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[VEKOMA] UPDATED 2022 Something is being built @ Vekoma Vlodrop

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^Disney does have a solid relationship with Vekoma, too. From what I've heard, they're the company most willing to give Disney massive input on their ride designs to make sure that the blocking and whatnot can handle the 5-6 trains they'll be running. It would definitely make sense that they would go with them yet again, and that Vekoma would be willing to develop just about anything for them for what I imagine is a solid payday.

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Just the way it looks having so much weight on 1 rail when the track is sideways seems like it would take a signifigant toll on the ride wheels and trains.


Also with a pivot point in the center of the train allowing the cars to freely swing, there'd really be no reason to make the track invert or stay sideways as it would seem to have a negligible effect on the rotation of the cars.


But who knows! These photos have me intrigued! However I think if this was for Disney Star Wars Land, it'd be a little more hidden, and we would have seen it years ago as opposed to now. I imagine any attraction going into Star Wars land has already been decided and is in fabrication/design. Not testing.

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^ It was a real patented concept by Setpoint.


Actually, this picture is really interesting, as it shows the maximum clearance for the vehicle... and it seems to be pretty tight.



It makes me doubt the theory of a 360° 7DMT kind of coaster...


Maybe something along the lines of the "surf coaster" that Vekoma patented a while ago? Where people are sideway in relation to the track? But why going inverted then, I don't know.

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I thought originally you were probably spot on there but looking closer the track at the top section where I'd assume any station structure would be is inverted not on its side which would be needed for this.

the large black support at the back here seems to suggest the track with flip over to inverted at the top of that drop anyway.

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