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Lotte World Halloween: Now going Hard Way!

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Looks like Lotte World is going hard way in this year's Halloween Season!




Well, I checked the theme parks in South Korea, and saw something interesting!

Lotte World is making great changes for this year's Halloween Season, focusing on Magic Island.

Mostly in Halloween, Lotte World targeted family and children, so there were nothing scary or terrifying.

However, I think due to Everland's popularity, Lotte World also decided to go Hard Way.



Story: H, the entertainment director in Lotte World, was working for Halloween Season, to make great performances and entertainments for guests visiting Lotte World in Seoul. However, he got insane, and he spread the whole zombie virus into the Magic Island, in 6:00 p.m. Will you survive in this apocalypse? This terrifying experience will start from Sep. 3 and end in Oct. 31.




1. Restricted Area M: Watch zombies in Magic Island and enjoy dance performance of zombies!

2. Four Horror attractions:

a. Director's Room: Wear VR headsets and headphones and you will walk into Director H's room.

Watch out for zombies and dead bodies!

-Operation time: 12:00- 10:00 p.m. (-11:00 p.m. in weekend)

-Make reservation in the area first to experience this attraction! Reservation is free, no additional charge.

-Location: Magic Island Lake View


b. Zombie Nightmare (Attraction used: Fantasy Dreams)

Zombies invaded Fantasy Dreams train ride. Train will go in three zones while encountering zombies.

-Operation time: 6:00 p.m. - Park Closing Time

-Location: Fantasy Dreams in Magic Island


c. Cursed Tree (Attraction used: Swing Tree)

Director H cursed Swing Tree Attraction in Magic Island. Don't look down, since there are only eyes of zombies waiting for you.

-Operation Time: 6:00 p.m. - Park Closing Time

-Location: Swing Tree in Magic Island


d. Dark Cage (Attraction used: Ghost House)

Find Director H in shocking 4D!

When you find him, he will ready to make you into the zombie!

-Operation time: 6:00 p.m. - Park Closing Time

-Location: Ghost House in Magic Island


e. Zombie Cave (Attraction used: Atlantis Adventure)

Gigantic zombies have gathered in zombie cave, located right in the exit of Atlantis Adventure!

Don't try to look into it, or terrifying nightmare awaits you...

-Operation time: 6:00 p.m. - Park Closing Time

-Location: Exit of Atlantis Adventure in Magic Island


-Director's Make up and Clothes Room

You can get yourself zombie make up or clothes to wear around in Lotte World while enjoying your stay in Lotte World.


-Don't miss scary items in the shop and creepy food and drinks in restaurants!


Just a final reminder, Everland Halloween Season starts in Sep. 8 and ends in Oct. 31.

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