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Photo TR: Walibi Sud-Ouest 22/07/2016

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Past years, I spent almost all vacation on visiting theme parks. I had to calm down a bit, I decided I wanted to do something different and went for a 2 week vacation in the south of France. At the Mediterranean Sea. But because the distance to drive is too long I decided to do a theme park on the way. And Walibi Sud-Ouest was the ideal park to visit, because it's a part of Walibi we all know it's existence in Belgium but since it's such a long drive and there aren't any interesting parks in the direct neighborhood, it's not a park you'll visit often. This was my chance.


Unlucky for me, the park was already sold to the same group that has Walygator. Though they kept the Walibi name for this year. My Golden Pass wasn't valid here. But 25 euros entrance fee is not that much compared to the average park price nowadays. I didn't know any of the park, except it was called Walibi Aquataine until a few years back. Did not know what to expect.


First impression: the park is very green! I like that. You can make a park atmospheric by theming heavily or have a nice and good landscape & foliage. It's also kinda funny the Walibi figures and mascottes were more present over here than they are in Walibi Belgium or Walibi Holland. By next year, they all will be gone here. First coaster of the day was Scratch, a wild mouse coaster from Zamperla. It has a different lay-out than the ones I'm used to, kudos for that, but in the end it's just a wild mouse.


It's hot in southern France, lucky they have a log flume. Logically the smallest drop was the wettest one. Not the best log flume but still enjoyable. The splash battle, who seemed copy pasted from the one from Walibi Holland, was not open. It's location was also a bit weird, like it was cut out of the park. They also had a rapid river named Radja River. Now you have to know, Radja River is also the name of Walibi Belgium's rapid river. And that one is very good and can be soaked if you are unlucky. But this one was rather tame compared to the Belgian Radja River. Fun but not wet.


They also had a boat ride going trough an African jungle, with outdated animal animatronics and the obligated African tribe member. Somehow, these kinds of rides must have been very popular some decennial ago because more European parks have those. And all with the same theme and they are all pretty outdated. Hope they renovate it and give it another theme, something more original. Like space monkeys. That would be so cool.


I was hungry, so I went for a classic burger and fries menu. They also have a buffet restaurant but I wasn't that hungry. The burger with fries wasn't very expensive but not very tasteful either. But of course you can't expect much from theme park food. After eating, I decided I wanted to get my coaster bingo first.


The most 'impressive' coaster from the park is the Vekoma boomerang which is named Boomerang. It is the symbol for the one problem this park has: it's attractions. If a Vekoma boomerang is your biggest ride, then you can't expect much attention from themepark freaks. Besides, it wasn't a very comfortable boomerang. I decided one ride was good enough. The third coaster they have is Coccinelle which is French for beetle track, translated very simply. But that's the name those Zierer Tivoli Large coasters are given in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Another standard coaster. As it was very calm the operator said to the people they could stay seated for an extra ride if they wanted. Very nice and friendly from him.


I also visited the sea lion show, which is fun to fill the time, and the 4D cinema with the movie Tempo Attack (which already played in Walibi Belgium few years back). Because of a defect the movie was shown in 2D withouth the 4D effects which proved how negligible those effects are. I did not miss them. In the summer, they also had a BMX bike show, I didn't go watch it and afterwards I did regret that.



Conclusion: Walibi Sud-Ouest is a nice, charming green park. But because the ride line-up, it's not very attractive to visit it. They do miss a top ride in every segment . Enough rides to fill the day but not one that screams "I want to ride it again" or one that makes you want to go to the park. If you're in the neighborhood I would definitely recommend a visit, but I wouldn't make a trip for this park alone.


The entrance, small but kinda based on Walibi Belgium's one



Choo choo


Did I mention this park was very green?


Sratch, a Zamperla wild mouse



That drop won't make you very wet, the little drop earlier on will do so.



A mill blowing bubbles when it rides, cool!


I recognize that name...


... but the Belgian brother is just better. Sorry.



Boomerang time.




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A very nice looking park. And from what you described, yes, I would probably make it a one visit only park.

But that's great, all of the green space around. It looks like it should cater more to locals, than many tourists.


Thanks for sharing your visit there!

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^I imagine a lap bar would be a huge improvement over the old OTSRs.


Thanks for the report. I'm always interested in seeing photos from parks I've yet to visit.

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