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iPlay America

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On Friday afternoon and I was leaving SFGAdv it started raining pretty hard. I decided to head over to iPlay America (an indoor FEC) as they recently installed an SBF Visa Group spinning coaster. All day passes are available or you can load credits on to a card that can be used for games and rides, since the games in the arcade did not interest me I only loaded $5 on my card.


On this day it was loaded with summer camp kids. It also appears to be a popular destination for kid's birthday parties. I took some pictures just to give an idea of what is at the park. Sorry for the horrible pictures, my phone doesn't work well indoors.


Also not shown are the food court, laser tag and lots of games/machines to win tickets but the the arcade part has mostly driving games.


Billed as New Jersey's largest indoor ropes course, it is probably the only one in New Jersey


Go Karts


Bowling for kids (hand-held smaller bowling balls)


Kite Flyer




Happy Swing


Dizzy Dragons


Freedom Rider Spinning Coaster


4D Theater


Laser Tag


Bumper Cars

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I took some pictures, but not really anything different than you had. However, if you are going with a group of kids(i.e. birthday party or what not), there is a bar inside for those of age.


From my experience it's a good place to go if you have kids or younger family members, really not much to do for adults though.

Contrary to ^

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A bunch of people in my family have been here a few times, but I never got around to going. Rikki used to take the kids would babysit here sometimes, and my younger brother would meet up with people for laser tag and such. I've driven by it countless times and never have been inside. Thanks for the pictures!!


*Eyes up the spinning coaster...*

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