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On Ride Photos

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A few new ones from this year, with the help of the free FunPix from this year's Coasterstock at Kings Island.


TFW the previous time you rode this was when it was called Beastie (2002 maybe).


I'm an adult, I swear...


A photo representation on my feelings on Kentucky Kingdom's un-cropped higher clarity onride photos.


Trying to be slick, but that airtime always get's ya.

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the KI one is brilliant, in the way it cuts off the front row of riders.


it's like he's hiding in the back seat and about to jump up and strangle Snoopy

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^^ Wow, I would call that an On-Ride Pic any day, lol! What was the timing,

as to how long Walt's Apartment was open and available to Cast Members?

It's from July 17 to 24 and has to be Disneyland resort cast member, and have to get a ticket at team center to check out Walt's apartment.

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^ Very cool! The only actual photo I have of this apartment, was in the August 1963 National Geographic,

on Walt and Disneyland, and his work in animation, and (then) the first Audi-Animatronics being created,

including Tki Tiki and Lincoln. And this was the first photo ever taken of the apartment, for the magazine.


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We finally dragged mom to Cedar Point. She LOVED Steel Vengeance!




Also, this isn't an "official" on ride photo but since nobody else likes this ride and I don't need that kind of negativity in my life, greetings from the kill seat



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I totally forgot about this thread.


here's a favorite, from SFFT, Bug's Whitewater Rapids. . last month, before they fixed the camera (the flash had been broken. . and she tried to lighten up the pic, but wasn't able to get me in the actual picture very well regardless).


makes me laugh.


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Superman at SFNE last fall when it was like 40 out


Absolutely no idea what the 4 of us in the back are doing


SFNEs Batman that same freezing day


Random shenanigans on the best damn coaster in the planet

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