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[RCT2] Georgia Lake | The Menace has gone up in flames!

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Hi If you don't know me my name is Fenton Reece. I have moved from Santa Barbra to Illinois for work, meaning I can't give anymore updates on Grizzly Woods. But my new home park is Georgia Lake! Let me just say this park is amazing, it was bought by Cedar Fair 2 years ago from Harris Weinstein (the same past-owners of Dorney Park). This was my first visit to the park and had done very little research either so lets check it out!


Park logo


Front Entry Plaza, very clean and modern.


In we go!


The main hub after you enter under the blue arches. It includes SkyView (Observation Tower), Enterprise and restaurant!


There is the Georgia Lake! There is Buccaneer, Buzzsaw Falls and The Menace on its banks.


The Menace,


A 80ft tall Wooden Coaster with and out and back layout into the woods behind the lake.


Let me tell you, The Menace is a very fun ride. Very similar to ThunderHawk at Dorney.


I think it's really cool that Buzzsaw Falls goes through Menace!


Next coaster up is Vortex,


My first B&M and first Stand Up coaster I have been on.


Very 80's style station but opened 2 years ago. This was the first investment Cedar Fair did to this park.


Very twisted layout, I like Vortex.


Keep going down the Boardwalk is a Carousel, Twister (Scramble), Lighthouse Slide (Slide) and Whirlwind (Magic Carpet).


Also the park has; Putt Putt Gardens and Dodgems'


Don't forget Grandpa's Cars, I very well themed cute family ride.


Last but not least the biggest ride in the park, Taipan! It is a huge arrow coaster.


Look at the size of it! No wonder they had to sell to Cedar Fair to get out of debt...



That's the park, let me know what you think they should build in the future below. See you guys next time!

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Take on the wildest final on the Zambezi River's Ghostrider Rapids! Grab a hold of your family and climb aboard and start your journey along the wet 'n' wild rapids and whirlpools. As a big finale the river starts going up into the sky and then spins your boat down the largest drop on a river rapids ride in the world! Ghostrider Rapids is set to open Spring of 94'. Can you take on the rapids?


I'm so excited for Ghostrider Rapids! It looks like it will be really fun, I did grab a photo of the construction happening near Buzzsaw Falls.



Construction where Ghostrider Rapids will sit.

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(Sorry about the long wait for an update, I got a new laptop and I finally transferred the park over)


Its a new year and the park has opened the brand new Ghostrider Rapids!, Let me say that it is a very good expansion for the family and it gets you drenched. My advice is to wear a poncho as the big finale is very wet... Enough of me talking lets get to the photos!


Here we are at the opening day of Ghostrider Rapids! The ride is very well hidden through the trees and behind Buzzsaw Falls. One negative is that the only way to get good photos of the ride is to line up or when exiting as non-riders aren't allowed on to cross the bridge. Another thing to mention is the shear size of the station is huge!


As I was saying how the rapids runs through the trees and is very hard to see...


And of course the big finale is this massive drop! I have never seen a drop like this on rapids before. You go really fast down the drop into the waterfalls (which get you absolutely soaked!). Overall very good addition to the park and will become a family favourite for many years to come.

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Hey guys, sorry I haven't been to the park in a while, it can get very expensive buying a ticket every time! I found this article in the local newspaper today. Have a look yourself, 1995 is going to be an absolute monster of a year for Georgia Lake. The announcement must be very soon judging by the size of it.


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Georgia Park is gearing up for its biggest year ever! With not one but TWO new roller coasters for 1995.


The park has a history filled with roller coasters, including; Taipan, The Menace and Vortex. And now the park will have a future with roller coasters as well with the induction of Mammoth and Invertigo. These two new roller coaster experiences are going to help Georgia Park grow even more into a world class theme park. Mammoth is a mega beast of a wooden roller coaster! Climbing to over 150 feet, which makes it one of the tallest wooden coasters in history. We are also introducing Invertigo, a world first rollercoaster that will send you though 3 inversions forwards and do it all again backwards. While all this is happening you will be suspended underneath the track! It will be a truly on of a kind experience.


Invertigo logo


Promotional poster


Mammoth Logo


Promotional Poster

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Hey guys, We are only two months away until Mammoth and Invertigo open! I would go to the park and get some photos of construction but the park is getting very expensive to keep going a lot so bear with me. I did get a photo of Mammoth while driving past. It truly is massive, can't wait to ride it!


I did get my hands on the specs of the two coasters as well.



Max Speed - 58mph

Max Height - 130ft

Length - 4000ft

Max positive G's - 3.6g

Max negative G's - -1.41g

Ride time - 2min:1sec

Manufacturer - Custom Coasters International

Model: Custom




Max Speed - 45mph

Max Height - 100ft

Length - 1,003ft

Max positive G's - 3.3g

Max negative G's - -058g

Ride time - 50sec

Manufacturer - Vekoma

Model: Prototype Invertigo Model


You can't see much but it is really shows how big this beast will be!

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Yes it is opening day for Georgia Lake 59th seasons first new roller coaster, Mammoth! Invertigo was going to open today as well but unfortunately it was ready in time to open but we still got to experience the now biggest coaster in the park, Mammoth. Let me tell you it is an exceptional ride, very tall, very fast and very intense. Mammoth is definitely in my top 3 wood coasters I have ever ridden. Inside the park most of the ride can't be seen because the lift hill is blocking the view. I did manage to get photos of the layout when we where given a backstage tour to get photos of this beast. Now lets look at the photos from today!


Its good to be back at Georgia Lake


Thought I would mix things up by entering through the other entry today.


It did start raining for the first half hours but then dried up for a perfect day.


I had a quick ride on Taipan as it had a short line.




I just realised that they had covered up underneath of the boardwalk! It looks so much better now.


They also added paddle boats but they weren't open today.


And this is what we have all been waiting for... Mammoth and Invertigo! The plaza looks beautiful.


Invertigo looks great, really bumbed it isn't open yet, but that's what you should expect with a prototype ride.


But I hopped onto Mammoth for the first time right away. I really like to pre-lift hill section.


The slow climb up the lift hill gets the adrenaline pumping!


Then you fly into the first drop and it was incredible, especially in the back row!


Here's a shot of the main portion of the ride.


You hit a MCBR and drop into a final helix.


and then fly into the brakes, what an amazing rollercoaster!


Invertigo did end up testing but that's as far as it got to opening.


Once we had a couple more rides on Mammoth we headed over to the parks original beast, The Menace.


It is still and insane airtime machine.


And that is it for today, I did grab a park map on the way out for you guys. See you next time!

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May I say that I absolutely love your logos that you made for the coasters! Very creative! Also, I love the fact that you made an entire ride guide/park map! The park itself is very good too, I mean Mammoth looks like it would be a ton of fun in real life and so would that Arrow looper. Keep it up, man!

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Very sad news indeed. The cause was probably the motor to the chain lift, here are some photos that was taken at the park.


Luckily there is no damage to Buzzsaw Falls but it is still closed at this time.


The brake run has also burnt down. What will happen to the Menace is unsure but we will keep you informed.

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It looks like this is the end of the Menace. My friend taken photos for me at the park today and it looks like the have started to take it down, also the whole area is bordered up.


The Buzzsaw Rapids should be safe to reopen now the damaged track is gone.


The Skyline is going to be changed for ever.


I wonder if they are going to demolish the queues and everything.

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