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Photo TR: Doha City Centre and Aladdins Kingdom in Qatar


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Just found these photos from a trip to Qatar in June.


Nevermind, next time.


And a missed credit


So I had to settle with photos fom outside.


Unfortunatly it was ladies day.


They even have a Vekoma Boomerang!


Aladdins Kingom is a fair sized theme park



...and an indoor snow hill!


a few kiddie rides...


With a strange go cart track in the middle


It was a fairly standard arcade.


can you name the coaster?


They also have a FEC called Xtreme World


For obvious reasons, I never found out what Funtown was.


Doha City Centre has an ice rink in the middle

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I concur, it is the classic Steel Phantom in Kennywood. I, though, have had the luck to have ridden it before it turned into Phantom's Revenge. It was quite good, though the butterfly inversion was pretty rough. But Steel Phantom has a special place in my memories, having the incredibly funny scene of a guy with way too slicked back hair go all the way to an aerodynamic point because of the speed of the ride. It took all of my fiber not to laugh at the dude.


Stuart "Love the TR!" Newsom

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Well, after a very clever disguise and some effeminate mannerisms I DID manage to get into Funtown and let me tell you something...'twas muy overrated. Don't waste your time.





In all seriousness, I think it's sweet that you posted a TR in a region that is not usually covered. Do you have family in Qatar?


Someone managed to snap a shot of me posing for my day pass. Don't I look fierce?

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