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Which park (country) to vacation to in Europe.

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My girlfriend really wants to go to Europe. I guess if we are going to go, this is the time to do it. We have the middle 2 weeks in October (Well, 18 days)


If I'm going all that way, I want to at least go to one theme park. Was thinking the UK, and it seems there's 2 major parks there. Which one to visit? I mean, if we are going there, we'd probably go to London, so Thorpe park seems obvious. Can you skip Alton Towers? What else is around Alton Towers that I can convince the gf to go see, and through in a "Since we are near here.. Why don't we go here for a day?"


I'd like Germany also, but I'm sour at Germany as Octoberfest sounded cool, until I found out Octoberfest is not in October. That's just silly.


Spain looks cool, with a trip to portaventuraworld. However, they are building Ferrari world. And I dont' know how often we will have the budget to go to Spain so I'd like to go after that is opened.


GF likes the thought of France, Italy, Greek but they really don't have any great theme parks. She's open to pretty much anything in Europe though.


Thanks all!

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In my opinion, you should go to italy . you can fly to the island Sicily Italy and there take a hotel or something different you want to live in in catania. There you have the Etnaland which features some nice themed rides and also a Mack MegaCoaster called "The Storm".


If you want more thrilling adventures, you might also go to Venezia or right at the border of the lake garda and visit the Gardaland. There you have the first ever built Wing Coaster by B&M and some other nice thrilling rides as well as a SLC (kind of not that bad over there). If you plan to visit Gardaland from Venezia, it takes you like two hours to get there but it's also worth to stay at the lake garda for a night or so.


Hope that my advice was helpful in any way, have a nice trip

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In my opinion, I would have to say to go to germany. The parks here in the UK are good, but I don't feel that they are worth the journey. I myself hope to travel to germany for the parks there. But in the end, it is your opinion as to where to go.

I agree with you, and that the Germany parks look like some of the best out there, but it sounds like he already has a flight lined up to the UK.


I'm just going to say, look through TPR's Park Index, and read the trip reports from different parks in the UK, and then whichever parks sound the most appealing, go to. The park index is a magnificent thing, and it plays a major part in how I plan my trips.

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Bump? Any opinions on the English parks? Thanky!


I would need more info on your plans to offer the best recommendations. When I travel, I make sure to see the country and cities, as well as plan for the theme parks. In London, I would recommend a bike tour. You can travel far and see so much in a day with a guide. Thorpe park is ok, worth a visit of course. Alton Towers is my fav England park. Tucked away in the middle of nowhere, the drive there was our first part of fun for the day. It's a beautiful park to walk around too.


From London, your a short 2hrs+ Eurostar ride from France. A visit to Disney and then touring Paris appeals to most women I would say.


It's a bit more of an adventure to get to Europa Park, 3 separate train rides from Paris and then taxi or Bus, but it's the best park in Europe by far, nestled in one if the nicest, quaint towns (Rust) that I have ever been to. After that, if you base yourself around Frankfurt, you can easily make day trips to Holiday Park (Europe's best coaster), Phantaisaland and Hyde Park. The city of Cologne (Phantaisaland) is very cool, especially the gothic church.

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Right, if I was you, seeing as it is a long way obviously for you to get to Europe, do this.

First stop--England

Day 1. Get a flight which gets you to the UK early, rest on the plane and then go to Thorpe Park.

Day 2. Next day relax and do touristy things in London.

Day 3. Get a bus and a train to near Alton Towers and do a walk in the evening in the countryside. Stay near the park.

Day 4. Do Alton Towers.


Second stop--Germany

Day 5. Fly from Manchester Airport to Cologne (Germany) Airport with Euro Wings to go to Phantasialand. Stay at the park.

Day 6. Take transportation to Europa park

Day 7. Europa Park

Day 8. Europa Park, day two


Third stop--Barcelona

Day 9. Travel from Baden-Baden airport to Barcelona

Day 10. Barcelona culture

Day 11. Port Adventura

Day 12. More Barcelona culture(seriously cool place) with a trip up the hill to Tibidabo


Final stop--Gothenburg

Day 13. Travel from Barcelona to Gothenburg, and try to get an early flight. Once there go to the Universium and walk around a bit, it is a nice town. Stay at Gothia Towers, soooo conveniently placed and great views of Liseberg

Day 14. Liseberg, make sure to to Helix both front and back row!

Day 15. More Liseberg, followed by a late flight back...



I hope this helps.

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There's only Alton Towers in the UK which I feel would be particularly impressionable on an American. Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures are impressive by our standards, but not yours. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is also incredibly good because it's a vintage amusement park, but is based on the American model and probably not too impressive to you guys.

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There's only Alton Towers in the UK which I feel would be particularly impressionable on an American.


Yeah but let's be honest, there are only really three rides in Alton Towers that are unique to any extent and/or worth the travel, those being Galactica, Smiler and Nemesis.


And considering how it's a bit of a fuss to come to Alton by public transport I would say that there's no point in going to the UK if you don't live in europe.

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Have you booked accommodation yet?

Gatwick airport has a mainline rail station right there which will give you transport options for the whole of the UK if need be.

Alton towers is a little awkward to get to...but not difficult enough to say "don't go".


If you are staying in the South of England for Thorpe park, then London will pretty much cover your touristy stuff.....but if you want to travel and see some different things...I would recommend Canterbury Cathedral and Dover Castle, both very interesting with some nice history.


Even though Alton and Thorpe might not be up to "American" standards...if it is your first trip to Europe...you will find the UK different enough from the US to enjoy yourself anyway. Whatever you choose won't be wrong....just have a great time.

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