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Legendia Park Discussion Thread

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There's something about this track style and the concept of a "simple" custom looping coaster that really gets me excited these days. I would absolutely love to see Vekoma make a huge resurgence in the U.S. to bring back the standard looping coaster. Of course Mack, Gerstauler, S&S and even Premier are already in the space with seemingly more cost-effective concepts. I'm not sure what marketing edge they have with this model, but perhaps it will simply be a good ride. Can't wait to hear the reviews.

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Wow! It reminds me of Expedition GeForce's drop but steeper!


That's exactly what I thought when I saw that last photo. Looks great, so far.


GeForce's first drop IS still pretty steep. TPR 2008 Europe Tour.

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Sorry for the double post, but...





YES PLEASE!! I can only imagine what that drop will feel like in the back of the train!!




After a many-year sabbatical from the coaster enthusiast community, I come back to find... Vekoma clawing it's way to the top?! Who'd've thought! What else did I miss...

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