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[VEKOMA] (CLOSED) Something is being built @ Vekoma Vlodrop

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It looks like there's nothing on the track controlling rotation. Relying on on-board motors sounds like a risky situation, they could be swinging and weighted.

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I think the rotation is beeing controlled by a large disc with contactspots on every each 10 degrees.




This is an old friend, back at the Vekoma Factory (this coach was years in the office of Huisman Itrec Rotterdam) :


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Vekoma had an open house day at their Vlodrop factory. Themepark.nl got some pictures.


The vehicle for the mysterious prototype:




...well, that's disappointing as we still have to wait even more before having more infos on the kind of seats!


The track from the vertical lift prototype is still here, indeed:




Curvy bits:




A junior coaster train:




A mysterious red track:




But th more interesting thing (to me at least), is this yet-another prototype, this time for a dark-ride:




They had a patent for it for years, but here they are making it for real.




And in action:





Sjaak, where you there that day?

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When the trains come we will all sigh and go "AH!! So that's how it will work." It still looks strange to me and I look forward to the day the trains arrive.

I thought the videos posted show a pretty good idea of how it looks like it's going to work.

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Looking at some pictures from the patent, i made with NL2 Pro a more realistic version how the loading part of the ride could be :





The unloading is similair to the 1st video earlier in this topic (rotating) :


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I keep finding myself interested in this project, and excited for this coaster!!! Then I remember . . . Vekoma.

I think this could be used more in a Dark ride with coaster section than in a coaster, something like Arthur I mean. The flying part will be perfect with all the scenery around you

By the way, remember that all the newest vekomas are totally smooth, nothing like the older headbangers that we all experienced.

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