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Just checking in to say that my Kings Island visit started out fun, but turned not so fun with me spilling protein all over my clothes about 2:30pm, which ended my day early.
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Let stupid people in for almost free, you have to take all the acting-out that comes with it. The park and the rider are at fault, in a way.


There is a small exception clause for the girl if she is developmentally disabled.


Is this still a Six Flags park? Something about the clientele they attract, and all the stupid things they do... and all the payments we've all had to make over the years because of it. Orange restraints (SFGAd, 1987) with ridiculous "Dolly Parton" grab bars (all Arrow coasters owned by Six Flags); extra seat belts; extra-tight ratcheting lap bars - to the point of pain., Super obnoxious and lengthy loading procedures (but it's ok to them, as they found a way to profit from this over a decade ago with Flash Pass.) And the list goes on.


I'm sorry, but what the f*ck are you talking about? Anyone who thinks this is the park's fault in any way, shape or form is absolutely insane.


The rules of the ride should be common sense to anyone with a functioning brain. All you have to do is sit in a seat and not actively try to commit suicide (because it honestly requires a lot of work to fall out of this thing). This is the slowest and most mundane ride on planet earth. In-case you're a f*cking moron of almost unimaginable proportions, the ride has a safety information sign out front to tell you how to properly sit in a seat with a locking restraint that maxes out at one mile per hour and not die in the process.


It's not the park's fault that stupid people choose to visit. To imply that it is is incredibly counterproductive because you're just making excuses for stupid people and contributing to the idea that it's okay to be a complete dumbass because everyone else should have to cater to your stupidity.


I hate to talk this way about a 14 year old girl but she did something really stupid, she deserves to suffer the consequences and she has nobody to blame but herself. She'll be old enough to drive in 2 years and if she gets drunk and crashes into a telephone pole nobody will blame the road because it attracts a clientele that likes to drive drunk and crash into telephone poles.


Well... the way we're headed they actually might, nevermind.


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About the changes to Pirates of the Caribbean:


First, it is Disney and it is their ride; not your college or high school history lesson. You didn't go to Disney or on the ride to learn. You're there to be entertained. Also, what they are changing the scene to is ALSO historically accurate. Finally, the new scene looks just as good (and will probably be better) then the old. Sooo, this argument doesn't really hold up.


Yeah, the "but it's historically accurate" argument doesn't hold much weight in a ride where a mystical projection of an Octopus man speaks to you.

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Can I just address the elephant in the room here? How is the train going to traverse this track with all those bolts? Seems to me that would make for a very bumpy ride.


RMC tracks have those bolts on both sides of the rail but the wheels only touch the centre


It's funny you have a fish as an avatar. Cause you swallowed that bait hook, line & sinker!


Guy "Mission Accomplished!" Koepp


The best double post.



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Best predictions for Steel Vengeance that had me before the announcement had me


Final Predictions


Height: 474'

Speed: 176 MPH

Drop angle: 150

Length: 15,800'

Airtime: 211 moments

Inversions: 18

Complaints about the Name 329843 moments

Complaints about Capacity 47 Instances


Final predictions:

More reliable than Lightning Rod

Less reliable than a Toyota Camry


Prediction: this thread is currently on page 4028 to start the day, and I bet it ends up somewhere around page 6000 by the end of the day.

And the winner goes to:


Final Prediction:


It will open months before whatever SFMM does.


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In the USO thread in regards to a replacement for Transformers:


I would love for the replacement to be anything related to Universals classic monsters.


That would be too cool and original for Universal and anything they'd like to do at this point.



It's so sad... But so true.

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In the KD thread in response to a sign being put up...


Wow. They're really going all out with the theme on this ride.


I mean... so far they made a sign that says the name of the ride in plain, Helvetica font and out it on the roof of a rectangular metal building.



I laughed way to hard at this. (Granted, yes the ride will look great when it's done... But right now it's a sign on a box...)

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In response to user asking, "Is there a magic seat on the Beast?"

Ah, traveler, thou hast, perhaps unbeknownst, asked the most important question of thy life. For the Beast is a magical coaster and respondeth well to thy incantation.


First, wait for sundown. Go not to the Beast when the sun be in the midst of setting, nay! Gird thy patience and when 'tis full dark, set thy sight upon the front row. Mount the Beast in this row alone, and thou wilt engage the spell.


Know I well thou wilt hardly understand my words at this time. Take heed and trust in them, and in due time, should thou follow them as written, then shalt thou understand their true meaning.

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Coaster enthusiasts are NOT the target demographic of Cedar Point or any theme park! Just look back to the commercial posted a few pages ago. Do you see a bunch of stinky men wearing coaster shirts?

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Well, they ARE having a gathering of stinky men in coaster shirts on June 1st.

+1 hopefully not-so-stinky woman!


Also, I feel privileged to have made it to this thread.

I have now leveled up on TPR, which matters 0% in real life.

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