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Post pictures of your model/Knex coasters

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I figured we might as well add this to our off-season games and activities...Let me start off with my newest Knex creation: Helix of doom! Its basically a figure-8 with some nice hills, and an overbank in the middle of the helix. Unfortunately, I cant upload directly from my computer, so you'll have to suffer for links...

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v467/Reon_Skyridge/Rollercoasters/Knex%20coasters/Helix%20of%20Doom/IMG_0006.jpg -Overview. Cant you smell the airtime?

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v467/Reon_Skyridge/Rollercoasters/Knex%20coasters/Helix%20of%20Doom/IMG_0007.jpg -Close up of the overbank. Probbably the coolest part of the ride.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v467/Reon_Skyridge/Rollercoasters/Knex%20coasters/Helix%20of%20Doom/213e81be.jpg -Overhead shot of the helix. Looks like a vertical loop, no?

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v467/Reon_Skyridge/Rollercoasters/Knex%20coasters/Helix%20of%20Doom/735f4c98.jpg -Some variation of this section will be in Project Wildcat (the coaster I'm building in my backyard.) The big drop goes down the hill, and the curve through a wooded section near the fence...

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v467/Reon_Skyridge/Rollercoasters/Knex%20coasters/Helix%20of%20Doom/b55a3d6c.jpg -The tamer section of the helix...


also, just for the heck of it...

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v467/Reon_Skyridge/Rollercoasters/Knex%20coasters/41fbd26f.jpg -The train for my next project has arrived on site.


So, yeah. Post your models and stuff...Reon out.

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This is the best topic ever!! Haha. I've been building these since 6th grade but I have slowed down lately. I built some recreations of coasters and I almost finished Kingda Ka, but I ran out of pieces. The permanent coaster in my room (Oasis) took up most of my pieces though Here is a link to my knex park in my room.



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Just like Legos, I can't seem to go beyond the included construction plans. I may be in the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers, but all I really know how to do is blow things up. Does anybody have some step-by-step plans to construct these crazy contraptions?


Yeah...thats why my rides are so lame, though I like how the helix turned out...Then again, I dont wanna r ead instructions so I can make my creations unique.

BTW, has anyone bought the other Knex Amusement park sets? I noticed in the paper lately that theirs now a pirate ship and ferris wheel model.Also, I have bothe the SS and RR models, but I havent touched my SS since I got it for my birthday...

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Here is a whole page of mine.


WOW!!! Those are some great coasters!!! Too bad they're just models--they would be a blast to ride. (Now if there was some way to strap on a camera to create a POV . . .)


What was the trick to create an inverted coaster? I didn't think that was possible.


BTW, Lahar and Rattlesnake were my favorities.

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Coasterfreak11: That is my website for everything rollercoasters. The only ones I didn't make were Vertigo, Fireball, and Flying Vulture. Your room is awesome. I wish I could visit it. I love Oasis too. Its so sexy.


Pagemaster_B: The trick to an inverted coaster is adding a connector to the chain.


socalMAN123: I checked my guestbook. Thanks for the message.


Thanks for all the comments. I never knew I was so good.

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