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Rollercoaster Competitons

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Hi, I have created this thread after my success of winning a family pass to Alton Towers and a meal in the rollercoaster restaurant. What theme park competitions have you won, and what did you do to win? This could also be for if you won things at a fairground type thing.

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I won the "try not to throw up while piss drunk and marathoning Afterburn" contest, a couple years ago.



I imagine the final wing over does a good job at keeping you from passing out with a check to the jaw if you're not watching out

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I won an all-expenses paid trip to SFGAdv which included flights, transportation, hotels, admission, and exit passes! It was one of those Six Flags Facebook sweepstakes where you can enter once per e-mail. I entered with like 4 e-mails and actually won!


I also won tickets to SFDK once through some random drawing my college did, but I already had a season pass that year. I probably gave the tickets to friends but I don't really remember.

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back in like 2010/2011 I won a state farms sweepstakes for 4 person VIP tour. me , my dad, his cousin and his son went to magic mountain in December of 2012. Asides for no acohol and no useage of the freestyle machine at the time. we got all the snacks we wanted and a free meal at then moose burger lodge. On the last day of roar's public operation at SFDK last year I won a piece of roar along with a farewell to roar shirt for answering two triva questions about the ride. Stuff that was listed on it's info on the website.

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