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Photo TR: IOA/Universal 10-12-05

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Well yes, I found an answer to Elissa's question concerning the fate of her favorite dish at Mythos. Plus something interesting involving that "missing" ride at Suess Landing. As always, the ride operations were top notch today. As soon as Dueling Dragons line was nearing the "Choose Thy Fate" section of the queue, they placed a 2nd train on both fire and ice and The Hulk was running three trains today!! (off-season on a Wed...very cool) Anyways, onto the pictures.


Yes Elissa, I remembered to stop by Mythos and ask about the fate of your favorite dish.


Holy crap! Dueling Dragons is going to be a really short ride today.


IOAs hours for the month of October.


If anyone does the HHN VIP tour, I expect you to post a photo TR.


Free admission to anything can be kinda cool.


Bonnie, my waitress, was very nice when I tried to order the vine ripened tomato/mozzerella salad. She explained to me that I was unable to order it because the dressing is now unobtainable due to the increase of its price.


Ok, so the question is.....Is Elissa's favorite dish going to be on the menu next week at Mythos?


I wonder if the rumor of this ride opening next year are true.


What are these guys doing? It sure looked like they were doing surveys of the ride.


Hmmmm. something interesting going on with that car ride that never opened at Seuss Landing.


While the service was really great as always, (thanks Bonnie). Mythos has now taken off the menu R&E's favorite dishes. Come on Mythos, just charge a little more for the salad and add it back on the menu.


I then tried to order Balsamic chicken again like I did 3 weeks ago, but today I was not so lucky. So I had to settle for the BBQ Cowboy sandwich.


Anyone ever see Children of the Damned?


Are you sure this is a ride for kids??


Oops, wrong Incredible Hulk photo.


The Incredible Hulk has a lot of forces on it, I only could handle 3 rides today.


I think it was well over 30+ rides before I ever noticed the tank at the end of the ride.


Hulk is ready to smash anyone who says his ride stinks.


They were running three trains today on Hulk. I love the ride operations at IOA.


I always found this part of the ride kinda fun while riding in the back row. You do get some nice airtime after the brake run.


Hulk's 2nd vertical 360 inversion.


Its now October. Shark appreciation month must be still in effect.


This is true cause I am going next door for an hour or so.


This is another new shirt for HHN this year.


Anyone ever noticed these all around Dr. Doom's Fearfall?


I guess R&E won't be needing to play much DDR next week. Since they won't be filling up as much at Mythos.


This is still my favorite part of the ride.


Yummy, Hell Food!!


Have you ever seen Crash at Universal before? Must be a new game coming out.

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A few more to go.


Is this possible? They fixed the Mummy signs. I wonder if the guy who does the warning signs saw my last 2 Photo TRs.


This was the sign three weeks ago. Check out the logo beside the medical sensitivity to fog effects.


If you join us for MNNSHP this year on Oct. 21st, you will get to see what is inside this bag. Have a good one!!


As I was heading out, it looked like they just started some of the fog effects for HHN.


Hooray, they fixed all the signs!!! Good going Universal.

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Yeah, when I was at IOA in May Hulk had 3 trains running! I was so amazed a 10 minute wait for the front! Awesome!!!


What the heck, there's a tank at the end of the Hulk? That I really never knew! I gotta look for that next ride!!!


Are they those unworking Trucks or whatever that I continue to hear about? They look kinda fun to ride!

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Awesome photo TR!!!!


Your TR's always crack me up. I love how you notice all those little details and come up with funny stuff to go with them.


As much as I'm bummed about the Mythos thing I do always find something great on the menu. For Elissa it's a different story! Anyone remember those amazing chinese chicken wings they used to have? Yum!


Perhaps when we go for HHN we'll go there for dessert. Between the warm gooey chocolate cake with peanut butter ice cream and the "coffee and mini-doughnuts" options, do you really NEED dinner? (Did I just make anyone hungry?)


Thanks again Erik, now I"m heading home from work!


--Robb "The Dragons is going to be a short ride photo was GREAT!" Alvey

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I was going to go to the parks tommorow, but I just dont have the time. I have studying to do. I had to pick up a whole 12-pk of Coke just to get the $20 rebate for HHN. I cant wait for HHN. Ive never been to a park halloween event, so it should be interesting. Great TR!

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Nice TR, Erik. I'm really getting excited for next week.


Elissa and company can go to Pastamore, if I want extremely bland pasta and sauce I'll stick a pot of water on the hood of the car and wait for the Florida heat to cook the pasta thru. Worst....Italian Food.....ever!


I'm willing to form my own faction of TPR HHN group who still wants to eat at Mythos. Or maybe Elissa can stop at Publix and pick up her own Balsamic glaze to be used in the dishes.


Mythos better have my lobster stuffed potato!

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I'm up for Mythos. Or I'll just order food when everyone else is ordering dessert, since I won't be eating that. It does suck that the T&M salad is no longer available, as it was the best one ever. How expensive can that dressing be? Is there space titanium or some other rare ingredient in it? You can't tell me there is some 20 gallon drum generic version available from the local Sam's or something...



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Trust me, I remember our awful Pastamore experience, but it is SOOOO Much better now. I don't know what happened, but we went there reluctantly one night with some friends and it was AWESOME!


Give it another chance...or we will do food and dessert at Mythos!

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b.) food and dessert at Mythos


Stay and Scream means that if you're inside the park during the day, you can stay in the park and get an early start on some of the HHN mazes and stuff. I don't know what time you have to be in the park by, but I think its like 4 or 5pm. If you leave, you gotta wait until its reopened to everyone who didn't get the day's admission.

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The tank has always been by Hulk. It used to be actually outside the ride in the area that is now the Universal Express machine between Hulk and Storm Force. Since that went in, they moved the tank with the pretzel knot cannon into the actual ride underneath the final flat spin turnaround. You were probably too busy trying to think of what you'd pose as for the picture.

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Trust me, I remember our awful Pastamore experience, but it is SOOOO Much better now. I don't know what happened, but we went there reluctantly one night with some friends and it was AWESOME!


Pastamore rocks! I have never had a bad experience there, luckily. That's too bad you all did...must have just been an off night I guess.

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I think our bad food experience there was really early in its history, but not too early. May have been late 2000. I can't even remember much about it, other than the food was very bland, service was slow, and they somehow screwed something up. Whatever the case, it didn't leave me with the feeling that I HAVE to get back to this place soon, unlike the food at Mythos or Emeril's Tchoup Chop.

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