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Pokemon GO


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I never found Pokemon appealing. During my high school years, I remember the release of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow on Game Boy Color. My little 6 & 7-year old cousins were obsessed with it, and I guess I associated it with being a kid's game.


I'll stick with the Zelda franchise.

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I'm not surprised at all. Pokemon is something that was a part of millennials childhoods...now we get a chance to have stupid fun wandering around catching pokemon. The game itself doesn't have much to it, and people will probably lose interest if they can't get the servers stable and add new features, but until then it's a great way (IMO) to pass time and explore places.


I went back to the Santa Monica pier for the first time in ages because of the game. Well, that and Steak and Shake, but still.

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So, I downloaded it last week I guess, to find out what everyone was talking about. Although I have very little idea of what I am doing, I'm enjoying the crap out of it. There is a park across the street from my office, right on a lake. There are 4 Pokestops there and there are always people playing the game and walking around. Since I smoke (I know, terrible habit,) I now walk around the park instead of just standing beside the building during cigarette breaks.


I'm collecting and evolving and stuff, but the whole Gym thing just baffles me.


One other thing - is the Vaporeon good? I've evolved three Evees into the Flareon, Joleon and Vaporeon. Is this good??


Any advice would be appreciated

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I have played a little bit of Pokemon Go, but it is just so hot in Arizona that I don't really want to go around exploring. But luckily, there are two pokestops in the building on campus where my lab is and I will be spending a lot more time there when the semester starts!

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Did anyone get to be one of the "select" users that got the new tracking system?



not in my city, but i was in SF yesterday and they gave it all over, over there. it made tracking really easy. I am completely addicted to this game.

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I never played the card game, watched the shows, etc., yet this app has kept me on the move and more active than ever. Included are a few of my pics. Planes, theme parks... they're everywhere!


As of tonight, my Pokedex is up to 92. I have never used a cheat, 3rd party app, etc. I've earned my way to level 23, and still enjoying the game.







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