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Mini Photo TR: 15 parks in 16 days

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Hello TPR. Just got back after an amazing trip in the U.S. that involved ERT on Lightning Rod and being evacuated from the lift hill of a wacky worm to name just 2 highlights.


Day 1: Flight over the pond to Chicago and going to Bay Beach Amusement Park.


The Zippin Pippin up in Green Bay was a great start to the trip. The last hill on this woodie took me by complete surprise and I'm sure others who has been on it knows exactly what I'm talking about. For those who hasn't I won't spoil it. Go there and ride it.





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Day 2: Six Flags Great America.


The 2nd day was the first big park of the trip. Unfortunately it was a Six Flags one. That said it has some ok rides and, of course, Goliath. The first of 4 RMCs this trip. Morning started with getting season passes and then getting first rides of the day on Goliath. What an amazing machine that is. The hangtime on that second inversion is a thing of beauty. You are looking at the sky only to realise that you are floating upside down. Good stuff.


That drop.


Empty train coming in.



This one has the same footprint as their Schwarzkopf


Schwarzkopf goodness




Good photo. Horrible Arrow.


They ran both Blue and Red.


Good night. See you tomorrow.

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Day 3: Mopping up remaining credits at SFGAm in morning and then a long drive.


Got to the park and quickly got the two credits I was missing. After that I managed to do 8 (!) laps on Goliath using the single rider line. At 1.30 pm it was time to leave so you do the math on just how quickly I got on those trains using that line. It was great.


Batman and the kid woodie. It's not called Robin or Boy Wonder.


Love that drop.


Love that lift hill.


Seven Flags

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Day 4: Adventureland and Worlds of Fun.


Part 1:


After a long ride to Iowa it was time to try out the Monster. The new for 2016 Gerstlauer. It was a fun ride and anyone talking about 'Gerstlauer rattle' can go you know what. After almost being beat to death on the Arrow at SFGAm Dragon in this park didn't strike me as bad at a glance. I was however wrong. That said there would be even more painful experiences on this trip.


That nice friendly small park look.




I love that you can use the skyline and ride across Monster


This is where the ride starts trying to kill you and you're not even on the lift hill yet.




Got to love beyond vertical and a lap bar.


They have an excellent beerselection




Laws of the land

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I'm enjoying this trip report. Thanks for making it! I'm especially interested in Adventureland, as that's my next new park, and Monster is my most anticipated new coaster this year. That beer selection too! I am loving this golden age of craft brewing.

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Wow! That beer selection is stellar. I'm going to try and tie in an Iowa fair + Adventureland trip in Aug. Thanks for the photos! Glad you enjoyed Goliath.


I'm enjoying this trip report. Thanks for making it! I'm especially interested in Adventureland, as that's my next new park, and Monster is my most anticipated new coaster this year. That beer selection too! I am loving this golden age of craft brewing.


They also have a separate beer garden. You can buy a beer mug for $10 there and get refills for $5 a pop. They had an excellent selection of German beers on tap.

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Day 4: Adventureland and Worlds of Fun


Part 2:


After getting the rides (and beer) in at Adventureland it was of to Worlds of Fun. Since we were picking up our Cedar Fair platinum cards here it made sense to hit the park this night as well and the people at WoF had something in store up their selves. ERT night rides in pitch black on Prowler after the park closed 10 pm. That was a religious experience and those who say GCI can't do airtime are full of poo-poo.


This was a world of fun


Home sweet home


Did they always have these?


Or did it just get rough ver the years?

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Day 5 & 6:


Day 5 was WoF again but I didn't take so many photos. Got all the credits and then it was Silver Dollar City next day.


Outlaw run comes to mind but I really, REALLY, need to say this was the best park in my life up to this point. I was never one fore theming before but after this... I can't stand coasters on old parking lots. It was beautiful and you need days to see all the things. Details in every nook and cranny. Day started on Outlaw Run, the 2nd RMC this trip and over the day I probably did every seat and more. All was walk ons. Just wow. The only complaint is that it's not long enough and the second corkscrew feels forced.


People was already lining up but we got in before...


"The only one". Turns out the sign said the same at Dollywood


Ozark beauty and bent steel beauty


Theming in the station...




RMCs masterpiece



You need days to spot all the stuff in this park


Kiddie credit. Love the font here...


For the control panel enthusiasts


Don't know if they have a drug problem in this part of the country but I've only seen these in the red light district of Germany and toilets in eastern Germany before

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Day 7: Six Flags St. Louis


Another Six Flags. That said I found the operators friendly even if they were not pushing trains in usual SF fashion. Day started weird on Batman. They forced me to hold my umbrella in my hand while riding. The Boss should be killed with fire but leave 'Eagle' alone. That was accually great. Liked it more than Freeze. They have VR on Ninja and as much as I want to claim the joke as mine I didn't come up with it;


What did they show? A boxing match?


They didn't but it felt like one with me loosing and operations was horrible. Fortunately I managed to fish up before mentioned umbrella to save me from the sun while beeing stacked for almost 20 minutes on the break run before the station.


Batman. You know what you get on these.


Nerd shot of sandbags. They ran 1 train for some time...


Mr Freeze. Like this station and not just for the AC in the cue


Beer. Not as good selection as Adventureland but they had 1 or 2 decent on tap...


Might just have been the best ride in the park...


Ninja, but I took the photo for that shirt. Slytherin FTW...


Ugh. Give to RMC or just tear down...


I liked this...

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Day 8: Holiday World


One of the parks I looked forward the most too. Heard a bunch about Voyage and had high hopes. Day started with a walk back tour and then we got first rides on Thunderbird. It also became my 200ed coaster. Brilliant ride but where do they go from here with that kind. of B&M? The woodies whent bigger but then, BAM, a huge winged. Don't see them topping it in a way parks usually expand and that might hurt them in the long run.


Loved Raven and Legend was good but not my "preffered" kind of coaster.


Voyage. What can I say? It's great but it did not live up to my expectations. It breaks so hard on the way back it almost came to a complete stop. Made me very dissapointed and El Toro at SFGAdv still reigns supreme for me as far woodies go.


Raven was really good...


Nerd shot of the construction yard...


New Legend wood...


You could really feel the new parts on it...


Legend behind the scenes...


Voyage... I suppose I had too high expectations on it...


It didn't deliver for me. Misunderstand me right: It's great but not all that...


Love this station...


So good...

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Day 9: Kentucky Kingdom


Oh yes! Started the day before park opening with a serious marathon on the new RMC goodness that is Storm Chaser. For me it was the dark horse of 2016 and it delivered. I loved it. Violent ejector but if I'm critical I felt it wanted to much as far as elements thrown in goes. Ran a bit slow early in the morning towards the end but later in the day there was no real complaints. Would love a ride in the dark to see just how much better it would be though.


Lightning Run: Brilliant, BRILLIANT, ride. Still prefer a Intamin Mega-lite but man this was great. Glass smooth too. Train sailed like a hot knife thru butter. If you can't get Mega-lites in the US make parks get these. We all need them.


The woodie was rideable and the SLC... Well, the new trains fo nothing. You can't polish a turd and lipstick on a pig etc. It's a horrible 'hang and bang' and I was cursing my way thru it.


New for 2016 RMC


I approve...


Schwarzkopf porn in form of abandoned trains


Schwarzkopf wheels in before mentioned trains. I'll loose all my cool poins now but that gave me a hard on and outed me as a nerd but I so wanted one... Got to pick one up at least.


You betcha! Had a few good beers an the glasses were great!


The reborn Kentucky Kingdom

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Well, yes, we have drug problems in the Ozarks, but not at Silver Dollar City. Those needle wastebaskets are for insulin. Only problem around here worse than meth is diabetes.


Speaking of which, did you get to try the cinnamon bread?


The thought struck my mind, but I didn't see them anywhere else.


Yes and now I know what everyone keeps raving about. The cinnamon bread was delicious!

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