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[PLC] New Park - Heart Stone

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I'm starting to dive a little further into the new alpha after getting over a bit of a steep learning curve. Your park looks incredible! I find that inverting flat ride hard to implement into any of my parks, but you made it fit in very flesh with yours!


Out of curiosity, do you upload any of your creations to the Steam workshop?

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Thank you Midgetman! Actually probably 95% of what you see has come from the Workshop & your guys creations. That feature has been a 1000 times more useful then I originally thought it was gonna be. But after I get this park done I am gonna upload it so you all can look around for yourselves.

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Great plaza area! That new update on connecting paths for bigger sidewalks sure did help to make this happen! Are people able to use those chairs next to the umbrella tables, or is it just for looks?


Thank you! Actually yes, those chairs with umbrellas I found on the workshop are just for looks. I'm not sure though one day we may have functioning tables like that.


This park, Heart Stone, is really making me wish I had a computer powerful enough to handle this game. This looks amazing.


Yeah this game is definitely cpu/gpu intensive at the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to finish this park like I want and still be able to get a decent recording out of it. Especially when I let the guests in! Thanks for checking this out!

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