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Photo TR: Walibi Belgium 2016: Pulsar. (RCT3Bross)

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Yesterday I made a trip back to Walibi Belgium for the first time since 2013. Had lots of fun but the park seemed to have stand still.

But without further infirmation the pictures:


Back again for the Pulsar.


Early in the park waiting for the gate to open.


Good things come to those who wait, was very quick at Pulsar as they where still test driving.


Took the time to snap a picture.


Then the queue was open but wait there is no boat here.


Wrong angle and only missed the only shot.


Yeah the boat.


After lots of waiting even at the end of the queue, I did the first ride with visitors of the day. My conclusion about the ride: It's awesome.


To my favorite coaster of the park, and it still remains. Pulsar is great but Psyké has the build up launch I so much love.


As I passed Turbine's motor I noticed it was quiet. Turned out it had broken down. But the ride was soon back up and because I stood at the gate while they repaired the ride I got a sorry pass that allowed me to skip a queue at choice.


Did ride it as the first group after the breakdown now having the sorry pass at hand.


So next I figured to ride Calamity mine.


Was looking around at the theming as there was no queue and when I reached the station there was nobody to stop me and the ride gate was open, so almost fell into the train.


Wasn't this themed to the Dalton brothers of Lucky Luke?



Remember that sorry pas, well you had to give the ride then and there, I asked for Loup Garou guess I lucked out biggest queue I saw all day.


Vekoma woodie, enough said.


SLC's are the best rides ever. *notice brain hangs out and puts it back in*


No joking put I think the SLC's have great lay-outs but yeah they're a little bit rough.


On my way to Cobra noticed these flowers.





Pulsar, those spikes are really far away from each other.





Le Palais du Génie, Vekoma madhouse I love them.


Very basic shooter. Easy to score though.



Okay an other ride in Pulsar, noticed the logo act's like an heart beat with sound and all when the boat turns onto the track, nice feature.


Turn table station is really smooth, Got everybody really pumped up before the actual ride starts.


The camelback gets better each time you fly over it, it's the best place for the launch. On a side note, those wheels are huge.


Really wished the ride would skim the water the first time around just enough for effect.


Both spikes have an awesome feeling.


You really feel the force the boat hits the water with, it's quite an impact.



And yes lots of water will hit you in the boat.


Why ride the log-flume? Why not?


Flashy back.



End of the my day, with a cup of coffee and a view.


Just a quick stop here.


And it was time to leave.


Had a really good time, Pulsar is a great addition and I hope more of these will show up.

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^^ Uhmm I don't know. I'm Dutch it's a brand of watch here.


^Well every seat was quite wet from what I saw the middle seats are probably a bit dryer as the water comes in from the sides. I sat down and water already sifted through my cloths, the seats where covered in thumb big water spots al over, so I have to say quite wet. First time I also lifted my arm up to protect my face and was expecting some drops, ended up with the feeling that A bucket was thrown into the air and it all landed on me.

I hope that explanation helps, with all my rambling.

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Were there any seats that were dryer than others? Just how wet is wet?


The middle of the boat in the two middle seats are the 'dry spots' of the ride. The outer seats are pretty wet (in like: that seat of your clothes are full covered in water), front seat will get you wet, backseat is just totally soaked...


If the weather isn't that descent, they can adjust the water level so the wetness decreases. Just so you know .

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