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SFMM Justice League/Suicide Squad/Aftermath 2 Tour!

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Today we got a quick tour of the beginnings of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis and the eventual transformation of the area in front of Riddler's Revenge into Metropolis, along with a Fright Fest preview showing off the new Aftermath 2:Chaos Rising maze and the Suicide Squad scare zone. Keep in mind that vertical construction hasn't started on Justice League and although the plans for Metropolis are pretty much set, there are still some details that need to be approved before they move forward. Also,the last details for Fright Fest are still being put in place, so forgive me if the pictures are sparse for Suicide Squad.


Okay, JL:BFM is basically dirt right now, the old theater is gone and everything is marked off ready for construction. The area around Riddler's Revenge will become Metropolis, a complete retheme including removal of the rock wall, removal of some of the planters, and renaming the BBQ restaurant to something appropriate to DC. As for Tidal Wave, at this point there is no word on retheming it to a DC character (Aqua Man?). SFMM was kind enough to show us a 3D rendering of what the final area should look like using the goggles from The New Revolution, very cool! In any case, expect a very well done area similar to DC Universe, with a few easter eggs for for comic book nerds. Oh, and I heard beer mentioned, so that's another thing to look forward to!


Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising is an update on the old Aftermath that used to occupy the space where JL is being built. The new maze will be Fright Fest's largest ever outdoor maze, new concepts, including a cohesive storyline, two different paths to take, and an in-maze scare zone. The experience starts in the queue, with audio getting you into the right mind set for your "evacuation", the maze is very large and gives you the impression of walking through rubble rather than being pushed in a directions by walls. At some point in your evac, you get exposed to the virus, and the maze changes to fit that storyline. A little farther, the infected start to turn, and as you are guided to the cure and safety...do you survive? I don't know, but considering that the maze empties out into a scare zone, I think the odds are the rescue was a bust. In any case, the maze tells a story start to finish, lending to a more immersive experience.


Okay, Suicide Squad will be a scare zone. Now, as weird as that sounds, for those who saw the movie you know it had a voodoo witch (Enchantress) who turned people into her minions, and not just that, but scary looking monsters that killed or captured anything in their path as her brother created and army, etc., etc. So, those are your monsters, also from the movie Harley Quinn, Joker, and Killer Croc, who will be available for photo ops in several set pieces resembling the movie around DC Universe. The only scene we got to see was the crashed helicopter, which was still being assembled. Also, the movie soundtrack will be featured and there will be light/video mapping to go with it. We didn't get to see it, so you'll have to experience it yourself.


Well, that's what I got out of it, Justice League slated to open spring 2017 and Fright Fest starts this weekend September 17th. And pictures...




Dirt, everyone loves pictures of dirt!



New dark ride goes here somewhere, in the dirt.


This whole area will be Metropolis.



Lots of dirt, makes people smile.


Scare zone here.



"Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising" is located in the area where DejaVu used to be, next to Apocolypse.




The queue will have a elements to get you in the right mind set before entering the maze.


Yay, your saved?



I need the wheels off this truck.


Looks like an apocolypse...that IS Apocolypse...No, I mean the pile of rubble...it's rough, but I wouldn't say it's rubble just yet...


This guy is possibly infected, possibly needs a cab.


Too bad, looks like he was having a good hair day.


Childrens toys make excellent barriers against zombies.


At least he didn't get a head injury. I call dibs on his brain, for some reason I now crave brains.


Post apocalyptic bathtubs fill the street!


Beware! The cocks have escaped their pen and become infected!


Funny, I don't miss them at all.


My kid made one of these is school, pretty sure it's supposed to be a turkey


Nothing good ever comes of opening cool looking puzzle boxes.


This guy has obviously been in a pie eating contest.


Apparently the chickens were not the only farm animals randomly driving through the city.


In this reality, they all drive AMC Gremlins.


The virus turns your insides into foam. On the bright side you don't need couch cussions anymore..


This open area is basically a scare zone inside of the maze. There's deffinatly an exit, but how to get there?


The virus also rusts classic cars, so make sure you clear coat before the zombie virus hits.



So, I'm guessing this plane crashed, because it um...had no wings?


Themeing! I think...could be a pile of rocks...I mean, it is a pile of rocks, but it could be zombie themed rocks.


Um, a popcorn popper maybe?


Better from this angle, it's deffinatly, um...I have no idea.




Not sure what's happening behind the blue tarp, but Mr.Panda doesn't look happy.


Warning to the ladies, this is what happens when you wear giant stripper shoes at the playground. Total safety hazard.


This is a scout, on of the best 4X4's ever made, that is all.



So, at this point some are infected and some aren't and those that are are starting to turn. Yes this guy is frightining, no he's not in the maze.


These guys didn't make it.




Suicide Squad! Really wish Harley Quinn was there, but...




On this episode of Magnum PI...wait no, helicopter crash from Suicide Squad, if you saw the movie, but if you didn't...



And there it is, if there's any mistakes let me know. Thanks for looking, leave a comment!

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Great report, I love seeing behind the scenes of different Halloween events from places I have never been to. I love the idea of anything Suicide Squad, one of my all time favorite movies already, wish I could get there to get pictures with Harley Quinn, shocked they won't have Deadshot as part of the picture opportunity either, especially over Killer Croc. Nonetheless, great pictures.

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