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In regards to a Twitter post in the Cedar Point thread:

Everyone commenting on that twitter post seems to be the kind of enthusiast that you can tell is an enthusiast and therefore the bad kind.


In the five year plans thread:

Lakemont Park:

2017: They will open for the season

2018-21: See above


In the Kings Dominion thread:

^^I bet you're getting laid now that everyone knows that you were the one to go against the grain and say it would happen. Here's your cookie, m8.


You think predicting events at an amusement will get you laid? If this is true for you, hide the women you care about from TPR.

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I never got the hate for TPR. I just found the group in question (which has 319 members) and while I'm not here to kiss a**, any website that can piss off 319 coaster enthusiasts just by existing is destined to be one of my favorite websites by default.

All I know is that if even a quarter of those 319 people were here on TPR it would make our forum a much more obnoxious and horrible place to be... more than it already is! I'm actually quite happy when I get to deliver another member to their group! Just means a better place for the rest of us, and I'm happy to have found that person a new home.


Look at it like a "relocation service" free of charge!

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^Yes, Mount Olympus officially announced that they're getting a new ride called "The Wrecking Ball." It's gonna be exclusive to 2017, as you will be able to ride on a real full-sized wrecking ball (Miley style) as it rams you into its rides and coasters. Literally. The ride will relocate around the park weekly. Also, after this ride's operation, the park will close permanently.
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Someone mentioned going around thanksgiving on here and I just wanted to mention, the park may be extra crowded that day because they're having a Christmas if Many Colors Red Carpet premier, and my best guess is the cast is going to be there including Dolly.

yea i saw on their website shed be there.

no shed be at kings island

This post is way funnier than it should be.

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Still don't understand the two tube track with no diagonal ties, what's the deal with that?


I guess, using my engineering degree from Enthusiast University, that there's probably going to be basically no forces on that section of track so they've tried to save a little bit of steel and a bit of money?

"engineering degree from Enthusiast University"

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From the Cedar Point thread. . .


World's First Light Pole with Interlocking Step-Up Underflips!


Don't forget the dueling non-inverting half loops.


That would never work. The dueling aspect of the two elements will cause the light to rattle.


I'm not an engineer but when i was in kindergarten i built a paper airplane and it flew like a meter so I'm qualified to talk about this subject.


Omg. I'm dying.

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I saw a video of La Ronde and thought it looked very good with all the water around.


A park with water all around does not = a good park. Just look at SFNO.




how great it would've been if they managed to pull off a smooth version of M&D's Tornado?



They were a long way away from pulling that off. Step one to desiging a smooth ride is to design a train that doesn't go rogue and fly kamakazi missions into nearby kiddy rides.

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I have a possible name for RMC Mean Streak: Lightning Bolt.

RMC has already had its fill of lightning named coasters...


As far as the name goes, I tossed my quarter in the wishing well for something terrible. Like "Brown Coaster 1" or "The Pride of Sandusky." Basically anything that will cause a select portion of the coaster enthusiast community to lose their minds.


Oh, and I hope it has the most basic two dimensional logo ever created, pulled straight from Microsoft Word, using black Times New Roman font, and a rainbow drawn in cheap crayon from Mrs. Smith's third grade class at Sandusky Elementary School, on a coffee stained piece of paper.

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Apologizing for the couple spam posts between TheAmericanKnight and I.


Anyway, here's a gem from the NASA Superbowl VR Drop Tower thread:


Given the nature of the ride which consists of slow rise that goes on for a long period of time followed by an abrupt freefall back to earth I think they should stick with the NFL theme and the VR headsets should display highlights from Dallas Cowboys games from this past season in chronological order.
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Compliments of the Cedar Point Forum.


Every year CF puts a $20 in the jar for these parks. They'll get their coaster soon enough


If my math is correct, Dorney should be....


Last new coaster- 2005, hydra.

This year- 2017.

2017-2005= 12 years.

So, at 20 dollars a year, there will be 240 dollars in Dorneys jar right now.


Basing this off of a B&M coaster, going to say the cost of said coaster will be 30,000,000 USD.

30,000,000-240($ already saved)= 29,999,760 dollars to go.


29,999,760/20(money saved per year)=1,499,988.



So Dorney will not see its next new coaster for another 1,499,988 years.

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