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[PLC] Meteorwave's Planet Coaster Projects!

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Hey Everyone,


I never venture over to this forum, but I'm in love with Planet Coaster. I even accidentally bought the Coaster Head edition, but still haven't received my T-Shirt and USB Planet Coaster Wristband. But I make frequent creations in this game so i'll have them all in one dedicated thread.


So for my first post, is a B&M Wing Rider called Wild Flyer. I really love the new terrain editor. It's unlike any i've seen in simulation gaming before.


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♔ I've been working on a placeable roller coaster for Planet Coaster, with custom scenery for you to download from the steam workshop!



♔ Snow Queen follows the story of our beloved Queen of the Frozen Kingdom, Freezania. She has surrounded herself with a chilly castle, and welcomes all who would try to conquer the kingdom! However, no one has been successful . . . yet



♔ This is The Steel Torque Launched Coaster, custom built by me. The coaster inversions, scenery, lighting, and coaster triggers are all custom built by me and all come included in the placeable version of the ride on the steam workshop!



Ride Ratings and Features:


♔ 7.64 Excitement Rating

♔ 5.67 Fear Rating

♔ 2.01 Nausea Rating

♔ 155 Ft. First Drop

♔ Top speed of 71 MPH

♔ Three Inversions



♔ Download this custom, placeable coaster today on the Steam Workshop! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=835617710

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☠ The most Dangerous Roller Coaster in the West: It's Dynamite!




A Custom Gerstlauer Euro Fighter Ride featuring:


☠ Excitement 7.21 - Fear 5.40 - Nausea 2.62

☠ A horseshoe Vertical Launch into an Inversion!

☠ 3 Drops (2 Beyond Vertical)

☠ 7 custom Inversions!

☠ Top Speed of 58 mph

☠ Block Sectioned and Runs 4 Trains with NO STOPPING!

☠ 18 Trigger Points and 41 Scenery Events!

☠ All While taking Place in the Middle of a Giant Stick of Dynamite!



The coaster is completely custom built by myself, and there are no pre-built inversions.



The scenery is completely original, and the ride features explosive triggers! Please rate and enjoy!



☠ Download on the Steam Workshop NOW! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=840945144

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It's Been a While Folks, and I've been trying to use the 4 meter smoothing technique to produce some smoother & more realistic rides. So let me share with you some of my creations that I've been working on lately:


Nitro Racer - A super smooth B&M Floorless Coaster with realistic G's and a Punch.





Furious Flight - another super smooth B&M creation, this time a launched wing ride. Top speed of 111 mph and over 15,000 ft of track.





Snow X Ice - a Mauer Skyloop coaster, featuring a 300 ft high skyloop, and numerous inversions. Also super smooth.





Totally Radical - A Vekoma Multi-Looper featuring 4 inversions, a top speed of 57 mph, and authentic layout, and yes it's also super smooth





Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

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