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Photo TR: An irellevent walk through central London

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Ok, please be gentle, it's my first time. So, yesterday, when I have no classes and a whole lot of time on my hands, instead of studying or working or anything, I decided to totally become a college student and walk about central London armed with my camera. I took pictures of mainly the things that struck me odd or funny, though I did have some of the standard photographed things too, which I will spare you. Hope you enjoy it!


Stuart "I hope I did this right" Newsom


And finally, on my way back to my dorm, I noticed this. I walked by it many times and never once paid attention to it till now. Cheers. In London. I'll repeat that. Cheers. In London. Doesn't that seem like a conflict of interest, putting a Boston based t


Wow...you have to love totally politically incorrect advertising. It certainly caught my eye. I wish I could see what the reaction would be if this just magically appeared in the states in a major market somewhere.


See, they already gave this statue in Trafalgar Square head pigeons! He needs to get to a nurse before it spreads to the rest of the statues.


But I did see the pigeons meeting in Trafalgar Square, formulating a plan to take over London, seeing they must out number humans 500 to 1. I swear, if avian flu becomes contracted to pigeons, London is doomed.


Now, through the magic of the Internet, I teleport us from Covent Garden all the way to Trafalgar Square! Poof! Well, as you can see, Trafalgar Square is under rehab too. See the lovely sign the put up for us. I think it's cleaning for the fountains and s


Wow...I gues they're going to get a different cut than we Americans get.


Further past Covent Garden, I came across this ad. Hurray for America, we're shipping the Daily Show over here! The Brits have no idea what's coming. But wait, something doesn't seem right...


Now, to Covent Garden, when you can find street performance of all kinds, including a full street opera that was going on at the time, and this very happy cab. It's a very happy cab indeed. It's quite joyful.


Now, from Leicester Square to Covent Garden. From there I noticed these in a window of a shop. Now, personally, I don't have any piercings of any kind, but I would think those would weigh you down a little bit.


Onward to Leicester Square, which is officially Elissa friendly.


Well, onward! Past the London Trocadero, which is an attempt at a central London entertainment and shopping center which seemed to fail miserably. One of the few stores left is this candy store where the air alone is enough to put people in diabetic comas


Ahhhh, that explains everything. ;-)


Look at all the dead pixels on the sign! It looks really out of shape. I wonder who could have made it where the pixels dies in such a way...


First stop, Piccadilly Circus! One of the most photographed things in London, besides St. Stephen's Tower (Big Ben), The London Eye, and Jordan. But something is amiss...


Here's how I set out. I'm such a stupid American tourist.

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I had to double take at the huge billboards for the new "adult entertainment channel", especially when I saw Jon Snow pictured (middle aged news reader), but having now received some information in my newspaper, I find it isn't as exciting as it sounds!

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