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West Coast Bash 2016 Tickets On Sale!

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Ok, the part I am wondering about is whether will call will be available while the ERT is occuring or if we will have to wait until the park actually opens to claim the passes.
Please note, Will Call may not open until after ERT has already begun.
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Ok, the part I am wondering about is whether will call will be available while the ERT is occuring or if we will have to wait until the park actually opens to claim the passes.

Here's an idea, why don't you just NOT BE LATE and then you won't have to worry about it?


To answer your original question - if you're late, I can't guarantee you'll be allowed into ERT as we have no control when Will Call is going to open. It will open "after ERT has already begun" and that might very well be just before or even right after park opening.


Again, just get your ass out of bed early and DON'T BE LATE and none of this will be an issue.


ps. And actually TRY reading the information next time. All your questions were answered. And I know it's really really HARD for some of you (especially the Millennials) but please TRY to actually be responsible and not be dumb. Thank you.

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The big, bad email did not have a Q&A for Magic Mountain. Was this an oversight or is it not happening?


Thanks for making the assumption we f**ked up the email. We really appreciate the confidence! No, it's not happening.

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Seriously, people. The amount of stupid questions and random complaining I'm already getting after that email went out is making me not want to ever do this event again.


People ask us why we don't do trips anymore or as many events? ^^^^^^ is why!!!!


Or at least maybe we'll start doing WCB as "invite only" like we do our trips!


--Robb "People. Can't f**king stand 'em!!!" Alvey

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^ Agreed. I've never been to this event before, and I've never even been to these parks, so I didn't know what to expect. So you know what I did? I read the email. And now I know what to expect, and where I should be at what time. My thought after reading the entire email was "They've really thought of everything. This will be fun!" I really don't see how any other thought is possible for a sane person.


I've never tried to run my own business, and I've never tried to run an event like this. I've certainly never run a business BY putting on events like this. And I'm certain those complaining haven't either.


For me, I'm not taking a week off work and flying halfway across the country to complain. I'm doing it to have a good time. And this weekend looks like it's going to be a damn good time.

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Ok, no random nudes to Robb, check, read the email, check, read it again just in case I was to excited by nudes or the email itself, check.

Gotta survive work tonight without being really interested in work, but then i'm outta here. Trying to go to Universal on Friday,but i'll see you all on Saturday/Sunday!

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Assuming 10% of a guesstimated 100 people attending this event TRULY read the entire email, I estimate Robb will have a minimum of 10 hot PSL's by 8am...



ps. Robb-senpai, after reading your email about your number, please forgive me for texting you on National Roller Coaster Day. I just wanted to share the joy and didn't know how off-limits the number was.

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So excited!! Had the greatest time last year. Unfortunately I have to leave Knott's early again (gotta get back to school) so I'll miss night ERT, but I'm sure it'll be another astounding weekend. And the 4 hour park buyout? Sounds AMAZING! Huge thanks to Robb and everyone for putting this together, I really appreciate it. And Robb, we'll definitely buy you Starbucks!

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Have a great time!


I went last year for the 1st time and had a blast.



Multiple rides on Twisted Colossus

Getting the credit for X2 which means I NEVER have to ride it again!

Knotts. Pretty much everything about this park

Knotts Chicken Dinner. There are no words

Staying in the Knotts Hotel which I booked on Groupon. Very close and a total deal!

Taking my husband to Disneyland for his 1st time in 30+ years! Had a great time even with temps in the upper 90's


Thanks Robb and Elissa! Hope you can also have fun!

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Sadly won't be there because I'm now on the other side of the States.


Anyways, here are my highlights from previous years:


Superman: Escape from Double-Shot Greatness

Doing Revolution & Viper Alone for ERT

SFMM Donut Breakfast

Montezooma & Jaguar Loop Combo

Knott's Backstage Tours

Timber Mountain "Sit Down" ERT

Knott's Lunch & Games

Knott's Management Q&A

Oh what the hell, everything about the Knott's day

Both days in any year created some of my favorite visits to any amusement park


Enjoy yourselves everyone!

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Just hit highway 5 from the SF Bay Area! See you all tomorrow. Don't be shy, say hi.


will you be wearing your chain so we can spot you? lol


I wish but that thing would knock my teeth out on a ride. I'll be the guy in the misfits shirt and vest.

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I'm at my appartment surfing the internet.




I lose!


Yeah, I agree that it sucks, but at least there is porn on the internet, Guy....at least there is porn.


I know, Right! Porn solves all of this worlds little problems.


World peace could be solved with porn. Nobody wants to admit it. But, it's true.


Guy "Losing myself in a cloud of debauchery." Koepp

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If your in the area for SFMM on Friday 9/9 drive on over as park is having semi private night event and no charge for parking so you can tool in and get some nice night shots of Scream or TC or Lex and Superman and of course X2.

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My lady friends and I are drinking across the highway from the park at Azul Tequilas. They have an insane list of margaritas. Definitely going to have some shots before happy hour ends.


This is just the margarita list.


This doesn't suck.

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