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Photo TR: The Detail, Dining & "Disney" in Disney Springs

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Over the last two weeks, the culmination of many years of planning and construction began to open in the form of the Town Center at Disney Springs. Built upon the plot formerly occupied by the parking lot for Pleasure Island, the Town Center plays host to many new shops and several new dining options, with new stores opening almost ever week. With the Town Center comes the opening of the new Lime Garage as work continues on the new venues at The Landing (the area formerly occupied by the Pleasure Island clubs). Disney Springs is filled with lots of new detail along with a unifying storyline that explains how all four of districts of Disney Springs are connected (The Landing, West Side, Marketplace and the Town Center). As you'll see in the many photos below, there is lots of new detail, dining (my favorite) and "Disney" in Disney Springs... Your place to be!


Glad to finally be here for the Town Center's opening day!


I seriously cannot wait for the Coca-Cola store, especially the promise of a rooftop bar with Coke products and alcohol to enjoy!


I have a weakness for patisserie sweets so naturally this was where I needed to hit first!


Amoretti's Patisserie features an upstairs kitchen out of guest view, but final prep of these desserts takes place right in front of guests.


The show kitchen element of Amorette's is great even for those not in the mood for a snack.


Lots of options to choose from!


Everything here is made in house and prepared fresh daily!


Even more special is the concierge-style experience with the one-on-one service approach, allowing a knowledgable cast member to guide you through the menu without worry about the standard conga-line experience you'll find in most quick service venues.


We tried the Reflections in Memphis (Peanut Blondie, Banana, Bacon, and Chocolate) and the 49th and Broadway (NY Cheesecake with Lemon Curd, Blueberries, and Chantilly)...


Along with Amorette's Hot Chocolate Ganache, the signature non-alcoholic beverage of Amorette's Patisserie.


First stop for me during the grand opening of the Town Center was Amorette's Patisserie!


YeSake is one of the newest quick service food options at Disney Springs, offering a new twist temaki hand rolls and sake. Rather than the traditional seaweed wrap, these hand rolls are made with tortilla wraps. Pictured here is the Great Wall temaki, a hand roll filled with Chinese-style pulled pork, pickled jalapeño, hoisin sriracha sauce and green leaf lettuce. For $6 this is a great snack and a great value to be tried.


Next up was Morimoto Street Food, an awesome quick service venue offering a few favorites from inside of the main restaurant along with some unique items. Pictured here are the pork egg rolls and the takoyaki (octopus fritters topped with nori, pickled ginger and okonomi sauce).


After Morimoto Street Food it was time to pig out at D-Luxe Burger... This is the place where you can get a quick service burger (that is arguably the best) that is fresh, thick and juicy--served by default with a good deal of pink. There are also a variety of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages here and even a specialty macaroon.


First up, the El Diablo burger with a patty blended with chorizo and topped with fried cherry peppers, pepper jack cheese and chipotle mayo.


The Barbecue Classic is topped with a fried onion ring, gouda cheese and barbecue sauce.


The Cluck Burger is D-Luxe Burger's take on a chicken sandwich.


The Fresh Cut Fries are not the standard fries you get at any other quick service venue on property. Plus they are served with choice of six sauces--I highly recommend the curry ketchup!


D-Luxe Burger also offers a cute macaroon that looks like a burger.


Inside of the restaurant's seating space are some great pieces of artwork that depict the history in this storied building.


The Glowing Oak Ranch became the Glowing Oak Restaurant which is now D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs.


I want this poster so badly! It actually explains why the buildings on the Disney Springs West Side are so grand... Because they were once host to the Grand Centennial Expo, a world's fair of sorts


Yes, this is a picture of two manatees sharing a milkshake.


The outside of D-Luxe Burger...


And the marquee...


The new beauty of the namesake springs is incredible.


Morimoto scored the prime location when to came to visibility throughout Disney Springs.


Layered and blue, the springs look like a natural Florida spring but perfected.


Several new spaces throughout the Town Center have been added to allow for new entertainment to perform daily.


Disney's finest landscaping and floral efforts continue to shine in Disney Springs.


There are many spaces within the Town Center that have yet to open.


This new building will soon host Blaze Pizza, a quick service option that does for pizza what Chipotle does for Mexican food.


Homecoming: Southern Kitchen and Moonshine Bar will open later this year, a new project by Chef Art Smith.


A look at the huge covered patio at Blaze Pizza.


The backside of STK can be seen from a new path that leads to Morimoto Street Food.


Newly refurbished restrooms flank Morimoto Street Food. This circular building was one a part of the 8-Traxx dance club at Pleasure Island but is now a part of the kitchen for Morimoto.


The soon-to-be main entrance of Homecoming: Southern Kitchen and Moonshine Bar.


Several new pop-up shops have opened throughout Disney Springs, with the two newest being behind STK.


Chapel Hats has a pop-up shop behind STK in addition to its more permanent storefront in The Landing.


A new bridge from the entrance of the AMC Fork & Dine side of the West Side towards the backside of STK has opened.


Heavy work continues on the conversion of Planet Hollywood in the Planet Hollywood Observatory along with the addition of the Stargazer's Lounge outside.


The existing Haagen Daz and Wetzel's Pretzels booths from the side of DisneyQuest have been relocated to a new cluster of for options alongside YeSake and a Joffrey's coffee stand.


The Coca-Cola Store looks wonderful!


This arcade is host to several new shops with a few more opening in the coming weeks.


It is not air conditioned as it is somewhat of an open-air structure, but it is unlike most structures in Florida.


Two new shops on the way...


And many already open like Tommy Bahama.


Tommy Bahama features a small atrium in its storefront.


Sugar boo & Co. is a new store that features unique parchment and other home goods-style items.

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Johnson & Murphy specializes in fine clothing with a focus in leather shoes.


Everything But Water offers a unique selection of women's swim wear.


Lucky Brand Jeans offers namesake clothing for men and women.


Disney's longstanding partnership with Vera Bradley continues with the opening of a dedicated storefront in Disney Springs.


All of the custom Disney/Vera Bradley designs are available for sale here.


This store is also unique in that it offers personalized embroidery services as an uncharge option.



Some neat architectural elements in the Town Center...


There is this unique wellspring that allows guests to turn the wheel and bring water up to the well...


Like this!


Multiple two story shops have opened and will open as a part of the Town Center, which is a nice change of pace for the mostly one-story buildings throughout the rest of the area.


Sephora had an artist from the Disney Design Group on hand for their grand opening to give out signed artwork to commemorate the day.


The Town Center is huge and open compared to some of the other shopping offerings in Orlando.


It's a fruitain!


The Under Armour store is one of the two-story shops already open in the Town Center.


The inside is spacious and features a few neat elements to enjoy beyond shopping.


I venture up to a new plane...


The Under Armour store features an interactive fitness tracker game...


For which to make a fool of myself.


Seems decent enough right?


It turns out that I'm the 36th highest ranked in the world! Would you believe it?


The Town Center entrance to the newly-opened Lime Garage looks great as well.


Fountains and poutine! I've not had the chance to try the poutine, but I will soon enough!


The new Town Center entrance of World of Disney is now open.


The transformation of Fulton's Crab House into Paddlefish is well underway.


B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co. is another food option I've not had the chance to try, but with some many great things at Disney Springs, you can bet I'll be back soon to give this a go!


Along with the new entrance was the debut of a new entrance mural


A new entrance the LEGO Store was built to allow access from the Town Center.


Na Hoku is open for those interested in fine Hawaiian jewelry.


Edward Beiner is there for those who want quality eyewear.


Lines like these are standard at Sprinkles Cupcakes (with the line on the right exclusively for the Cupcake ATM). I haven't tried it yet but I'll get to it eventually.


The Sprinkles building used to be the Disney Springs ice house and this is one remnant of that building's history.


Frontera Cucina is another new table service restaurant coming to Disney Springs, a concept restaurant by Chef Rick Bayless that will offer a new twist on fine Mexican cuisine.


The Disney Springs Welcome Center is host to the relocated Guest Relations for Disney Springs (formerly located in the Marketplace)...


Inside you will find even more wonderful art showing off the history of Disney Springs as it grew into what it is today...


The highline in use at Disney Springs--an explanation for why the elevated train tracks exist on the West Side.


A look at the more residential Town Center.


And the more rural edge of the town Center near the springs.


More of the Town Center...


And a classic look at The Landing featuring The Boathouse, the Empress Lily (soon to be Paddlefish) and one more easter egg...


The inclusion of Jock Lindsey in his plane C-3PO flying just outside of his namesake Hangar Bar.


Earlier this week (just short of two weeks after the opening of the Town Center) the grand opening of STK took place.


The grand opening was more of a preview event with food and drink tasters along with a feel for the club environment STK is bringing back to The Landing (formerly Pleasure Island).


Buttermilk Fried Rock Shrimp.


"Not Your Daddy's Manhattan" with Bulleit Bourbon, Zinfandel Port & Carpano Antica.


One of the Lil' BRGS with wagyu beef and truffles.


Grilled Lamb with an Olive Tapenade. Tasted like the lamb was marinated with olives as well.


Tuna Tartare with avocado, soy honey emulsion & taro chips as well as the Sweet Corn Pudding.


Smokeshow cocktail with Don Julio Tequila, Mescal, Aperol, Carpano Antica & Sweet Vermouth.


The Jumbo Lump Crab Salad at @eatSTK @DisneySprings. One of the best tasters of the night!


Cucumber Stiletto, my favorite of the night with Ketel One Citron, St. Germain & Cucumber.


An open air bar with a view!


Overlooking the Town Center at Disney Springs...


The rooftop bar becomes a dance venue at night!


In case you forgot where we were...


Looking towards the bar.


STK is the latest venue to open at Disney Springs but there is so much still to see, taste and experience in the coming months. If you haven't been to Disney Springs recently, I highly recommend a visit. There's tons of new dining, lots of great detail and so much "Disney" in Disney Springs that it will be well worth your time!

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looks absolutely STUNNING.


we aren't planning on doing Disney during our Tampa trip, but since we DO have a day planned at Seaworld 1 day, I'm thinking a stop by DisneySprings before heading back to Tampa that night *needs* to happen.


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The changes and new food options look great!


I remember having a hard time finding a place where I actually wanted to eat when we were there last time. I think that we actually left and went to Carrabba's instead!


Looking forward to seeing more of the food/restaurant reviews...thanks for sharing, Adam!

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We stopped into Disney Springs for a few hours on Saturday night, it was beautiful but man the place was a cluster. I mean I know it was Saturday of a Holiday Weekend and all but both garages were full by like 5:30 and it was incredibly crowded. We had planned to snack at some of the quick service places, stroll around for a bit then get a burger at D-Luxe. Waited 30 minutes at the Morimoto Street Food, then by the time we got to D-Luxe the line was out the building, past guest services, and back around to Zara. Cast member said it was probably close to an hour so we left and grabbed Wendy's on the way back to condo. I'm glad to see the construction all finally complete, and it's great to see the place thriving but man it was a fairly uncomfortable experience overall.


On a side note the Rick Bayless restaurant in Chicago is fantastic so I'm pretty excited about what he has in store for here. I'll just be sure to make a reservation, for lunch, on a weekday haha.

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One of these days I'll learn not to browse TPR when I'm hungry...! I can't believe how different the place looks. Last time I was in FL we ate at Planet Hollywood because it was one of the few places we could get in to eat and would suit my picky eater habits. I can definitely find a few things on the new restaurant menus to eat now, though! Great pics and details. Very, very impressed with everything. Great TR as always!

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