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On Ride Photos

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this one is getting a bit old now... but...


Canobies added the onride photo to the logride in 05.. So I did it.... Just top get the photo...


woo... robo-coaster


Me getting some "ert" in budapest...


Woo... Kiddie coaster


Im the one with his hands up....






Im the one in the tree...



Front seat...





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Here's two of me. The first is, of course, Space Mountain at Disneyland--I'm the thoughtful chap in the middle row (my friends Gary and Linda are in front).


The second is rather similar to one of Canobie Fan's photos. In a strange, startling conincidence, we (who do not know one another, by the way) struck a similar pose on a coaster called the Hurler during the same year--only at different parks (mine is at PKD). Guess the Hurler brings that out in people no matter where they are.


Chuck "Coaster Voguing" Campbell


Why PKD no longer sells Hurler onride photos.


Mr. Campbell contemplates his grocery list while hurtling through space.

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<-- taken on Shivering Timbers at Michigan's Adventure where they don't put the name of the ride on your onride photo..or at least not on mine.


Haha, that's an awesome collection of onride photos. I would be terrified to ride this one...


hehe that coaster looks scary ! Do you have more pics of it 8)

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Nothing special.

Just me waving at you.


Look how big my hands are!


Not a very good photo. I don't think this represents me well. I am told i am so handsome in real time!


The female bee och behind decided to scream as loud as possible non stop through the whole ride. Her BF kept saying to stop but she did not.

Don't you hate when riders do that? Only person thinks it is funny is the one doing it. I don't hear as well now in my right ear.


At least i have the whitest teeth in the train! Lord knows i put enough money into them! 8)


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Here are some of my on ride photos:


Jak, buddy...who is that guy sitting next to you in the Nemesis Inferno pic? He's being a bad boy it seems... :shock:


POST # 400!!!!


^Well, I'm glad somebody asked. Me? Why, I'se juss too shy, Miss Scahlett.


And calcajun? What are you told you look like in 'non-real time?'

And the bf behind you, looks soooo embarrassed, hee hee.

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