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I, also, would like to thank Robb and Elissa for another great event! They are so good at this, that they always have contingency plans in case something falls apart. (And quite often it does!) I am surprised that people still have doubts, and question them about every detail. After doing 10+ international trips (amongst many others) with them, I just send in my $$, show up on time, and have a great time!! It's really that easy!


I wasn't able to attend SFMM this year, but there was no way I'd miss Knott's! As expected, check-in was smooth and a truly great day was in store. Saw, and caught up with, quite a few people that I haven't seen in some time. Notably: Guy, Dan, Joey, Bill and a few others. Did the GR tour in the morning which took us to an area I had yet to see. Which was basically all around the helix and under the "drop" back in the door on the left of the exit ramp stairs. I can't remember the gentleman's name who gave the tour, but he was completely entertaining and very knowledgeable about every aspect of GR, and took the time to answer everyone's questions. Now if we tour the storage track and shop next year, I could then say I've seen all of GR.


Lunch was good, and as always the highlight was the Q&A session! Lots of hilarity ensued. Somehow, Elissa managed to get 2 or 3 old jokes in there. (sigh) The random questions were awesome, especially someone who had a gallon fetish, and the best answer - "more than one".


The nighttime tour of Iron Reef was really cool, as we walked through the attraction, having the projections and car movements explained and then into the main computer room. It was quite fascinating, and I really enjoyed it!


Finished the night with 13 rides on Ghostrider. The cool air, and the newly refurbished ride made for a great ERT! It's probably been 10-12 years since I rode that many times in one day, much less an hour.


I had a GREAT time (as expected) and wouldn't hesitate to do it again!!


Thanks go to Knott's and their warm, friendly, and funny staff, and of course, Robb & Elisaa - who just do it right!

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It's never too late to give thanks.


I'm nearly finishing up my WCB Trip Report on TPR, but I did want to give my THANKS here.


To everybody at Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm, Thank You for a great First WCB for myself and all.

I honestly didn't know what to expect, and the night crowd at MM was a challenge, but worth riding a lot of

the coasters at night. And that means Thanks to Bryan who was my driver up to MM and back, and for

the most part of the evening, my guide to getting some really great night rides, there. And getting to

ride Ghostrider as my #700 was a big kick for me. Not to mention several times, night riding it. WOO HOO!


And THANK YOU to Elissa and Robb and all of you involved, for doing all the hard work in organizing and

making sure we had a really great weekend. Very much appreciated.


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