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Lego Roller Coaster by CoasterDynamix

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Hey all! Jack Rimer, Mike Graham, and Dan Linden here from CoasterDynamix.


We wanted to let you all know we're going to be doing a KickStarter in September for a 100% LEGO compatible, working roller coaster kit! We've named it The Cyclone. This thing will have everything you need to build the working model. It has a train, 15 feet of track, and even the chain left all included in the kit. We also made custom wooden 'bents' that are Lego compatible so you can build and expand your coaster to unlimited sizes. The kit includes over 1100 pieces.


How much will it cost???

We will have a VERY limited number of 'early bird' kits available on the Kickstarter for only $100! Prices will go up a little bit after those sell out, but the retail price for the final model will be $150. For updates on the Kickstarter's progress, sign up for our mailing list at our website: www.coasterdynamix.com


Here is a cool video of The Cyclone in action. Remember, you get everything you see in this video in a kit. You don't have to supply any of your own Lego pieces!

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This coaster was actually built by a guy who runs a Lego shop right near Weeki Watchee springs (The Brick University). It uses an older model Coasterdynamix track and was first shown at the Brickfair exhibition in Virginia two weeks ago. I was actually there when he was first testing it out a while back. Just shows the possibilities of this stuff. It's in slowmo.



And here's a (non-working?) model of the American Eagle.


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This looks absolutely sweet! I would love to get one and the price of the kit is absolutely worth it! Unfortunately with transatlantic shipping and customs clearance it just becomes a tad too expensive for me. But I hope it becomes a big success for you guys!

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While the American Eagle model is really great, having something that actually fits in your basement (and doesn't cost 5K) is probably slightly more realistic.


I'm in for one! Hope it hits its goal (1 day in and only 8K to go out of 60K looks pretty promising). For what its worth, if LEGO actually ever makes a roller coaster it'll probably retail for a lot more than $150 bucks!

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