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[RCT3] Darien Lake 1997 Recreation

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Hi everyone!


I started this rather challenging project a few months ago for fans of Darien Lake and RCT3. The challenging part was finding pictures of Darien Lake from 1997 to work with, but all that I could find was a park map from 1997 and a picture of the Cascade Canyon water slides from 1993.


Now I must warn you guys that there are some inaccuracies, but I tried to make the best I could without any CSO and using only what's in the game. Also ignore the user interface. So enough with the talk and now on to the pictures.



What better place to start than at the park's entrance.

Backside of Barracuda Bay.bmp

Here's the set of slides that located in the back of Barracuda Bay

'Cuda Falls.bmp

Here's 'Cuda Falls in black and white

Cascade Canyon.bmp

And here's 'Cuda Falls' now-defunct neighbor, Cascade Canyon

Crocodile Isle.bmp

This was the new attraction in the water park for 1997, Crocodile Isle wave pool

Hook's Lagoon.bmp

And here's Hook's Lagoon

Funtime Junticon.bmp

Before there was (Superman) Ride of Steel, there was a little railroad train called "Funtime Junction"

Funtime Junction train.bmp

Here come the train going around Elk Lake

Popeye's Seaport.bmp

Here's the kiddie land, Popeye's Seaport!

Tiny Trio.bmp

Here are some kiddie rides that were saved from the old "Adventure Land" kiddie land area that was by Hooks Lagoon


Here's Scrambler in its original place

Tunder Rapids.bmp

Thunder Rapids giving splash as always.


Viper doing its coiling corkscrew

Nightmare at Phantom Cave.bmp

Nightmare at Phantom Cave back when there was a coaster in that building


The Predator terrorizing the park

Mind Eraser.bmp

Speaking of roller coasters, here the then-new Vekoma SLC "Mind Eraser"

Crazy Quilt Boat Tag and Raging Seas.bmp

Here are three now-defunct rides, Crazy Quilt, Boat Tag, and Raging Seas

Giant Wheel.bmp

The Giant Wheel standing proud lakeside

Corn Popper and UFO.bmp

Now this maybe wrong, but I know in real life Darien Lake never had an octopus ride or a Chance Chaos ride, but it's the Corn Popper and UFO respectively

Daren Square.bmp

Daren Square before the Motocoaster and Twister

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