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[VEKOMA] UPDATED 2021 Something is being built @ Vekoma Vlodrop

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Who does remember back in 2015 the Dive Pretzel Coaster ? (they just build the lifthill with some small parts of track to test their trains) This was apparently sold for Great China Mall. (but is

Nice find! Here’s a blurry image of the concept art Vekoma released for this model back in...2015? Looks like a less fun version of Mack’s Big Dipper coasters.

DBru, Yes this is the same coaster. The Vekoma Factory is abt 15 km car drive from my home town Roermond. I did see the trackparts laying at their backyard (abt 200 meters from where i

Posted Images

I hope to have real pictures on Friday (01-19-2018)


Also an possibility is an Spinning Boomerang.

....that sounds amazing. With Vekoma's recent track record (heh, pun), I'd LOVE to see this happen.

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That strange thing in the midddle, looks to me like a guiderail to prevent spinning while on the lift-hill.


That wide piece on the very top, look to me, the postition so workers can turn the coach 180 degrees.


More pictures and info

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It looks to me like it will be a launched model. The only straight part where the brakes and station could be is before the steep incline without the chain lift. It looks likely that it will launch backwards up the hill, then another launch forward through the course, chain lift up the second hill then backwards through the course back to the station. Possibly while spinning.

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What if it’s a 7DMT style swinging car version of Family Boomerang?


Can u explain what "7DMT" is ?


I assume u mean "Seven Dwarfs Mine Train" ?

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NL2 model updated : (2018-01-30)


I made a custom stair extender with handrail :




Custom brake segment :




Added an electrical winch




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Updated my NL2 model , changed Lifthill stairs to more how it is @ Vekoma Vlodrop.



Old version :




New version :




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If it is some kind of Spinning Boomerang we can call it a Spoomerang right?


Ha ha , clever found, yes u could say that

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Specs of the winch :


Lifting WLL first layer : 5250 KG

Lifting WLL top layer : 4490 KG


Motor power S2 duty : 11 kW

Motor voltage 400V-AC-3-phase

Mass : 535 kg


But other specs from the same model range starts at : 950 KG

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