Out Double Doubles over the years. There certainly hot and fresh off the grill when you get it, but there are others I like better such as the Habit, or Smash burger. (In-N-Out really gets them on $$$ price.)


As for the Bible Scriptures I'd say they could have a possible subliminal effect on TPR members. I see a lot of 'Praying" on this site. People pray for those who have a bad incident at a park, they pray good weather, they pray for an awesome visit, and of course new coaster releases they ((so)) want to see!

I know it takes a lot of effort on behalf of Robb & Elissa to make a Colossal Event like the WCB to come together. Glad to see it see it go well!

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