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On Ride Photos

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On-ride photos rarely flatter me, but every once in a while I'll buy one that is marginally less bad than all the others. And yes, I take a lot of family trips, don't hate!


Teaching the fine art of credit whoring. What better place to start than a Wacky Worm?


Adam and I on Goliath. This is my copy after it rode 12 coasters with me.




Me and Kevin on Wild Thing. Terrible photo of me, but it was a lovely gesture from VF, and so was the free magnet frame!

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I generally don't buy photos, but here are some that family and friends purchased.


Me and my niece at Dollywood.


Me mis-timing the camera in second row behind my sister and niece.


Brother-in-law and I at Cedar Point opening weekend 2005.


Sister, niece, brother-in-law and I on Magnum XL-200 opening weekend 2005.


Niece, myself, my aunt and sister at Knoebels opening weekend 2008.


With my friend and her daughter on Nitro. It was the first ride for either of them on a large coaster.

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Hello all.

Finally I get around to posting the on-ride pictures that I got when I was traveling up half of Europe with TPR in 2010. I suddenly got very busy when I got back and only managed to scan these in just this year.

I here by present to you, grimaces!


Lets just hope I can remember some names after all this time...


Here I am hanging out the left. With me we have cobra_roll06 (I think), Brad_G, antmcmullen, MrMorgan, XLRBR, Medusa1861.


Here I am with Morgan by my side, Anth behind me, Brad and... Dear, sorry if I forgot about the rest of you.


Me, Anth, Brad and... cobra?


Right, 'ere we have Cpt. Anth goin' down with the ship. ... Now why the hell did he have to go draggin' XLRBR and me with 'im? ;)


Me on Katun with another TPR Trip Attendant.


Me, miniviews, ChicagoAG (me thinks), and someone I can't identify.


A cart of TPR people! Me, miniviews, vuurvogel and arrowfreak.


Da. Da-da da da. Da-da da da. Da-da da da...

Me, Bill... and hard to tell from this angle who's right behind me.


Best Lift Hill EVAH! Only reason to ride it. ... Ok, maybe not. ;)

There is me, ChicagoAG, and I'm not sure about who's behind us.


Soaked and shaken. There be me, a britt, and a German (me thinks). Funny, I have a vivid memory of the one next to me (he'd hate me for forgetting his name), and I remember the one behind him from 2009 at Liseberg. And I think his arm is obscuring JK there.


Oh, I think they are gonna be pissed. I managed to identify "JK", but not their names. *hides under the water*


Ok, who do we have here. Meteornotes, GeorgeT, and... um... moi. As well as some other people.


Ok, now this is one odd face. I guess it I wasn't expecting much and it suprised me.


And here's a screencap of me on Blue Fire. No idea who the person next to me is.


Here's me and Erik on Winjas, the... left side...


And here's me and... *sigh* names, names... What's in a name... Anyways, Winjas on the right side.


Me on Black Mamba.


Me, ginzo, and I'm not sure who else.

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There is such a thing? Might've saved me some money. Then again, I didn't see that option on my travels. Then again I wasn't paying much attention and didn't know the languages well.


Yeah at some parks you buy the actual photo and then there is an additional option to add a digital version. It's usually a few bucks more and a URL and code print out on your receipt and you have 30 days to access and download it.


One of my receipts from Hersheypark

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Wifey and I on Storm Runner on a very cool(damn cold) Halloween weekend night at Hersheypark. She is in the blue hoodie, I am sporting my TPR hoodie. Don't know the guy in front of us but he looks like he is quite constipated LMAO!!


No she isn't crying, she is just getting used to all of the coasters, she got a late start in life.....


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Here's a couple - might add more at some other point


Kraken(Seaworld Orlando) I'm the chick with her hands up, and the frightened looking child next to me is my brother! (his first ever rollercoaster at age 10 - around 6 years ago)


Me (front right) and my friends on the Pepsi Max around 4 years ago i think?

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  • 1 month later...

I've noticed several CF parks offering a thumb drive for ~$20 with your picture on it. Then, next time you see a picture you want, give them the thumb drive and for a small fee, presto, your picture is on the thumb drive. WoF wants $3, I think Carowinds was asking $5 for each picture they load to the thumb drive. Pretty sure it has to be on a thumb drive you buy from them.

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