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On Ride Photos

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I dont actually have any onride photos, but one i will always remember was on Raging Bull at SFGaM. I made this horrible, ghastly face, that was so funny, other people were buying it. I think my friend has a copy of it somewhere....maybe I'll ask him to fish it out for me!

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Heres one opening weekend of 2005 on the boss. The wife and I together and the boys with their cousin and Brother in law. The Coats were needed it was around 40 degrees I believe!


My 2 in the back with their Uncle and cousin in the Front car of the Boss opening weekend 2005. My Youngest first time on the boss!


Steve and Terri 2005 The Boss SFSTL Opening Weekend!!!!

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Hey hey!


Decided to Bump Bump-a-BUMP this thread. But not w/o a pic to post, lolol.


Me on The Coaster at Playland, giving the old TPR Signature Move to all my hippie homies!



(Edit: Was taken two weekends ago, yo mama.)


Yo, it's chillin'an killin'hey.

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Some of my on ride photos

New & heritage photos :- Do you remember when to get an on ride photo you had to pay for it without seeing it then you was waiting until it arrived in the post a month later. That’s what it was like at Alton Towers back in the late 80’s was it like that anywhere in the US ?




Nick “Please excuse the late 80s hair do’s ” Collins


Me at the back holding on for dear life 1987


Alton Towers Log 1987


Alton Towers Log 1989


Disneyland In the Rain at 01:03 !!! 1995


Drayton Manor Park





Pepsi Max Big One - Blackpool Pleasure Beach 2004 (In the Rain)


Flying Dutchman Gold Mine - Six flags Holland



Shivering Timbers June 2005

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Weeeee I got some.


The Hulk I'm on the far right. I look like a loser. Ha.


w00t best rocket out there!


Jesus I look like im 10. Yeah I don't think anyone else on TPR has this photo except maybe Robb and Elissa. Yeah what what?! :-P


Robb and Elissa steal little kids to get there kiddie credits I steal chicks to get front row. Its a win-win situation. ;-)


Anaconda, thats my little bro next to me again of course


Roar! At SFA, Thats my little bro.

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Here are mine form Knott's and Islands of Adventure.


I have my Cedar Point ones somewhere...


Im on the right side, I look like a rabbit! =P

Winter 2005


Waiting to launch....Im on the right. Winter 2005


Im the younger looking one. =] Taken in 2004


Millennium Force, I was scared outta my mind. Remember, I was like 13.


Top Thrill. Seriously, look at my dad's face!


Taken in 2003. God, I look like a dork...

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This is me, my dad, and two best friends (Jim/Laurie) behind us finding out that the launch on Powder Keg is actually pretty intense. I love the look on Laurie's face. This photo cracks me up everytime I see it.


Powder Keg - May 2005

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I'm not sure why, but on-ride pics never get old to me.

Here's a bunch of my faves.


Everyone else goofs around on ToT, why not us?


Here we are trying our best to pretend SOB is fun. You may note the couple in front of us....how they didn't lose any teeth is beyond me!


Sadly, Manhattan Express was a milestone 100th credit for me. I had to buy the pic to prove that I had indeed ridden the worst coaster on U.S. soil.


Shannon stills laughs at me for looking way too normal in this pic.....sadly, she's right.


Finally, probably my favorite of all. No one warned me I'd come off Rock'n'Roller Coaster actually resembling Steven Tyler! And that's not really a good thing, huh?

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wow...you guys have some amazing on ride photos! Mine arent half as good! <-- nice shot by the way!! I do have a few to share though...



my daughter on Musik Express...


This is a no no...


Rip Saw Falls ... I love it! This is just my family...I am taking the pic


second row...my friend Maggie's face was priceless...my daughter is the head you cannot see...


BOOOORRRING... Medusa front row SFGA


My brother likes to hit people in the face....My daughter is trying to push him away! SFGA


Superman: the Ultimate flight...It was my idea to do the "superman pose" but in the end all did it but me! I couldn't get my hair outta my face!! It was my 1st time on it and I was told Id be thrown back into my seat, so I opted to hold on! SFGA

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efteling bobbaan


walibi world goliath with my friends roel next to me, jessica in front of roel and tess in front of me


sixflags holland halloween with me friend roel next to me

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A few of my on-ride photos for your viewing pleasure.


Vampire on-ride photo from 1997. Gotta love the specs!


First ever ride on the Pepsi Max Big One back in 2000. I don't look too happy do I! Well, it was my first BIG coaster experience I suppose.


Me (in Adidas) on the short but sweet Daemonen. And no, the kid in the row behind me isn't a Photoshop job!

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