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TPR Social Media Poll - How do you consume your content?

Which device do you view TPR content THE MOST on?  

118 members have voted

  1. 1. Which device do you view TPR content THE MOST on?

    • Computer Desktop
    • Mobile phone/tablet
    • TV Box (AppleTV, Chromecast, etc)

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If I'm on the forums, it's a dead even split between iPhone and desktop. Desktop primarily during the work day, phone in the afternoons and evenings off of work hours.


If I'm watching your video content, it's via the YouTube app on my Xbox One, because I much prefer watching video content on a TV as opposed to on a computer monitor or phone screen.

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Almost always desktop for viewing and responding on forum. Like 90% of my time at least.


It's much more difficult to browse and respond on the forum via phone or I might use it more. As someone else already said, I really only view TPR content on my phone if I don't have my computer, I'm following a specific thread and away from my computer, or I'm browsing social media and TPR content comes up.

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I mainly view TPR content on the forums, which I almost exclusively browse on my laptop. I don't access the forums on other devices unless I'm lacking another option or want to quickly show someone something, and I stopped using Tapatalk quite a while back when it started acting weird on me.

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I mostly read and almost exclusively post, using a desktop/laptop situation. Occasionally, if I'm at a park and want to check on something, or am bored in line, I'll use mobile, but not very often, and I'll rarely post then. For watching your videos, I'd say it's a 60-40 split in favor of watching them through streaming to my TV, versus watching them on desktop. I'll almost never watch them via. mobile.

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The vast majority of the time, I check TPR on my desktop. Occasionally, I'll do it on mobile if I'm out, but I'd say I'm on desktop 85% to mobile 15%.

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